Inactive [WGEN/GEN] BananaGen v0.1 - Multiple world generators [1000]

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    BananaGen - "It's generaterific!"
    Version: v0.1

    Long description coming soon!

    Base Generators:
    • hilly
    • beach
    • mountains
    • subterranean
    • city (under construction)
    Download - Source Code

    Version 0.1
    • Four new generators
      • hilly
      • beach
      • mountains
      • subterranian
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    King Rat

    Gawd I loves ya.
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    Styx Reborn

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    Waitwait, it generates a city? :O
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    it says under construction, but as far as i see, it does...that would be interesting, though i could be reading it wrong, and the code could be done, and it would make a city that was under construction...

    sorry for the repetitive post, it was about the same time.
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    Tag should just be 'WGEN'
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    Soon, we will need a new Category [BANANA] with the ammount of plugins from @codename_B and his devs :D
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    It includes a chunk generation command, a chunk regeneration command, and a world teleport command.
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    holy crap this sounds like its going to be awesome! *watched*[cake]

    edit - im looking at the wiki codename_B posted and praying that you will update bananamze with some of these features (like height adjustment so we can make the roof of the maze be at the top of the world).

    i love wgen category! <3 you guys are the best...
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    King Rat

    Yes, it's a basic city generator. I haven't seen it for a while, but it makes things like streets, lampposts, buildings and such. But I've only seen the actual code, and haven't seen it in action for a week :3
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    My bad, it seemed like only a generator because there's absolutely no description about commands or anything in the original post.
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    "It's blah" is not a plugin function description.
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    Would "multiple world generators in one awesome plugin" be better?
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    multiple world generators <anything> would be great :)
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    Alright - nightgunner5 is away for a bit - could you accept the awesomeness of this plugin compared to the recent flood of copypastas as payment enough to change the title for him? ;)
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    That really bugs the hell out of older devs doesn't it? :)
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    When they act like it's the best thing ever and refuse to add new features to make it unique... you bet it does lol.

    P.S. thanks for the title change :D
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    So how do you use this? Are there any commands?
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    Try this in bukkit.yml:

            generator: BananaGen:hilly
            generator: Bananapocalypse
            generator: BananaGen:city
    just remember empty spaces are spaces, not tabs. I guess configflags work there as hilly,nether etc.
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    I dont know how to get it to work i put it into my plugins folder and ran my server nothin happened and then i deleted my worlds and let them regen but the were just normal worlds pls help.
  24. You need to edit your bukkit.yml as indicated in the post directly above yours if you're going to delete your world and regen it (the default world's name is 'world'). Otherwise use a plugin that can handle making worlds with custom generators and run the command to generate a new world using the BananaGen generator. By itself this plugin won't do anything, you have to tell bukkit somehow that it needs to be used.
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    k thx
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    Will this add a new world? ad commands to switch worlds?
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    Mathew Miravite

    how do i make islands some one please make a tut or help me please?
  28. Adding a new world is highly dependent on you telling it to via bukkit.yml and/or some form of world manager. I use DimensionDoor, personally, which has a world port command built in, but it looks like /bananaworld <world> [player] could be a world porting command. I haven't actually tested it yet though, so godspeed to you, good sir.
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    I use multiverse and i have downloaded this now so if i wanna create a world full of mountains what do i type?
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    in how long is the "city Generator" finished?

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