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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by craxy_kid, Jun 26, 2012.

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    hi guys, im starting a 25 person minecraft server using bukkit but i dont know what plugins to install on the server., i dont know which one is good. basically i want economy, towny, virtual shop (like the ones u buy using chat, /buy wood 20 <---- liek this), anti grief, and log block and maybe you guys can add other cool plugins if you know any

    thanks soo much if u guys help me
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    MobDisguise is awesome, it makes people think you are any mob or player in the game. VanishNoPacket is also useful because you can turn invisible and still interact with things.
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    what is the best plugins for economy,town,shop and anti grief
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    best economy plugin is iConomy, best shop plugins are chestshop and showcase
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    best anti grief plugins are world guard or residence
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    I use voxelsniper it does the trick, I also destroy rectangular nightmares on my server.
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    WorldGuard is good for grief protection, but you need block logging/rollback in order to undo the handiwork of griefers.

    I recommend CoreProtect for that job.
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