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    BananaGen - "It's generaterific!"
    Version: v0.1

    Long description coming soon!

    Base Generators:
    • hilly
    • beach
    • mountains
    • subterranean
    • city (under construction)
    Download - Source Code

    Version 0.1
    • Four new generators
      • hilly
      • beach
      • mountains
      • subterranian
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    That should be in the original post really. Or anything that tells us how to use it :p

    In all honesty though, it needs a lot more than that too. Even the wiki doesn't say much on how to use it unless you're already a dev and can already understand it. For example,
            type: flag
            description: Setting this flag will disable populators
    Does that mean the flag is set, because its there? If not, how do I set the flag?
    This plugin has potential to be great and really easy to use, by a simple config file which itself goes and edits the bukkit.yml.

    I tried editing the bukkit.yml to have a world called hilly, which was set to hilly, and a world called city, set to city. I then reloaded, THEN generated those worlds, reloaded again, then teleported to them - the worlds were just standard no matter how far I walked out. What am I doing wrong?
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    What do you do for change the map?
    I haven't got world_hills ...
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    Hey how come it says i don't have permission for it even though I'm op and Group Manager Admin?
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    is this like you can have 2 worlds in 1 server how does I make an extra with it?
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    Is this going to be 1.8.1 compatible?
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    city gen already exists, it just means it won't create something perfect, the "(under construction)"
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    Yeah, I think this plugin needs a config file and a wiki that explains everything about it. :3
  9. make a snow world generator

    sorry, please make a snow world generator

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    Awesome plugin, but it fell a touch short of what i was hoping for.

    the hilly generator has a ton of configuration possibilities...
    But i specifically wanted a ocean world , with beaches and such.. but ALSO with undergroudn caves and such as usual.

    using the 'beach' generator made no caves.
    using 'hilly' and trying to set the 'waterlevel' higher than 'baseheight' or 'terrainheight' both resulted in something that looked like the cratered face of my brothers first date... but was sadly devoid of anything resembling oceans.

    Would it be possible in future revs to accomplish more configurability in 'beach', or make it possible to set a waterlevel higher than the land in 'hilly'??
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    i dont get how to use this. I'm using multiverse and i need a world made of sandstone. The "Hilly" one looks nice to me. And is it possible to make trees out of materials besides leaves and logs?

    I used /mv create Planet NORMAL -g BananaGen:Hilly

    but how do i set stuff like endstone instead of dirt / grass? Or change tree's material?
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    What are the commands? or how to use it? please reply
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    I dont understand how to generate the world types
  14. There aren't any.
    Recommendation: Get DimensionDoor/Multiverse (or whatever it's called) and make some worlds (and delete some worlds) with that. Then look at some of the examples/questions people have posted. The whole thing will make a lot more sense with some understanding of how those things go first. This is complimentary to any plugin (not necessary, but walk before we run, eh?) that can create worlds.
    (Edit: You may also want to check out codename_B's link to the wiki on the first page for a bit more indepth knowledge, but this is something that actually might be best learned with some experimentation to see the full breadth of it.)
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    This world generator rocks!
    It would be nice though if you added a spherical shaped generator
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    In bukkit.yml
        generator: BananaGen:hilly,nopopulate,matliquid=STATIONARY_LAVA
    that should set a world with named "mycustomworld" generated with BananaGen with flag nopopulate and with with water replaced by = lava.

    flags / variables comma separated after the world type.
    flags just need to be named, that turns them on.
    variables need to have an = to assign the value you want.

    I suppose that worldtype (hilly in this case) should be first, havent tested it yet.

    I actually tested this with MultiVerse (using the same syntax) but editing bukkit.yml should be the same.
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    So is this a plugin for a server? Or a singleplayer mod? I don't see a plugin the folder I downloaded...

  18. This is the bukkit forums, an alternative minecraft server designed for allowing mods. 99% of all the mods you find here are for servers. I would come here with the assumption that you're looking at a server mod unless it specifically says otherwise.
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    Lol, yeah. I'm looking for server mods and/or plugins. I've got about 50 running on the server that I've owned for over a year. I'm just trying to find a world generator plugin that will generate a cavernous world.

    BananaGen has a Subterranean generator so I downloaded it, but there's no .jar file in the download, but class files like in a singleplayer mode.

    So yes, I'm looking for a server mod.


    I tried re-downloading it through Google Chrome and it yielded a .jar file.
    (damn Opera)
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    can you add ocean gen please
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    Are there any commands for this or do they all generate?

    What are all the commands I can't find them they're are none atm

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  22. /bananaworld <world> [player]
    /bananagen <radius> [<x> <z>] [world]
    /bananaregen <radius>
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    How to we use this command
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    Pictures or videos would be nice
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    looks...amazing but could you give us pictures :)
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    /me agrees
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    This may be a derp question, but with MultiVers, how would i create a beach (for example) world?

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