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Discussion in 'BukkitDev Information and Feedback' started by user_43347, Dec 9, 2011.

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    What exactly does it mean when the download is "semi-normal"?
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    Daniel Heppner

    I just saw that too! Very interested.
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    Well I know I don't know, as I've just explained on IRC.

    We'll need an administrator such as @EvilSeph to answer it.
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    Semi-Normal? What? :D
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    Kinda normal?
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    My guess is: It works as intended, unsure of any unknown possible bugs to pop up.
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    Semi-normal is the status used to indicate files which aren't "core" - i.e. files which aren't the actual plugin file.

    Don't ask me how BukkitDev works it out though, I don't know.
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    Well, thanks! Even though it still doesn't make full sense since it is the plugin :p
  9. That doesn't make any sense :p
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    Daniel Heppner

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    i.e. images/audio files/ZIP packs of the plugin which isn't just the JAR...
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    Daniel Heppner

    Oh, I see. Why would you need to upload one of those to dev, though?
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    well all of my ZIP files are marked semi-normal while the jar standalone is normal...i gues that KINDA makes since but they should all be normal.
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    Not really. Only the JARs should be normal because they're what's going to get downloaded when the auto-download/install functionality works.
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    ooooo i was unaware of this auto download feature. it seems.....useful
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    I believe this would be used so when you download the plugin from the curse website it gives you the jar instead of other files.
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    Yeah I gave a simple jar and its marked as semi-normal.
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    I uploaded a normal jar-file too, like always, and now it's marked as semi-normal. Makes no sense to me.
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    Just a quick googling, and I found the answer. Plugins shouldn't be marked semi-normal.
    ""Semi-normal" is for stuff that runs outside the intended game client. Stuff like PHP scripts for displaying in-game stuff on a website or Python scripts and Windows' batch files for migrating saved variables to another realm, character, or account. They won't be seen by the Curse client and don't run inside of the game, but are every bit as useful."
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    @EvilSeph this might interest you?
    It appears several files are being flagged semi-normal when they should be flagged as normal.
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    Please don't respond to dead threads.
  25. Yes, upload a regular jar
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    (I think there's some misunderstanding around with the definition of "bumping" and "dead")

    Adding information to the thread: I've now done three releases of my plugin. The first was a .zip, the other two were regular .jars. The first one has a working download counter, the other two don't, and they've all been marked "semi-normal" - echoing what others have posted here as well.


    edit: It seems someone kicked the servers, hard, about an hour ago. I got an email with all my missing notifications from a few days back, the missing download-counters suddenly appeared and my sticky "1 PMs" was cleared ;) Thx.
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    It is when you meet a girl... I heard "semi" ...something to describe what a attractive girl does to you.;)
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    @lukegb - I need some help - why can't I post a new thread or send messages? Title field is there, but there is no message field. Thx.
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    This isn't really the right place for this, You will probably get a nice response in Bukkit Help section :)
    Try posting in their with maybe a screenshot or more details!
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