What do I use for vanilla survival?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by Deathwish001, Dec 4, 2011.

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    I'm kinda confused here. I want to host a Minecraft private server, but its only going to be vanilla survival. no mods/plugins.
    so is it better to use what notch has on his website or wait for bukkit? what does craftbukkit have to offer for vanilla survival?
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    vanilla means not mods or plugins, therefore bukkit useless for that. Use notches.
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    Not necessarily. Bukkit patches some of the bugs/glitches/exploits that Notch does not patch in his releases.
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    heh, Just ran into one of them. bed bug where it dont change your spawn point. well. it will have to do till there is an official release from bukket.
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    Bed bug.
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    I run a very 'vanilla' server. The bukkit plugins allow me to do some things that I consider vital for ANY multiplayer server -- things like logging, rollback, permissions. Vanilla doesnt' have any of this.

    Then there are those extras that are not necessary, but are extremely useful: protected regions, chest & door locks, anti-cheating, multi-world management.

    My opinion - use bukkit to run even a Vanilla server.
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    Two plugins that I consider implement features that _should_ be in vanilla Minecraft:

    Lockette - because humans do like to consider things "theirs"
    Pickboat - because without it traversing huge bodies of water becomes an exercise in futility
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