[WGen]Endless Abandoned City[Race? :D]

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    Can you message me if someone makes this please.
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    Marcos Cosmos

    Thanks, we were never waiting on spout for the darkness though, we were going to base it off the nether and then recolour the void, but we're now waiting on 1.9 and going to replace The End with this world :3, it was extremely convenient actually. Right now I'm only waiting on spout to have custom blocks so that I can replace white stone with glowing 'white-space' :p

    There are already two builds!

    I put them both on the project on behalf of @Richard Robertson and @oxguy3 but it hasn't syndicated yet, so follow these links:

    http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/keycraft/files/1-twtnw-prototype1/ <-- the original version, it has a bug with the footpath so I suggest you use this:


    Marcos Cosmos

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  3. I never get a day off it seems. My parents decided I need to rake the leaves in the backyard. Why does this always happen when I pick up a project?
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    I am eagerly awaiting this :p I check this thread once a day :D
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    Alright then, I won't do anything more with what I have if you're going to blow our minds with your next version anyway. Sounds like I'll finally have to make myself learn how to use git repos. Wait a sec, doesn't BukkitDev have a repo system now? Before you set us up on Github, why don't we just use BukkitDev? I know I'll still have to learn git stuff, but oh well...

    Here's an idea - we make it look like actual buildings on the inside (bookshelves, desks, whatever), but with no torches, smaller windows, and iron doors (which will require populators, like you said), so that we get the dim feeling, the abandoned feeling, the impossible/unsurvivable feeling, and it all feels kinda realistic.

    Anyway, with the floors thing - yes it is possible to have the floors be configured separately from the exterior - I did it that way for quickness, but I could make it work that way. I'm waiting for Richard Robertson's next build though, so I can build on the same basis.

    Also, side note - we may want to start working with WorldEdit's API at some point soon, if we want to be able to work with schematics files or anything like that.
  6. In order, responding to your post:

    Curse's repo system is set up for World of Warcraft mods. Git is set up to store anything. I also trust Github more than I trust Curse.
    You aren't supposed to explore the buildings. They are empty and uninviting. That's what The World That Never Was is like.
    World generators aren't meant to load things like schematics. There are too many problems that occur at the generator level that prevent the schematics from being loaded without a fight. I don't plan to support them.
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    Marcos Cosmos

    I always figured the preference of github by most people on bukkit was related to facilitation..

    Also, I could not have said it better myself in regards to the buildings, I see you've done your homework.

    That being said, there's probably no harm in branching the world generation project slightly to have the main editions that are what we will use on our server, and a customised version to accompany it, that may be more likely used by the general public.

    But yeah, the buildings are rather specifically skyscrapers with broad windows, (Edit: gosh it has been awhile since I played..) that although covered in neon lighting, are dim and uninviting, I honestly forgot they were there running through the city in-game frequently, and then took time to awe them again.. :confused:

    and for @oxguy3 I'm going to put a youtube clip of the world in-game in the original post of this thread in a moment, and probably this post too.
    Edit: here it is, this first video shows the city that I want to emulate slightly, at least in eeriness, for the bottom of the world.

    This second one shows the kind of effect and texture I want to achieve through the floating islands of the end.

    Yes, my description of 'white-space' and of the skyscrapers was slightly off, but yeah. this is the kind of thing I want. Maybe we will use @v10later's idea of alwaysnight so we can keep a moon texture.. though I'm not sure if we can keep the other aspects of the end that way, dilema...

    Marcos Cosmos
  8. No homework needed. I played Kingdom Hearts I, II, and 358/2.
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    Marcos Cosmos

    Ah, of course x3
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    Marcos Cosmos

    Oh by the way everyone, we're shifting over to our BukkitDev project, http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/keycraft
    And have opened up an IRC channel: #keycraft irc://apocalypse.esper.net

    Feel free to comment on the main page, or create a forum thread if you feel so inclined, though, any spam will be deleted and penalised of course.

    Marcos Cosmos
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    Okay then, I hadn't even looked at Curse's system (with it being designed for WoW and schtuff), but I agree that Github is probably safer than Curse.

    Anyway, I watched part of the video of the city that Marcos posted, so I get how it will look now. And I only mentioned the WE thing b/c of jamdis' requests, but sounds like it's not worth it. Sorry @jamdis. :(
  12. Well a schematic loader would be fine as a separate world generator, but not as part of this one.
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    Marcos Cosmos

    So that's what we'll do? Branch it? Though expect that plugin won't progress beyond the schematic ...
  14. No branching. Just new code from scratch. It's too different.
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    Marcos Cosmos

    Alrite then
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    New version? Maybe street lights and billboards, city lights? Furniture? Floors? Asking too much? :3
  17. I'm currently coding right now.

    We'll see about decorating the city after this code is stable. There won't be any furniture because the buildings aren't supposed to be entered.
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    Marcos Cosmos

    Not sure about streetlights, but definitely billboards, neon lights on the buildings and stuff, the buildings are intended to be eerie and without an interior, it's no laziness or bug, that being said @oxguy3 may oblige to create a custom version with an interior, as he did for the first build, but that's his choice to make, don't take my word for it :p

    Anyway, as I mentioned before, there is already a version with an interior and floors, you can find it on the project (click my siggy), it's version 1B, it's not designed for the latest build, and the config can't be used in the next version, but the default settings Should work.
  19. Blocks of buildings now work perfectly. The number of buildings per block, the size of the buildings, and the materials are all customizable.

    Next step is to make the number of floors actually make sense. Right now it's generating one number of floors per chunk because I haven't changed that from the original yet. I'll go ahead and upload what I have now just so show some progress finally.

    The building height will require a little more time as that is based on the random generator.

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    Marcos Cosmos

    Awsome! Sadly I can't test it out because I'm stuck at Maccas and won't get home to a decent computer for 3+ hours... If I'm alive then... It's so busy and loud... and I'm so tired.. If I weren't afraid of some prick nicking my stuff I'd try to sleep... T_T.... Thanks though, I'll take a look asap... could you make a screenie of the default layout for me? and to put up on the Project..
  21. A screenshot would look ugly because the building height is generated per chunk, not per building. Most of the buildings are different heights mid building.
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    Marcos Cosmos

    Oh, I see x.x
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    I've tested some with city generator, feels free to look at this plugin I made, source and compile. It's infinite random buildings of different material, different height. Requires you to change a configuration in bukkit.yml :
    generator: Minecitycraft


    I can't remember in which state I left the project but you will probably need Spout.
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    Marcos Cosmos

    Hi o.o

    I'm not quite sure where your going with this post? I know that @Richard Robertson is having trouble with making the buildings generate properly across chunks, if you want to help out? Actually that's that only thing left to do before waiting for MC v1 and Spout 1.1. :3
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    I was just throwing this code for the taking if someone wanted to inspire from it. I didn't read the whole 5 pages of comments.
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    Marcos Cosmos

    Ah ok, well, I think we are beyond the point where that would be useful.. o.o, thanks though :3
  27. I never said I was having trouble. I just said I didn't touch that part yet.

    Well I did say I was having trouble with time, but that's an entirely different matter.
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    Marcos Cosmos

    I know, I'm just pulling your leg xD
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    Marcos Cosmos

  30. I forgot to actually write the configuration loading section. If you look at the code on Github you can look at the EndlessCityLayout class which has all the options.

    When I get home from work tonight, I'll try to write the file loader but no guarantees.

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