Inactive [WGEN] Nordic v0.2.0 - Add nordic landscapes to your server! [1.2.4-R1.0]

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    Add nordic landscapes to your server

    Version: 0.2.0 [1.2.3-R0.2]


    Over at BukkitDev => Link

    Source can be found at GitHub: Link

    Nordic is a Worldgenerator which creates a world that will have a nordic looking. There are continents and smaller islands, lakes, a custom Treetype, some caves and all ores/mushrooms/flowers/lava... whatever you need. Most of the screenshots were made during development using the seed 1337 if you want to try this world. You might experience some strange spawning locations and some strange blocks around the generated lakes, but it should be very rare.

    You have to know how to edit the bukkit.yml or use a plugin that does this part for you, like Pinapp.
    The command & permission beneath are not needed if you use Pinapp or edit the bukkit.yml, i just left them in so its possible to take a look on a Nordic world without doing any configuration stuff.

    MOAR SCREENS!!111 (including a shiny 360° panorama)

    Also thanks alot to @codename_B for allowing me to use his BlockPopulators.

    And as always, feedback and suggestions are always welcome, hope you like it.

    • /nordic <worldname> <seed>
    Creates a new BananaNordic world and ports you in the world. If there already is a world with the given name, you will just be ported in the world.

    • nordic.command
    Gives access to the /nordic command

    If you don't use a plugin that does this for you, you have to edit the bukkit.yml file. Add the following and insert your worldname:

            generator: Nordic

    • 0.2.0
      • Updated for new chunk format
      • Added new lake populator
    • 0.1.4
      • updated for latest RB
    • 0.1.2
      • fixed load:startup in plugin.yml
    • 0.1.1
      • permission nordic.command now defaults to OP
    • 0.1.0
      • initial release
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    I'm the lead admin of a 1.2.4 roleplaying server and my problem is that I want Nordic as my only world, possibly have a physical portal leading to the Nordic world from the default world. I can't for the life of me figure this out. Thing is that I want people to play ONLY on the Nordic generated map, but whenever I try to use plugins (Nethrar, for example) to set this up, it ends up messing with Nordic's generation, and I get default chunks generating on the Nordic map, something I don't want at all.

    Is there a plugin/method/way to set a world to infinitely generate Nordic chuncks and then have it as my default world/being able to travel there - and keep it generating Nordic chuncks?

    Thanks to anyone that replies,
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    hi there, well I used Pinapp for a while on my server, worked fine. there is a small tutorial on bukkitdev about how to set things up, hope this is helpful. If you want to use Nordic as a main-world, you have to edit the bukkit.yml as described on bukkitdev, should work fine if you make sure the worldnames etc fit.
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    Just awesome!!!:D
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    What do you mean, Nethrar was messing up the worldgen? Did you properly specify the custom world generator name and arguments in worlds.yml? I'd be happy to help you set it up.
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    Hello. I managed to figure out how to travel to both worlds using TravelPortals, and how to make it keep generating by editing my bukket.yml. Thanks for the replies anyway. :)
  7. Hey, I know it might be a little difficult, but is there options to add villages?
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    If you add structures like villages, mineshafts and strongholds i will definitely use this for my main server. :)
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    Er, this is probably a dumb question, but... why does a world based off of Scandinavia have no snow??
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    looks like the Hunger Games map xD (map 1)
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    Considering that this terrain generator was made over a year ago, and the movie (and thus the popularity) of Hunger Games is relatively new, I'd imagine that this terrain generator came out before the "Hunger Games" craze and that such maps happened to use the Nordic generator, possibly for its combination of simplicity and good-looking terrain.
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    I know xD I was just saying. I like the plugin though!
  13. Would this still generate cave systems? I was just wandering if I could still play survival. Great mod though!

    Edit: Oh, wait, found one :D Loving the landscapes, reminds of my holiday in Norway :D
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    To get interesting caves in this world, you can install the giant caves mod. Depending on how you configure it, caves will break the surface or stay underground. Since height in the nordic world is low, placing the caves in a lower layer is important if you don't want them breaking the pretty landscape above.

    I think giant caves is compatible with world border as well, in adition to Nordic, so if you want to pre-generate a nordic world and have the caves plugin, huge caves will be placed in the world.
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    This plugin is awesome! ( : The world is much more beautiful and suited to large buildings than default minecraft. IDK much about how MC weather works, but going off of previous comments is there a way you could add snow to the world with a command/config or something? Thank you and would love to see other world generators.
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    Is the world 100% Nordic, or is there other biomes too?
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    I'm guessing the development of this gen is rather dead, but villages/strongholds would make this perfect.

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