What plugin to use for making commands creative mode only?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by TotalJargon, Apr 21, 2012.

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    I've recently set up a Survival Games server and have run into the problem where my testers are able to use commands like /heal to cheat during the games.
    I have had a very deep look in the plugin library and cannot find any plugins that allow me to only allow those in creative mode to use specific commands like /heal, I would also need OPs to be able to set their gamemode to creative so that if the OP 'host' has to leave in a hurry for some reason the players wouldn't be left with nobody to continue their games
    Thanks in advance and if anyone needs more information then just ask
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    bPermissions, PermissionsEx, PermissionsBukkit etc.
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    Ok thanks for those names :) I've had prior experience with PermissionsBukkit (and it's very buggy, even with a clean install of the plugin it always fails to read the config.yml) but not the other two, ill check them out!
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    As the dev of bPermissions if you need any help just open a support ticket there and I'll get back to you :)
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    So you want only those in creative mode to be able to use commands?A permission plugin will do the trick cause I don't know any plugin that does exactly what you want.
    I recommend bPermissions,I use it for over 3 months now and it has never let me down.
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