What are Teams?

Discussion in 'BukkitDev Information and Feedback' started by Phasesaber, Jul 30, 2014.

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    Today I noticed http://dev.bukkit.org/teams/ , and I was wondering if there were any guidelines to creating teams.
    Are teams only for moderators, or can anyone have one?

    Is there a minimum amount of people to have in a team?
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    I recently just applied to get my new team TinyPixel to be approved :3 Hopefully it gets approved then can start some big projects with fellow Bukkit Enthusiasts!
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    Please note, "Teams" barely work and are prone to quite a few flaws. It was meant to be an experimental feature, not a production ready addition to CurseForge.

    I would ask that people refrain from using this feature, its really not ready to be used.
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    TnT What 'flaws' might there be? There aren't a lot of features for it.
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    Really would rather not get into the details. It doesn't actually do anything though, so you're really not missing out.
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    Well, you gotta see what fails before you start to fix them, so theoretically, the more hype, the faster you can find bugs, and fix them.
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    I think liking cats is a prerequisite for forming a team.
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    Makes sense.
    I already like cats :3
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  11. Phasesaber Of course you do, it's the internet. the people of the internet love 'em some good cats.

    And I think the point TnT was making was that there's no real use for teams, nor can a justified use for them be seen, so they don't work on them.
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    tl;dr of this thread: teams are useless
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    Not necessarily, teams can be used to show a group working on a project.
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    Phasesaber or you just add all the people as authors for the project, hence making teams useless.
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  16. Phasesaber Key word: Justified ;) Because of the above, it's not worth Bukkit's time to get it working.
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