When is Bukkit coming out to 1.8?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by P0CKETLINT13, Sep 15, 2011.

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    Hey guys, when will Bukkit be updated to 1.8?
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    Your avatar looks like my face reading your post :p
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    yeah can someone please inform us about the build being released for 1.8
  5. I highly suggest reading the CraftBukkit twitter feed. It avoids questions like this.


    They say it'll be ready when they finish fixing bugs.
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    uhh you can download the latest stable build at ci.bukkit.org

    although this is not recommended, it should work.

    and yes, this is a 1.8 build. please don't ask.
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    Nathan C

    Yeah, not to mention their is only ONE GUY working on the whole thing.
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    Dinnerbone is a level 72 coder, he counts as three people.
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    level 72? who rates their experience? World of Warcraft?
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    He has a XP-Bar on the top of his keyboard, with every keystroke, he earn some xp :D
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    I want an XP bar :(
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    Great post XD
  14. Really???
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    Nathan C

    Was only one, but you quoted a 3-4 day old post, so now there is more at this time.
  16. O
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    there are some 1.8 server's out RIGHT NOW like minecraft.clanrks.com <- I play on it usually (u should DONATE!)
    but when i talked to the host of ClanRKS he said that you go to nightlies... i go on the site and i see almost like a guild kind of thing (had NO clue what that site was about) so i went on about 19 forum's looking for how to upgrade my 1.7.3 bukkit server into a 1.8 NO help there... so like when will BUKKIT go 1.8! cause im sick of changing my 1.7.3 files and my 1.8 files so i can play on my server and RKS... >.>
    GOD DANG IT signatur didnt work >.<
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    When Its Done.
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    It'll be ready by 9 o'clock.
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