What does this mean : "Invalid Server Key"

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Danielmj, Nov 18, 2011.

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    Hi - Today I updated my minecraft client and now I am getting an error message saying "server returned invalid server key"

    any ideas what this means ? I see nothing about it on the forums.

    Many Thanks for all your help !
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    not sure what the error is .. but i had same thing when trying minecraft server version Beta 1.9 Prerelease 5

    use http://ci.bukkit.org/job/dev-CraftBukkit-1.9/ build 87 works perfect :)

    sorry i prsumed you were trying just like i was
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    I'm a bit new to this - I guess I just delete the old bukkit server and replace it with the new one ?
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    If like me you start your server with a bat/cmd file It will need editing as jar file name will be different
    rename craftbukkit-1.9-pre5-R1-SNAPSHOT.jar to your .jar name
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    It doesn't run - and I can't find upgrade tutorial anywhere
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    sorry dont know what you mean by upgrade, as maps changed from 1.7 .18 .19

    heres a simple way
    create a folder
    download server.jar to folder from http://www.minecraftforum.net/news/289-195-pr-is-ready-for-testing/
    download craftbukkit-1.9-pre5-R1-SNAPSHOT.jar to folder from http://ci.bukkit.org/job/dev-CraftBukkit-1.9/lastSuccessfulBuild/artifact/target/
    create a new txt file in same folder and rename it start.bat
    right click it and edit paste in java.exe -Xincgc -Xmx1G -jar craftbukkit-1.9-pre5-R1-SNAPSHOT.jar
    save and double left click to start
    it will create new world folders and cofig files
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    Going into server.properties and setting 'enable-query' to true will fix this problem.
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    Ok - I followed the instrcutions as offered by jsgage above - ie build a whole new server with 1.9 snapshot.
    when I try to load with old clients I am informed I need a new client - ok Updated those - they now read Minecraft 1.0, But now the client says I have an out of date server nad my 'new server' shuts down the session!

    so - what now, there appears to be an incompatibility between the clients and the server.
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    I already figured it out. Its when a Player is on 1.0 and joins the server thats a 1.8.2 and below
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    oK - I don't follow, I just updated my server to the Bukkit 1.9 release and the client is a 1.0 Minecraft and I am gettign 'out of date server' message,

    What have I done wrong ?
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    If you want to join a 1.8.2 Server, you cannot upgrade, you must downgrade. Ask someone to Copy their 1.8.2 Entire Bin folder and send it to you
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    I am NOT joining a 1.8 server. I have a 1.9.5 server. I just updated. My problem is that thye 1.0 new client will not connect to it. It gives an error message sayign I have an out of date server.

    How do I get the client and server to connect ?

    Many thanks for all your.
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    I have a 1.0 vanilla server, fresh new world , 1.0 client and I occasionally get this error... I think it is a 1.0 bug

    What does 'enable-query' setting do?
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    I guess I am just not explaining myself correctly - let me try one more time:
    I have a brand new 1.9.5 BUKKIT server which refuses to connect to the brand new 1.0.0 Minecraft client.

    What is everybody else in the world doing to make this combo work ?? I can nto get them to connect.

    Please please help

    Many thanks !
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    So then you must be on a older version or something, because thats what happened to this one guy and I helped him fix it
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    Nope - definitely not an old release, just went and checked - it says "craftbukkit-1.9-pre5-R1-SNAPSHOT" .
    I followed the instructions given by jsgage earlier in this thread.

    So, anyideas why this is not wanting to connect to a 1.0.0 Minecraft client ?
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    I fixed my issues by changing the query.port= to a different port than Minecraft uses. Mine looks like so now and the errors seem to have stopped.

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    Danielmj why ow why did you update minecraft to 1.0.0 .

    now your one of the many waiting for updated craftbukkit
    you need to wait or use a backup to replace your minecraft.jar with previous one before you updated
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    Haha, I have an updated bukkit (unoffiicial) build that works. Now who doesn't need to update?
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    But it ISN'T updated. It is just 1.9pre5 with the code that checks the version either modified or just removed. I wouldn't want to risk corruption due to potential incompatibility of the network protocol (there is a reason for blocking different versions), and you don't get any of the fixes or additions added since pre5. Is it really worth the extra couple of days? I know it isn't for me.
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    Any 1.0.0 server downloads claiming to be a "leaked" craftbukkit copy is a fake. Bukkit is still working on updating for 1.0.0.

    In regards to the server key message, it was confirmed by Mojang and is expected to be fixed on their watch.
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    It's just a bug. If you try to join a server and it says this, just try again, and it should work.
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    I updated the server because jsgage recommended it to solve my problem. I updated the client because I made the foolish assumption that there would be some compatibility between the new the 1.9.5 server and the 1.0.0 client.

    I HAVE tried using an older 1.8.1 client - that does not work either.
  24. Maybe I don't get something, but why in the wolrd would anyone assume that a 1.9.5 bukkit server would work with the 1.0 client? That never happened before and it propably won't ever happen. Wait for a ne bukkit RB for 1.0
    Please correct me if im wrong, but what exactly are you trying here?
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    I'm new to Minecraft and so I bring with me a host of assumptions which are rapidly proving to be wrong (my bad!) - assumptions like an app written for a platform will be forward or backward compatible for at least 1 major release. Or an assumption that s/w vendors ensure that their partners have access to the new code well in advance so the partner community can get their code up to spec before official release date, so they can release togther. But this is my error and am rapidly recognising that things work differently in some parts of the IT industry.

    What am I trying to do - wow, if you can help I would be mega, mega grateful. I run a server for my teenage kids and their teenage friends. Essentially all I want to do is run my Bukkit server with the now obligatory MC 1.0 client. The new 1.0 client complains and refuses to connect to the Bukkit server including the 1.9.5 release. I have tried returing to the older 1.8.1 client and the 1.8.1 server - should fix it right ? Nope, Minecraft will force an upgrade of the client whether you want it or not - thus giving the "out of date server" message.

    Anyway, I would be very impressed if you can help - I find it odd that perhaps the rest of the Bukkit world has all come to a standstill waiting for the new server, but I do not see an obvious fix without the new Bukkit server.

    Many thanks all for your help, insight and inspiration !
  26. As far as I know, we all have to wait for a new bukkit server.
    It is not your question that throws me off. It is the whole discussion.
    To keep playing with a bukkit server you need to stay on the same game version as your bukkit server.
    Officially thats 1.8.5 as far as I know. But there are probably some unofficial oder dev builds out there. But inexperienced people shouldn't use these.
    The only solution I know of is patience. Everything else is dangerous and could corrupt your saves.
    As I said, please correct me if I'm wrong.

    The invalid server key error is a mojang problem to my knowledge. It has actually nothing to do with your core problem. The operation causing this error is executed before even joining the server.
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    Thanks Hiramas - you are right patience is a virtue. I am happy to run a 1.8.1 game ( client) but the very nice people at MC don't allow it. They force an upgrade of client to 1.0 even when you press the button " no forced upgrade" - you still get it, thus rendering your server 'out of date" and useless.

    If you can tell me how I can prevent this from happening and allow me to run the 1.8.1 client I have on my 1.8.1 server without the forced MC upgrade I would be a very happy camper !

    Many Many thanks !
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    There's another way. Change it to this: online-mode=false
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