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Discussion in 'Bukkit Tools' started by chiel29, May 25, 2012.

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    hello i want to see what people destroy and have place in the game?
    whits a tool or somting

    who can help my please

    srry for my enligs
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    tank you bobby

    can you tell my wahat fur permission i have to do to let it work

    im start now a server fur the first time

    tank you
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    guardian.lookup - guardian.rollback - guardian.tools.toolname
    its all on the page =)
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    where i have to type that in on groupmanger?

    can you tell my that

    tank you
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    in the permission node of the group you to have these permissions add:
    - guardian.rollback
    - guardian.tools.toolname
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    it dossund work

    buy maby can you tell my what the comands are but this are not work now

    • /guardian help <- Get help on these commands
    • /guardian search <- Search the Guardian database, currently only the LogBlock action syntax is supported, eg, /guardian search player md_5 area 5 since 1d
    • /guardian page <- view page <x> of your last search
    • /guardian rollback <- Rollback the matching parameter (same syntax as search)
    • /guardian tool <- Use /guardian tool <name>to enable your tool (Sponge, toolblock by default) and /guardian /tool disable to disable it.
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    I am by no means an expert on Guardian =$
    But have you tried making yourself OP and try the commands?
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    im op

    waht can i do?

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