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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by BiGUNMAN, Mar 16, 2012.

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    Hey guys I'm going to be hosting a server and I need to know what plugins I need it'll be a 30 person server and I need some help with what plugins to use

    I already have



    searching for plugins:
    note: if you know a kind of plugin may you post link of it
    but I need some help with a plugin that will protect certain area's like you enter a certain area and the server says you entered wilderness or you entered spawn zone and that it protects that area from some random guy destroying it.

    So can anyone help me with what other plugins I will need and also is there some plugin that you can make a sign and written on it says heal (certain amount of cash) when you press it, it heals you or same idea only the sign that makes it day or nigh.
    + what kind of plugin is there to make it day or night, rain in none and thunder or none

    Limit having to do with putting a limit to commands:
    I was also going to run a few plugins including world edit for myself but I was thinking other players will be able to use some specific commands I don't want them to use (doesn't have to be world edit that an example) so how can I limit that and also if a person join my server for the first time how can I make him auto join a specific group in group manager.

    Someone pls help me!
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    • Backup - handy to have, automatic backups
    • bPermissions - best permissions manager, comes with a GUI to make entering permissions easier
    • ChestShop - Sign/chest based shops
    • Citizens - May be useful if you want some cool features, like wizards, healers, blacksmiths, questers
    • CommandBook - Get it, useful admin tools
    • Courier - map based mailing system
    • DeathControl - lets users keep their inventory on death, lose money or lose percentage of items, etc
    • iConomy - virtual money
    • Moneydrop - mobs drop money
    • Sign Utilities - very handy, lets you recolor signs, use them as teleports, run commands from them, etc
    • Spectate - lets you see what other players see (Griefer catching)
    • SWatchdog - tells you who placed what, and elts you undo everything they did (Anti-grief)
    • Towny - lets players buy plots in towns, and labels "The Wild" as everywhere but a town
    • Turnstile - charge people to enter an area
    • WordBorder - quite handy, let's you assing a maximum world radius, so someone can't just walk on and on to overload your server
    • WorldEdit - needs no intro
    • WordGuard - define regions with specific controls, including building, destroying, fire damage, creeper explosions, etc
    Don't use group manager, use bpermissions which can set everyone to the "default" group on first join. Also using bpermissions lets you set what a certain player can and can't use
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    thanks! I'll check'm out thought I get factions instead of Citizens
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    nah, Citizens is way cooler. You can even create RPG style Questers with it.
    For example, you speak to an NPC and he issue you a quest. You complete the quest (say, get him 10 gunpowder) and he gives you a reward, plus another quest if you want it
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    then I might run both of them and if that's not possible then factions (I like it more)
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    Other than citizens and towny (i use factions) that's the perfect server! (+1 for commandbook and +1 for bPermissions!)
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    I didn't under stand Turnstile - charge people to enter an area I didn't understand the point of that
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    iConomy lets you have in game money, as such you can setup shops etc for people to buy/sell material, you can also charge users some of this currency to enter areas, use warp points etc etc
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    Turnstile, it means you can have a room for enchanting items, but if a player wants to go through the door they have to pay 75 Gold Coins. Or, to access a mob arena, they have to pay an entry fee.
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    Those are what I use for your list if things wanted, and to restrict/give groups commands just don't give yhem permission, to give give them the permission most likely on the plugins main page.
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