What happened to CI / Jenkins?

Discussion in 'Bukkit News' started by EvilSeph, Jan 21, 2012.

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    Three days ago we were forced to lock down our build server, ci.bukkit.org, due to high load from all of you eagerly smashing F5 to see if a new Recommended Build had come out. While it is awesome that we have such a following that this is even possible, unfortunately CI runs on the same box as the rest of our sites and took down our site and forums whenever CI was under heavy load.

    As a result, I had to make the difficult decision of stopping all public access to our build service in order to restore stability and reliability to our website and forums. Once we had done this and the site was mostly reachable and usable, we immediately went on a hunt to determine what the cause of the poor performance was on our servers. Although the site is relatively stable, we're still seeing problems crop up now and again and are doing whatever we can to get down to the bottom of things. As part of this effort, we'll be experiencing minimal downtime on Monday as we'll be updating various aspects of our main server and it will require a reboot. After doing so, we'll continue to monitor the situation and see what we can do to continue to improve things.

    So what are we doing to solve these issues? We're actively working on developing a better way for the community to find and acquire our builds and releases and hope to have a suitable solution ready within the next few days.

    While we fully intend to continue to utilise Jenkins to provide us with continuous integration and reactive build compiling, we feel that Jenkins isn't a suitable solution for providing a user-friendly download experience for our community. As a result, we've been working on an easy-to use solution better designed to meet the needs of both our developers and our server admins. By combining the invaluable information usually provided by Jenkins (build numbers, changes and associated commits between builds, and so on) with a better user experience and intuitive design, we'll be able to provide an optimised, well cached site that can withstand the level of traffic we see day to day while still providing the community with up-to-date information about the latest builds and more.

    Thanks for your patience and understanding while we investigate the cause of the issues we've been having and make changes to address them, your continued unwavering support means the world to us.
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    Just keep Jenkins up for the devs, make a simple download page for the others (aka 99%) and everyone will be happy.
    The fact is most people who visit Jenkins don't even know what a CI is... but restricting its access isn't a good idea, devs should still be able to access it.
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    I removed the offtopic posts.

    Keep this on topic please.
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    Hmm, wouldn't be to fond of this. I usually turn my server vanilla the minute minecraft updates. And my players know this. We just have fun with it. Grief out own stuff, have wars.
    But in the background I am testing the latest devbuilds until there is one that supports the most necessary plugins. (for me bPermissions, ancient gates and Hawkeye)

    The moment I get it working, my server goes back up. And I will continue updating bukkit.

    I'd hate to lose access to the latest test builds.

    And since I'm here, thanks for the great work guys!
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    The build they have for developers works fine, have been running it over a week. Not sure what the wait is for anyway, there's no serious things that I see wrong with it.
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    I just want to take a moment to thank everyone at Bukkit for their tremendous work. Without you guys Minecraft multiplayer wouldn't be as diverse and fun as it is. :)
    Also I want to thank everyone who has donated to Bukkit because every donation helps! it shows you care and want Bukkit to thrive. I would donate but I'm short on money. :(

    As for this community full of impatience...

    Like most of you I don't like the wait for the new Recommended Build mostly out of anticipation. I don't like waiting for things in general. The difference between me not liking it and the people who complain however is I understand most of the reasons as it does take awhile and I respect them. If I was to release something as amazing as CraftBukkit I would want to make sure it was perfect. Saying in all caps with red coloring and size 5 "please update bukkit now!!!" isn't going to do anything but aggravate the Bukkit Team and the community who are willing to wait without throwing a tantrum. Its not like saying that triggers some magic insanity that releases the new RB, nor does it make them want to work faster. All it does is make people upset and annoyed. I don't like the wait for the new RB, but I will endure it out of respect and understanding. In the end I come out Happier than the people who worked themselves into a state complaining because I know that the end result is worthwhile whereas they are just frustrated and annoyed with circumstances that won't change for good reason.

    So enjoy Minecraft while you wait, and maybe try to think of and find all the things that are changing of which you will miss come your server updating. Oh, and make sure to drop your Bukkit Team and Plugin Creators a thank you every now and then, they deserve it.

    -Your Friendly Neighborhood HappyGrenades
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    I hope it gets fixed soon
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    I know you are all working hard. But if you could please provide somewhere to download the current API builds. that would be great. I have been waiting for a few days now to continue work on my plugins
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    I vote we just use Megaupload...
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    EvilSeph, thanks for the prompt and thoughtful response. After re-reading the original post I have to agree with most of the points raised. While the CI system worked, it's not designed for what it was being used for, and I look forward to a new, more appropriate system.

    Also, thanks for the clarification of the process by which a recommended build is delivered. As I'm sure you are aware, there are plenty of us out here willing to experiment with interim builds and I will be grateful if the new system better accommodates that.
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    Apparently my post wasn't apparent enough to be on topic so I'm forced to use a direct reply instead, and since I'm not in the habit of retyping everything twice, here the abridged version.

    Everything still depends on whether or not a build is recommended first, as plugins are updated based on recommended builds and any plugin that has broken since the last one most likely won't be updated till a build gets recommended. So in short, yes we could run a dev build, but without plugins we may as well just be running vanilla.
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    Exactly that.

    Agreed, build numbers would be great.

    Amusingly, I clicked that link to go the Jenkins Temporarily Unavailable thread and got Forum Temporarily Unavailable. Madness.
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    Sorry for the caps. ^^ but i use caps so that everyone notices my post. :) I really hope that bukkit is open soon so i can download. and i hope you get all the numbers on a lotto and get lots of money. ;) :))))
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    All caps is against the TOS. You only really get noticed by moderators for putting in all caps, so you may want to reconsider your strategy.

    You can always get your builds here: http://repo.bukkit.org/content/groups/public/org/bukkit/craftbukkit/
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    So I was right then, a server / hosting bill came due that you didn't want to pay.

    If the servers overloaded by requests and you don't have the ability to bring a 2nd server online then perhaps a change in how the operation is being run from a business stand point is needed, I know, Im running 16 servers in my Data Center at the moment, so I'm qualified to make this response (for those haters out there).

    Im not trying to dump on the bukkit team, I'm just saying that "Our servers got overloaded so were going to shut the site down" is a poor excuse for server / operational management.

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    I sort of thought the whole Curse move would add stability to the back-end (Curse network?). How do they manage to serve so many people and how could they not extend that to partners who lack stable networks? It would seem they should want stability too if their name is attached. Are you guys really out there on your own still, in need of donations (as someone suggested)? A lot of users may have assumed you were "good" on the backend now that you have Curse, but then again I'm not sure anyone ever understood that deal.

    WTB powerful Curse.com distribution platform for dev builds :p
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    This is not what happened. The site being overloaded by traffic allowed the Bukkit team to take a fresh look at the user downloading experience. Jenkins doesn't provide a friendly experience to all users, so when Jenkins went down it allowed for the team to redesign the download service to better suit the users and help prevent things like this in the future.

    A new system still being worked on and I can guarantee it will be better than anything Jenkins could offer. Thank you for your patience.
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    For what it cost for 5 agents and unlimited builds per month for Bamboo they could buy a cheap dedicated server just for Jenkins so I don't think that would be an option. Also even if it was bought outright it would still be more cost effective to buy a dedicated box.

    Yes you can get builds there but you cant see the build logs which is of importance to quite a few people, you also cant easily look through the changes between commits as you can with Jenkins, & as its already been mentioned you cannot easily get a build number which relates to the current numbering scheme.

    You are right Jenkins isn't right for everyone but for the vast majority of us it is and using an overloaded server as a reason to redesign something that works exactly the way (if I had to guess 80-90%+/-) of us want it to work doesn't make sense. Jenkins already has all of the information about a given build number in one spot easily accessible, I think you will be hard pressed to find a solution that wont always be trumped by Jenkins in that respect.

    My personal take on the whole situation is similar to redesigning the wheel, why do it, it already works as intended without any problems if the server is overloaded get better hardware or another server specifically for it don't disable it for the people that use it the way it was intended to be used in the first place.

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    I NEED craftbukkit 1337, how will I get it with no ci.bukkit.org?
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    When you discover some day, that 200000 stone blocks turned to air because of an incompatibility between spout and the latest dev build, and you have to go back several days to fix this... you'll know why dev builds aren't recommended.
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    Jeremy Stuck

    Yea... that plugin is now on my never ever use list.
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    It could just be hosted on another box i would be more the happy to provide one without interference from myself. Hope bukkit gets organized on getting things sorted out before spout becomes very attractive alternative. Also getting a recommended build out before 1.2 would also be nice.
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    thanks for keeping us up to date Seph, will be looking forward to the next recommended build released, I know my players are
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    Bamboo is free for Open Source Projects. In fact, I recall they will host it FOR you.
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    I stand corrected, it took a little looking to find the information on it but its there buried in there website. They wont host it for you though & as a part of the signup process for the open source license request they require you to download and setup public facing pages for each of the products your interested in (in this case Bamboo).

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    Just a reminder for people asking for progress updates. When you ask for one, the person you ask will look on github to see what recent commits there have been and on leaky to see what outstanding issues there are and give you a summary. Instead of wasting the middleman's time, just check out both those publicly accessible websites.
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  29. It looks to me like Jenkins is back up. I got the build list (last build as of writing is 1820, last RB is 1818)., changelogs, commits, everything that we used to.

    All hail Jenkins!!
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    Please read the articles on the front page. Jenkins is only open so those that rely on the RB RSS feed can use it. Anyone else should NOT be using Jenkins.
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    EvilSeph is there any way you could just disallow HTTP connections?
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