What Permissions should I use?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by jmaster2012, Jan 11, 2014.


What Permissions Plugin Do You Use?

  1. PermissoinsEX

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  2. GroupManager

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  3. Other

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    I am working on a server, and I need permissions. What permissions plugin should I use? I have looked into permissionsEX but alot of people are having problems with that. Is there another one I should use? GroupManager? Does one come with essentials?
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    jmaster2012 Okay, so it's all up to what you like. PEX I find amazing, but there are some problems with it. Such as, if you misspell one word or make a spacing mistake, it won't work. But Yaml can help with that. You can paste your permissions in there. But yeah, I recommend PEX, but it can cause some problems if you misspell a word, or mess up with anything.

    :) I hope I helped!
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    I recommend GroupManager, as it has all features a permission plugin needs and is bugless compared to other permission plugins. However its down to your personal preference, but remember to read a permission plugin documentation before trying to set it up.
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