What's your process for releasing plugins?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by Jaker232, Dec 1, 2011.

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    I am wondering to all the bukkit plugin developers out there what is your process of releasing plugins? I will share mines with you, which is normal.

    First, if my mind says "Hey, created x" then I try to go in-depth what the topic I want to do. Now, I open up my Eclipse, create a new project, set bukkit snapshot as my library, add plugin.yml and add a few stuff.

    Second, I develop the code more seriously, and if I need some help, I ask on Plugin Development section. This phase can take awhile because of errors. Once that all of the code has no errors or warning, I phase off to the third stage.

    Third, I put it in my test server and run it for the first time. If it generates a stack trace error, I develop my eyesights more carefully and see what the error is telling me, and where to find it. When I do this, I return to the second phase. I fix the error on that line then re-test by re-downloading the plugin. Once it has passed working state with few bugs, I go on my final phase.

    Fourth and final, I walk over to the Plugin Submission page then open up a new tab and bring up the plugin thread guidelines and follow along. Once I have finished that thread, I walk over to BukkitDev and submit my project for approval once I finished typing everything required.

    It's a pretty straight-forward process that allows you to easily follow it. What is yours?
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    Pretty much the same :)
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    Don Redhorse

    yours really..
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    Just about the same as yours. Except that my best friend during development is http://jd.bukkit.org/

    Also there's a step five where I approve my own files on bukkitdev.
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    Well... First I open Command Prompt and generate a new Maven project. Then go into Git and create a new repository, then open the Maven project in Eclipse, upload to GitHub, make the plugin and compile and package.

    It will automatically upload to my Maven repo and Dropbox.
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    That's how you make sources in Github? Teach me how to do it.

    The javadocs are a good source or friend, I'd agree with you.
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    @Jaker232 You mean make the GitHub repositories or the whole process?
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    I need to know how to make Github Respoitories.
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    1st - Think of an original plugin idea
    2nd - Research to see if my idea(s) are original
    3rd - if original, Open Eclipse- New project - add package - add main class - add listeners
    4th - Start adding code to main class and listeners. " Create basic running system "
    5th - Start getting more in depth with code, create basic plugin of my idea.
    6th - create plugin.yml and test on my server. if it works then add minor features.
    7th - release basic build of plugin
    8th - hopefully at this point my motivation is still there - Continue plugin and add heavy features.
    9th - let plugin stew on the forums and wait till issue arises or add more feature ideas as they show up.
    10th - repeat
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