What happened to Necrodoom?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by Jaaakee224, Dec 4, 2014.

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    I've recently noticed that Necrodoom's account is no where to be found. Does anyone know what has happened to him?

    He requested for it to be deleted, I'm pretty sure.

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    Jaaakee224 Necrodoom has requested for remove his account.
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    Who is Necrodoom?
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    He was a moderator on the Bukkit forums for a long time, he had thousands of comments/likes.
    This happened last week if I remember correctly, it wasn't that recent. Although I never saw a thread on it until this one so I see how it was overlooked. I personally thought he was banned.
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    Last week? Not recent? Lol, how slowly has time been going for you?

    Jaaakee224 Thanks for making this thread. I was also wondering at one point what happened to him.
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    You don't even want to know.
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    About 2 weeks ago he asked for account removal.
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    Marten Mooij

    RIP Necrodoom :(
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    Are you stuck near a black hole & have some gravitational time dilation going on?
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  11. @DrPyroCupcake You wouldn't even need a black hole to distrort time - time is actually surprisingly easy to distort, and is affected by gravity and things like speed! Although I'll admit a week distortion is probably pushing it a bit :p
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    Would make it much easier though, as you get crazy high speeds when being close to a black hole :p Taken into account, of course, that you're not sucked in and crushed to atoms.
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    And now we're talking about black holes.
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    You don't even want to know.
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    @jthort I laughed more than I should have
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    @AdamQpzm Sure there are ways to distort time, but it is impossibly small. For example the ISS is one tenth of a second slower than time on Earth. To get to a week you would need to be going a lot faster, and have far more gravity.
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    @DrPyroCupcake I think I read somewhere that if you travel near the speed of light that time will move faster around you which is basically time travel :0
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    I'm pretty sure it's that when going 99.99999999999(...)% the speed of light, time slows down for you, but progresses at the same rate for others. So in a sense it's time travel, but you can only go to the future -- which would suck, because then everyone you know would be dead and the world could have ended by the time you broke out of hyperspeed.

    Lol, I believe this means the original topic has been exhausted, and that black holes and time bending are much cooler than Necrodoom's falling off the face of the Earth.
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    Even necros meet their doom.
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    @pookeythekid Time doesn't slow down or speed up when going the speed of light. We use light to see, but light can also affect some of our other senses like "touch". Depending on how light affects our senses can change how we see the passing of time. When moving at the speed of light, traveling with or against light can affect time for you.

    When moving in the same direction of light, time may stand still for you as you are only receiving the same pieces of light or no light at all. While moving against light can cause time to "speed up" as you are receiving more light than normal which can always be different. Moving faster than light and in the same direction can cause it to seem you are traveling backwards in time.

    I'd draw a picture to make it easier to understand, but I don't think stick figures will do much help in this...

    Well this is just my theory on light vs time travel.
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    Okay, seriously now. Off-topic posts galore. What is this, SpigotMC.org?
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  23. @Gamecube762 I see the point you're trying to make and it does seem like a valid theory - i.e. you're not affecting time, it's just how you see it because of the light to observe. However, time dilation is a real thing, and it's not just a perception of light kind of thing. It's really quite interesting reading.
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    Currently Sergei Krikalev is the time travel record holder with 0.02 seconds into the future :0
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    Deleted user

    Well, see here, I'll just sit here, writing this post, and BAM!

    I've travelled 10 seconds into the future.

    That's 10 seconds I'll never get back.
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    Matter cannot reach or exceed the speed of light, so it doesn't make much sense to describe what one would see while doing something impossible. Traveling at ultra-relativistic speeds will cause some interesting visual distortion called relativistic aberration, which I guess can be best described as compressing the field of view (in direction of movement) into increasingly smaller angles. There is also Doppler shift, with red-shift happening behind you, and blue-shift in front. You'd see a single, blindingly bright white light ahead and total darkness behind.

    I guess you could say that it is possible to (appear to) travel at—or faster than—light relative to something due to cosmic expansion, but unless we discover some means of FTL travel or inflation ends, it is impossible to say what is really happening because light from one point will never reach the other. If FTL travel really is impossible, it would be just as well to say that objects which move beyond our white hole boundary cease to exist, as relativity can never again be established.
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