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    Marcos Cosmos

    Hi everyone, we're shifting over to our BukkitDev project, http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/keycraft
    And have opened up an IRC channel: #keycraft irc://apocalypse.esper.net

    Feel free to comment on the main page, or create a forum thread if you feel so inclined, though, any spam will be deleted and penalised of course.

    Marcos Cosmos

    Me and some friends are looking for 2 world generators for our server. One of which is overly complicated, so I'm not going to request that. Certainly not yet. The other is a fairly simple infinite city:
    What we want is a flat world at say, height 64 (but it's not too important), with the standard stuff beneath (ores and caverns etc), although it would be ideal if these were rarer, it's unimportant.

    Then, above that,

    an endless grid of street blocks, say 2x6 buildings per block. at the base of The End.

    where each building is 6x8 (6 on the side facing one another, 8 on the side facing the street) with 4-12 stories (ideally the height should range from 4-12 stories, but it's not that important). Consisting of smooth stone internally, and the layer on the outside (for each story) starting with 2 block high windows of glowstone, glass for now, this aspect is likely to be modified.. and then one block of stone brick between each floor, and for the roof. and each building is surrounded by a 1-wide border footpath of double stone slab (so the bottom story windows aren't below the path. (this will have a 2-wide footpath between buildings).

    between each street-block, are 8-block wide roads of cobblestone slab (so you don't have to jump onto the footpath.

    Once the world is generated. We would like a populator to be used to create some dead-ends where some buildings have collapsed and blocked-off the road. We are less picky about this aspect so long as the road-blocks cannot be simply jumped over and have less light.

    perhaps broken buildings have glass instead of glowstone windows and could appear as if they were broken off at an angle or sliced through and simply fell over the road? (But if you have a better idea than this I'd like to hear it :3)

    These road-blocks could be caused by broken buildings in say... one in every 6-12 street-blocks? (even better if configurable).

    here are some videos to explain the idea, this first video shows the city that I want to emulate slightly, at least in eeriness, for the bottom of the world.

    This second one shows the kind of effect and texture I want to achieve through the floating islands of the end.

    Thanks in advanced,
    Marcos Cosmos & Team KeyCraft
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    Too busy right now to do something like this,but yes,it's possible!
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    Marcos Cosmos

    That's what everybody has said (I've been doing pming, required slight nagging... lol). what peeves me though is that world generation seems to be one of those NP = P problems -.-. even a 8x6x3 space is too complicated to code quickly apparently, so I'm not surprised by your business.

    Anyway, thanks for the reply!
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    Well,i would use schematics (like the McEdit ones),and just put them in randomly!
    And i really am busy,lol,with a plugin that's similar to your idea,in a way...
    It's called RPGWorld,it will spawn randomly generated cities (huge cities) with loads of cool stuff to do! ^^
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    Marcos Cosmos

    No not randomly. THE ENTIRE WORLD. I'm pretty sure that's in the info..

    Therefore. Could I have a segment of your plugin. And then there are a few chests & signs to randomly add on later. (plus fountain round-abouts but that's much less urgent)
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    No,i mean...i would have something like 10 schematics of different building,and then just cycle through them randomly, for example,there would be building 3,then 7,then 8,that 1,etc.
    It would look amazing!
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    Marcos Cosmos

    That's exactly what I want! (almost, cept all skyscrapers ofcourse) Lol. I just simplified it so that someone would pick the damn thing up.

    The full plugin I want is here, but I don't expect the underworld one, or ravines..

    Edit: It doesn't mention a populator for signs or cover the dead ends as well as this BUT it mentions additional things. (the signs will have to wait until spoutcraft permits custom items)

    btw the city i'm trying to replicate is here:


    (I want it to be an entire world for sure though)
  8. Something else that might help, to build a couple example buildings and show screenshots. That way it's easier to understand the building design.

    I may even tackle the world that never was if I can find the time...
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    Oh my god, this is a genius idea!
    I would do it, but I'm not sure how. The best I can do is a flatmap. D:
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    Hello chaps!
    Here's the source code for WorldFeatures if anyone wants to take from it (it's pretty straight-forward): http://dl.dropbox.com/u/36326695/WorldFeatures.zip

    I am very busy with a couple other projects, but I will take on this one if no one else can.
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    Marcos Cosmos

    World features is something I was most definitely looking for aswell... (struggling to accept just how hard coding a structure from scratch is lol, and why it hasn't changed) I assume the .schematics can be used to generate the code of structures for use in a standard world gen plugin? :p

    My brains a little fried from just taking a an advanced math exam when I'm not really able to handle that much math at once yet... too many things to remember and apply at once.. not enough study...

    Uhm. I'm sure I want to say something in relation to this plugin too I just cant seem to get it off the tip of my tongue... x.x
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    The code for .schematic loading that I use could be easily edited for use in the plugin you want. I think the hardest part of coding this would be the ore populator and deciding where buildings spawn and how their locations are saved.
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    Marcos Cosmos

    Lol, I want buildings to spawn on a fixed grid, (in fact, for all seeds, to make adding signs and stuff in future populators MUCH easier :p), 0,0 could be the middle of a road intersection?

    Edit: I'm afraid I don't know much about how worlds are saved.. so you'd have to explain that to me a little :confused:

    The ore populator, you could use any standard one, and lower the world height if you wanted...

    I WAS going to perhaps (eventually, not soon) use the space below the city for a Castle Oblivion infinite layout, but trust me. castle oblivion is majorly complicated and doesn't obey the laws of nature.. most of it is whitespace or transparent hexagonal floor which you miraculously can walk on. It's got many complicated shapes and stuff, and would involve spout to add custom blocks... I intend to make it a bright maze. But for now, you could lower the height of the city xD

    Edit: or just use a standard ore generator and leave the city height... it's not intended for ore mining.

    Also, what about scattering chests with loot in them around (single item, but potentially stacked), and ofcourse, dead ends, would that be as hard? :confused:
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    That shouldn't be too hard.
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    Marcos Cosmos

    Sweet! So uhm.. would you kindly take it up? :3, and if so, do you have a release ETA? (given that your busy, it'd be nice to have an idea. :p)
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    That's tough... like I said, I am very busy with other plugins, so it will probably take a while. Maybe in 2-3 weeks I will have most of it complete, but that's just a guess.
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    Marcos Cosmos

    Alrite, thanks, I'll keep this open to anyone who thinks they have the time to do it sooner, but none the less, thanks in advanced! :p

    ooo what other stuff are you working on?
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    Anywho, your plugin doesn't seem too hard to code for: like I said, I will just have a lack of time between coding the other two, pleasing people who want stuff added in my older plugins, and school work.
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    Marcos Cosmos

    I see I see, thanks again :p

    Ooo I could probably use mineconquer.. so long as I could have an event that takes the player out of that starter world and well, once they leave they dont return... but all their items are stored in portable chests? :confused:

    Yeah, not needing it for awhile though.. O;

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    Erm BananaGen already does this :3
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    There ya go! This takes a load off of my shoulders and he won't accuse me of stealing his code! Win win!
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    Marcos Cosmos

    Nu I just went and tried it. it does NOT at all. It could quite likely be modified to do it. But it would require java experience far greater than mine. The only 'building' it has now is a fountain, quite smaller than the fountains I want anyway ._. (I also looked at the source days ago, it IS the only 'building', and it's far from what I want D;
    Plus. I don't want streetlights because the buildings will have glowstone enough to light the place.

    I'm very picky about this setup because its for an rpg server.. even if a plugin that almost does it, I would still want it modified. (that's what I expected to able to do in the first place, before I made this request!)
    Though I would expect the original to get credit of course..
    @codename_B you really need to read the first post properly D;
    I'm sure modifying bananagen and of course, giving credit shouldn't take to long? :3
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    If I'm going to do it, it will be from scratch just like all the rest of my plugins.
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    Marcos Cosmos

    Reinventing the wheel much? But kk, so long as it works. I think it might need to be from scratch anyway, in order to have all seeds share the grid. (Might even try have a castle populate around spawn sometime.. so being able to predict the shape around 0,0 and the have people spawn nearby would be key), though spawning can be controlled fine with existing plugins.

    So yeah, sounds good to me xD
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    Yeah, I like to do it that way since it teaches me pretty well (except in the case of ore populators: I caved in to other people's code for that). MineConquer mixed with WorldFeatures should give me a lot of the code I need.
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    Marcos Cosmos

    Alright.. you think it'd possible to facilitate additions to the populator through config specifications and using schems so i dont have to req additions? Or would it be easier just to req additions as needed? :p
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    Marcos Cosmos

    Bleh... is there anyone who thinks there's a chance they could make enough for even a preview version or something before the end of the month?.... or within a fortnight? D;
  29. If you make an area as an example (so I can see the structure of the building) I can make something quick and dirty.

    I asked for a screenshot earlier but I guess you missed it.
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    Marcos Cosmos

    Oh! mkies, I could probably make a schematic :p

    @Richard Robertson
    Err, I realise now how long its going to take to get the core schematic. we might try and make a communal effort... glowstone doesnt work for the look... so I need to work out another method of lighting that would fit the grid. xD, I'll get back to you...

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