What host should I go with?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by extreme, Jan 31, 2012.

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    I have been looking at some Bukkit threads similar to this but I can't seem to find a good server host. My budget is $40 a month. I want at least 2.5 GB of ram. I would like unlimited slots. What host has this?
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    Unlimited slots with 2.5GB ? I don't understand your logic here. Slot amount differs based on the amount of RAM you have installed in a server. In most cases the more ram you have the better, I would say if your wanting 2.5GB you could run about 30 - 45 slots without any issues. Another think you have to take in to consideration is will there be any heavy load on the server such as voxelsniping and so forth. I made my server and because there is a heavy load of work, I run 4GB of memory on the server but only allow 45 slots when i could allow 50 - 60 if not more.

    All that aside, you should check out this! :D

    Check tier 6


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    I want to be able to choose how many slots I want. I want to pay for ram, not slots.
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    $40 a month really isn't much when looking for a real reliable host. The one I used to use and never had problem with is http://www.minecraftserverhost.net/

    You have access to everything meaning you can set your players to what ever you want, but just try not to go over what they recommend.
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    Well your not really going to find that in a server unless you go with a dedicated server and program it all yourself, but 40 bucks wont get you within 2000 feet of a dedicated server, sorry bro :(
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    I want a Minecraft server host that you pay for ram and you can choose the amount of slots.
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    Yeah you may want to increase your budget if you want a reliable host with 2.5GB of RAM.
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