[WGEN] Bananapocalypse 1.0 - it's the end of the world as you know it [1000]

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    it's the end of the world as you know it

    Download 1.0

    This plugin was created as a result of me messing with different layerings and ways of layering octave generators - it's got a few populators mixed in but the vast majority of it is done by my new understanding of these (thanks @Nightgunner5 for putting up with me last night)

    If you do not know how to configure the bukkit.yml - do not bother using this plugin! Do not bother posting support requests asking how to use bukkit.yml here - do not pm me asking me about bukkit.yml unless you are willing to pay me to do it for you. TL;DR - DONT ASK ME ABOUT BUKKIT.YML


    - 30/07/2011 - 1.0 - released with screenshots
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    That looks like it'd just be a matter of importing a few algorithms over. I mean if there was cashy money involved I could have it all in a week or so depending on how my personal work schedule goes, but otherwise it's put on the to-do list and will get looked at when I have the time lol.
    I wish I was too :p
  3. So... I should shut up and go to sleep? :D
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    Sorry for asking a noob question, but does grass generate at all? Just wonderin :p
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    a link to a tutorial on the bukkit.yml file might be nice. Or maybe a tutorial on how to set up this plugin. I notice it doesn't make any config files.
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    i guess you could always spawn a grass block and let that spread across all the dirt.

    not sure what you would need to config :/

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    oh. Just the part on
    world name
    generator type
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    thats on the bukkit.yml tho
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    I never saw it. weird. xD
    Alright, well I was able to copy it in from a post by someone else having issues as well. lol.
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    Ya the "world:" stuff isn't in the default bukkit.yml so you have to add it in manually :) it's very simple tho :D
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    @Nightgunner5 @codename_B It's not working with 1185 :(

    EDIT: Nvm. It works, but can it be more configurable? :3
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    this doesn't work for me it doesn't make a realy hard to survive world
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    Ooo, chunk generation costs would be a great plugin - if only it supported major economy plugins. I use BOSEconomy.
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    I apologize if someone already asked this, I skimmed and didn't see it. What plugin are you using for that minimap? It looks awesome.
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    my bukkit.yml doesn't have all those world options, could you post a link to were I could find a full bukkit.yml?
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    Is it multiworld supportive?
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    wuts teh bukkit.yml? reply plox
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    this is quite interesting. what can be found in this world?

    your a developer and you don't know what it is

    its a file in the main directory of your server. you can use it to make worlds according to a specific generator. you would add these lines to the bottom of the .yml

    - Bananapocalypse

    i think. dont take my word for it

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    He was making a joke...:p

    I laughed :D
    @Walker Crouse
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    you add them yourself
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    whats the actual name of the generator of this plugin. its not working when i try to generate using multiverse

    EDIT: nvm, i just restarted and it works fine. I spawned on a dead tree
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    nice plugin love these type, but one question any possible way to make more ores? like not in the "monster area"
    just some ores (not that many) around the world?
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    i wish i knew how to move stuff from a world to a new one so i can use one of these world generators or would it work by just simply adding the world generater to the server? I am using avante hosting please help
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    Hey @codename_B , I'm getting a sneaky error on the 1337 build. There's an area players can't enter without triggering an internal server error, and when they've entered the area, they can't log on anymore (just shows the internal error and disconnects them) I'll show you my log.

    installed plugins:
    WeatherRestrictions (can't have wasteland without explosive thunderstorms), NoSpawnChunks, Bananapocalypse, WorldBorder

    This all happened while i was walking around the map to pre-generate it. I also attempted to fill in the world with /wb fill (using a 1250 block border) and it breaks down at about 70% percent completion, presumably because it encounters something similar to this. (don't have the log entry for this, sorry)
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    Hey I had a question for you,
    is it possible to make a plugin wich doesn't affect the generation of the world but changes the blocks it uses? The diea comes from etho on youtube but I want something so I can say the nether is created out of grass in stead of netherrack,...

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    Could you do that? or give me a guide where I can find out? I know java, I've never programmed plugins before though but it seems cool if it's possible, where did you learn your plugin stuff??

    zip =)
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    Hey nice job on this, i used your plugin to make a apocalypse survival server. U should add like little oasis's that have like a 0.001% change of spawning every chunk... it would be nice to see sugarcane/seeds/grass etc.
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    What ores are spawned using this plugin?
    Edit: Is there strongholds? and monster dungeons? Im gonna look now.

    No :/ Is there a way to add populater to a plugin? I've only ever done it to my own plugins.
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    As you know this is now inactive due to not being maintained if it is on Bukkitdev or you wish to revive it tag me.

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