[WGEN/FUN/MECH] Remover v0.1 - Remover trees, floating islands and more [1185]

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    Remover is made for deleting trees, floating things and even small mountains or buildings. First thing to say is, that you should be careful with this plugin !
    It is base on AntiTower plugin and many users stated they wanted an undo function - i implemented one.
    Feature list:

    • remove trees, buildings, floating things or small mountains by right clicking
      • right clicking again removes selection
      • left clicking cancels the remove
    • marks your selection (block for right / left click: purple wool - rest of selection: pink wool)
    • has a block limit to protect the map (can be set in config - default: 2500 (blocks))
    • you can to define a tool which is then used for the selection (default: shears)
    • OPs can use Remover
    • Players with permission node remover.* can use Remover

    • Download plugin
    • Copy Remover.jar to your plugin folder
    • Start server
      • config file will be created (plugins/Remover/config.yml)
    • Edit the config only:
      • if you want higher (be careful as this might cause errors !) or lower block limit
      • if you want another tool for selection
      • if you edited the config.yml restart your server
    How to use:

    • Be an op or have the remover.* permission
    • grab some shears
    • select a tree or something with right click when holding shears
    • follow the plugin ingame instructions :)
    Remover v0.1 @ BukkitDev

    Planned features / To-Do:
    • add additional command undo
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    Awesome,Trying this now!
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    does this remove floating trees? if not then it should :p
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    you can remove floating trees with this easily
    however i have to update it to latest craftbukkit release as it might not work - is planned for this weekend
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    ok cool...
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    Please upgrade to latest RB
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    will do it next week
    currently need to test, but have only my netbook :)
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    Next week?

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