What is the best Block logging plugin?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by edragy, Jul 27, 2012.

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    Hi there, I would like to know what the best block logging plugin is. I am currently using hawkeye, but it appears it is not updated. Can someone please recommend a good plugin for this?
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    Logblock or coreprotect are good alternatives.
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    I use logblock and I've had no problems with it. It's always worked for rollbacks when we needed it and just for simple "who placed this" issues.
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    I prefer logblock mainly because its simple, easy, and just always works. Some people argue that core protect has more features, thats true but core protect is updated a lot (mostly bug fixes) which is nice its being supported but Logblock is stable and proven and generally more popular. Logblock is easy to use (grab a bedrock or wood pick) and theres a logblockquestioner plugin that asks if you want to rollback a player when they are banned.
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    I've used just about every block logging plugin out there and would have to say LogBlock and CoreProtect are the best ones. CoreProtect has a lot of features like: doesn't require mysql, logs WorldEdit, etc.. LogBlock is great, but it's really personal opinion.
  6. Guardian is going to be it.
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    I had hope in Guardian, but they took nearly 8 months and then what they came out with sucked to high heaven..
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    If it ever gets finished. It was started like 8 months ago and it still in beta.
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    CoreProtect has surpassed them.. It has WorldEdit logging, and as far as I know, it's the only one with WorldEdit logging..
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    CoreData is great. I love it.

    WatchBlock, which is pure-protection, is great as well.. It really excludes the need for block logging and since its on a MYSQL DB its not effecting to much of your disk space.

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    Lawl, isn't CoreData the folder, but CoreProtect is the plugin :p
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    I heard it doesn't have a good lookup system. Is this true?
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    It's weird, and you have to kind of figure it out, but it's not hard. It seems the CoreProtect plugin page is under moderation? So, I can't show you exactly how to use it :p
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    Eh, I'd rather stick with LB anyways. Tried and true, plus it has a great lookup feature. I don't really have a used for the other CoreProtect features like WE logging.
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    If you are currently using LB, don't switch, it would just be a pain. I switched when LB and HawkEye stopped working, so I needed a new plugin and haven't gone back since.
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    +1 on logblock
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    Im using LogBlock as well, but the developer is stopping working on it... :/
  19. Use Core Protect. Better anyway.
  20. Am I the only one still using HawkEye?
  21. +1 for HawkEye, i like the web-interface :)
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    Logblock .. by far has the most going for it. ie other plugins that also utilize its mysql database (that reason alone is why I still use it)

    coreprotect is retarded.. store 100000 of fking files in the plugins directory, no way to set it to store its logs in the root server directory. Its almost as stupid as mcmmo chucking its own logging mcmmo_data crap in the worlds folder, instead of using its own folder outside of the world directory.. like I want that bloated logging shit to be backed up.

    coreprotect was otherwise alright (though had some rollback issues), I'm just glad i dumped it and went back to logblock when I get a fast remote mysql db.

    Only fault for logblock is it slacks on decent updates, I don't know why md5 takes on so many projects does he even have the time. And the issue is it reports the logcheck in the format 07-07 17:15:23 etc instead of an option to report in the format: 1d 20h:30m:2s ago ... which if you are going to use its very own rollback command uses that format anyway.. retarded as not everyone has there server in the same country and working out timezone difference just eh whatever its stupid and should really provide some better options.
  23. Rexel:
    Hawkeye also uses MySQL and comes also with a webinterface :)
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    My one rant about CoreProtect/Hawkeye and all the others:
    When you "inspect" a block, it only shows the last person who modified it. I hate that.

    I much prefer the format LogBlock shows the data in, showing all changes to the block:


    Much better than only showing the last change to the block.
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  25. My favourite is LogBlock as it seems much faster than the others.
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    You do realize CoreProtect has an option for mysql now, right?

    When you double right/left click on what you are trying to find it shows you all actions. This is an option in the config of CoreProtect.

    Did I mention it logs WorldEdit? :p

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    How does it handle million-block operations? That's either a lot of lag or a really big file/database. :p
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    I haven't noticed much. I have an SSD, so it doesn't lag when it saves the files. When he first released it, it lagged, but it's gotten better as he's improved upon it.
  29. Really? You make me want to change to CoreProtect
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