What computer should I buy?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Sarkamking6, Jul 5, 2013.

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    Ok. Where do you live? (This depends on how much Internet goes to your town/community)

    I'm Going with a dedicated server (Don't know what type) but because its $100-$400 US. While building a water-cooled Custom PC/Desktop will cost $2,000-$10,000 US. And having your server hosted by a site for $12-$50 will add up (for the time your server is up).

    Hope this opened your Ideas/Knowledge. Best of Luck! ~Polish
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    in ur case

    1. the internet connection will allow u to keep 10 players max, if u want more get at least 100/50 internet, and u can hold a 100 player server max.

    2. motherboard supports fast ram, u will need to buy a fast cpu for that, and thats expensive.

    3. try this cfg, cpu i7 or amd phenom x4 900 ( for minecraft its important to have a large cache, and a lot ghz)
    ram 16 gb dd3
    ssd 120 gb
    and some 500w psu( corsair is the best i think)

    plus stabile internet 100 downl. and 50 upload, and u will be able to run 100 slot server.
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    Yeah. No way around it, I really would choose a holster instead of hosting on your own. Very good Internet is very pricey
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    edvinsdainis I don't really know if you know what you're talking about. i7s are not all that great in server hosting. Xeons are where it's at.
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    Yep. 1000 bucks a piece.... For a quad core. You need a octa-core one
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    No... Just no...

    Unless your using an overclocked 3770k, on water. :p

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    xTrollxDudex I have a feeling you have no idea about how server hosting works either. I have a quad E3 in 3 dedis of mine. I've never broken 25% CPU usage -- and 2 of the 3 run 6 servers a piece.
    rguz10 No. They're still all not that great compared to a Xeon.
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    Fighting are we? Lol. But as I said in my upper post, Dedicated servers could be the best. Agree to disagree.

    It comes down to what works best for you.
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    Dang it Jade you always trying to start a fight.... Lol but I do know how servers work being a plugin dev and experienced owner since 2011 but I was talking about a bought Xeon. You can get a server with an E3 for about 100 bucks on my end
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    I pay about $120 a month for a 500GB 100Mbit/s fibre line. (Although the price includes line rental, and phone calls etc).

    Protip: If you don't know a thing about networking, then its rather futile to start up a server.
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    They work, that's all I'm saying. Will a 3770k do pretty good? Yes. Will a E5 do better? Probably.
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    Zipcode 12866

    Jade rguz10 303i xTrollxDudex Polishgaming All I am looking to do is spend $2000 max and not pay anything more a month is there anyway to do that?????????????????????????? PLEASE IF THERE IS TELL ME PLEASE PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Nope, there isn't. Also, lose the capslock.
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    Buy a dedicated server from OVH for $90 a month, that $2000 thousand will get you almost two years of a server. That's if you don't get any donations.
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    Honestly if you're looking for a super computer like that, NO WAY are you gonna get it for under 2000 dollars. And not pay anymore. Your ISP is probably not gonna give you Internet forever for under 2000. You need Bill Gate's bank number to do that.
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    You can always just download RAM. :L
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    How do you guys host yours?
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    I host mine with a host. http://Minecrafted.net/. I use 3 of their 32GB/Ivy Bridge Xeon dedi.
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    So what you are saying I can't host a server?:(
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    All we are saying (Arguing) is that for getting a PC|Desktop|DS or what ever, is that you are better off going with something that will last you for a cheep price.

    Also if your going with a supercomputer save up until you have $20,000; running a MCBS is not cheap.

    Please close this thread.

    This is great.
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    Supposed to insult me?
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    No. Just a great idea.
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    yes, xenon would be the best, but it costs $, for minecraft its important to have large cache and ghz....

    ok, here is mine, i have a bukkit 1.5.2 server, a lot of plugins, 2 worlds, and 60 slots(usualy obaut 30-40 peoplea re on)

    a fast interner 100 download and 50 upload,

    and the hardwere

    cpu core 2 duo e8400 3 ghz, 6 mb cache
    8gb ddr3 1333mhz RAM
    500 w psu (corsair)
    120 gb intel ssd

    runs liek hell, max ram usage for 40 people playing obaut 2-3 gb, and cpu usage max 35%

    so i can put 120 slots and handle 100+ people easy


    for u i recomend to buy xenon, or for your budget some of the amd 8 cores, with 3+ghz and a lot of cache, 32 gb ram, nice mama whitch can handle it, and a nice ssd, and 100/50 internet, and u will be fine to keep 400+people server

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