Solved What is the temperature of a block?

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by LukeSFT, Oct 22, 2012.

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    like the title says.
  2. What do you mean the temperature?
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    I think he means, if you get the temperature of a block, what does it return?
    as in event.getBlock().getTemperature();

    I assume it returns the temperature, lol.
    But why would that be usefull?
  4. I believe that is the right code by why is block temp. import?
    maybe for snow or ice melt :confused:?
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    It returns the temperature of the biome the block is in.
  6. Use this
    pubic void onBlockMelt(BlockMeltEvent evt){
    See if that works
    I have no idea if this will work xD
    I just wrote here
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    I only wanted to know by what the temperature(which you get with Block.getTemperature()) is influenced.
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    I once worked with these. It's not about the biome x.x It's the world too xD Nether will return 1 Overworld will return 0. Dunno about the end I didn't try it.
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    Ewe Loon

    as far as i know the humidity and temperature are generated by a random noise based on the world seed value, and they are only used to determine the initial biome type (note you can now set the biome type at any location), and never used again
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