Inactive [WGEN] NullTerrain v0.4.2 - Generate empty worlds [1.2.5-R1.0+]

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    NullTerrain v0.4.2 - Generate completely empty worlds (for CraftBukkit 1.2.5-R1.0 and up)

    A quick (and my very first) little plugin written by myself as a null terrain generator (generating empty landscapes), based off of Dinnerbone's BukkitFullOfMoon example plugin. I use this to implement empty space (as requested by some people on my server) and thought it may be useful to others. Bootstrapping the area and multi-world teleport is up to you right now; if anyone wants to help with this, the source is on github here.

    This plugin implements null terrain generation; that is, empty space. No terrain is generated whatsoever. If you wish to use this with some sort of space-like area, you may also consider properTime to make it perpetually night and WeatherControl (although this doesn't work with 1038+ yet, I'm trying to work with the author to make this happen) to make sure storms don't happen :).

    1. Place the plugin in your plugins directory
    2. Use MultiVerse 2's terrain generator provider system (for example, /mv create space normal -g NullTerrain) or Bukkit's own multiworld generator system to change the terrain generator for the given world (the provider is called NullTerrain, astonishing isn't it!).
    This plugin should work fine with MultiVerse (although you will need to use Bukkit's own multiworld generator system) and MultiVerse 2 (which is an easy-to-use and easy-to-administer interface to this).


    Recommended plugins
    WorldEdit with the //pos and //pos2 commands are the best way to edit space, in the absence of other blocks to target. VoxelSniper also works well. The server I run uses both; we consider neither to really replace the other (they are good complements).

    It's currently hard to bootstrap space, the best bet atm is to use /mvtp with @fernferret's most excellent MultiVerse 2 plugin. I may add a command to allow teleportation to space later, but it's currently very low-priority as I have bigger fish to fry.

    0.4.2: Update for newer Bukkit. I'm baaaack. :p
    0.4.1: Make sure this plugin loads at startup
    0.4: Change to use Bukkit's own multiworld system (or MultiWorld 2's system) - thanks nightpool!
    0.3: Initial public release
    0.1-0.2: Internal releases. They didn't exist :p
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    How do you build if it is empty space? There has to be a block to put stuff on...
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  4. Hello,
    I've been trying for ages to install it and get it to work, but it says that the Generator: Nullterrain Doesnt exist. Im completely Confused, and there are NO Youtube Video's to help me. Please help Guys? :)
    Also, i have VoxelSniper WorldEdit and Multiverse 2 Successfully Installed
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    It's called NullTerrain not Nullterrain so that might be a possible reason.
  6. Hey, thanks for the quick reply.
    In my CB starter, it says:
    [Info] Could not set generator for world 'space': Plugin 'Nullterrain' does not exist.

    I have renamed the NullTerrain to NullTerrain (Both Caps) and it does nothing..
    Should there also be a folder within plugins for Nullterrain or is it all in the .Jar?
    {edit} Does there need to be anything done in the bukkit.yml? i had Dinnerbone's little worlds thing in it, but im not sure
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    The plugin name is NullTerrain. Therefore if your world is trying to use it as a generator you will have to have it named NullTerrain instead of Nullterrain. You don't have to rename the file it should already be NullTerrain by default. You have to change the text in your worlds section to match NullTerrain instead. If you have the NullTerrain plugin in your plugins folder then it should work fine. I personally used Multiverse to generate my worlds and it worked fine.

    Also, if that doesn't work post what you have in your file and we can see if something is wrong.
  8. hey, which file is this? the bukkit.yml?

    Never mind, its fixed. my "space world" generator didnt work with Dinnerbone's World thingy. Thanks for your help though :)

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    I'll see your shameless self promotion and raise you my disrespect.
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    Does this plugin works on 1.3.1? I'm trying to generate a void world and I can't build because chunks doesn't generate void chunks. You turn black because its a chunk error, I remember in 1.7.3 days, the server had chunk errors and I turned black. so um... Do it work for 1.3.1 or not? Do you know any alternatives? I dont want another type of world generator, I'm looking for a void one.
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    Any idea why random blocks are generating at layer one?


    I have the following plugins installed:
    • NullTerrain
    • WorldEdit
    • MultiVerse (Core) 2
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    So... Can we delete the NullTerrain.jar after we generate the world?
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    When ever i place a block in an empty column, or break a block that would result in an empty column, the server CPU spikes to 100%. Now, if i use worldedit... large enough edits will disconnect all players. Everyone gets a read timeout.
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    Hey I loved this back in 1.6, but it doesn't seem to be working in the latest version of minecraft, the world will still generate..
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