What's the best host for under $20 USD a month?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by cjbh1996, Feb 11, 2012.

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    I'm lookin' for hosting but I can't seem to find a decent website that isn't sketchy or anything. I need 15-20 slots and it should be located in (eastern) USA or Canada, because that's close to where I am. The closer the better, I don't want a host on the other side of the planet. Like I said in the title, I reeeeeeally don't want to go over $20, $25 at the most and that's pushin' it hard. Anyone got something similar to this?
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    Deleted user

    Fragnet.net is cheap and doesn't limit player slots. I'd also check out beastnode.come or upstreamgaming.com!
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    At the moment, I'm hosting using hostkey.com, it's $30 a month, and it's great imo. I'm running at 32 slots.

    Nevermind, it's in Russia. Just read that you wanted it relatively close.
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    The server renting business is all about dependability, if you REALLY know your stuff you could (theoretically) run it off any cloud, but assuming you can't: velocity servers. They know their stuff, and get your tickets solved fast.
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    I use PytoHost, its $8 for 1gb.. INSANELY cheap, and you can choose between USA and Europe.
    I didnt get any lag so far, so i think it's great.
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    Woah! That is really cheap! I may just move to them. Thanks dude.
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    % Information related to ''
    descr:          PlusServer AG
    origin:         AS8972
    mnt-by:         INTERGENIA-MNT
    source:         RIPE # Filtered
    PlusServer? That's server4you.com... I wouldn't really trust people hosting on Server4You hardware... With what I've heard and seen in terms of network and hardware, it isn't the wisest choice.

    ^ Read my other message.
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    Phoenixerve.com is great! I use a $12 (+tax) for 512mb server, which, with there equipment, can easily house 30 players if not bogged down with heavy ram using plugins. I love their service and friendly support. I was their second customer when they first opened and have been very satisfied throughout.
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    I am with them and my USA server is in California. And Server4You isnt in California
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    Ooh, you're right. Average rating for server4you is "poor".

    Hmm, guess I'll look around for another host.
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    chck out my signature, in my opinion thats the best one
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