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    BananaMaze - An infinite dungeon maze to explore!
    Version: v0.2
    Contributors: (In order of first appearance) PassivePicasso, codename_B, Nightgunner5, SpaceManiac

    Exploring caves in Minecraft is fun and all, but it's an untouched world - only you have ever been there (at least in pre-1.8) and there are no awesome ruins. Sure, the nether is awesome, but you might be looking for somewhere a little cooler.

    BananaMaze creates an infinite dungeon of ruins that you can explore as much as you want. There are even some torches left over from the previous explorers. Just be careful of the ceiling - it's a bit leaky.

    Also, if you want the texture pack used in the screenshots, it's free, courtesy of the Painterly pack.

    If you just want a dungeon world and you already have a way to teleport into it, just install the plugin normally. There is no configuration.
    If you want to make your default world a dungeon world or you want multiple dungeons, add the following to your bukkit.yml:
        world: # This is for the default world
             generator: BananaMaze
        dungeon_2: # Add an extra dungeon
             generator: BananaMaze

    • Infinite
    • Plug-and-play
    • GLaDOS emergency shutdown and cake dispensary
    • Torches come standard
    • Explosives used in generation process
    • Pools of water, lava, or root beer
    • Unpatched ceiling (slightly worn)
    • Crumbling walls
    • Pumpkins, Jack-O-Lanterns, and spider webs give a Halloween feel
    • Chests full of goodies
    Download - Contribute - Source

    Version 0.2
    • Added chests
    • Added pumpkins and Jack-O-Lanterns
    • Added moss generator
    • Added spider webs
    Version 0.1.1 (69 downloads)
    • Bugfix from SpaceManiac
    Version 0.1 (5 downloads)
    • Initial release
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    Think I could view the entire source code ? May help in trying to narrow down the error.
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    Have you managed to get this working yet?
  4. Not yet I've been busy. I'm gonna take another crack at it today and I'll post the source as well.
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    hey there, i tried this,
    and i got the feeling i did something wrong..
    how do i fix this? ..

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    That'll be awesome, thanks.
    Can you post your config file?
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    where is the config file?
    ugh im such a noob..
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    Plugins > AncientCave > config.yml
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    Ancient cave? there only is a Bananamaze map
    wich does not contain any Config's either.. :s
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    Ah, I thought you downloaded heylookoverthere' dungeon plugin.
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    does that mean, im scrued
    or, my map?
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    I might use this. It looks pretty fun! :D
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    when i install this plugin, it creates the dungeon world, and i attempt to tp to it using multiverse but it just says Internal Error Has Occurred or w/e that error is. So in other words, I can't tp to the world, but I don't want to set my default world to the dungeon thing cause of all the stuff in it that would be lost, so can I change any other worlds into dungeons?
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    I installed this plug-in but when I go around in the chests and i grab tools/armor from a chest when they get used they just disappear. I read some and they are saying its some sort of bug, I'm not all into the coding of plug-ins. Any solution to this bug?
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    did you import the dungeon world with mverse before you tried to tp there?
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    no, but i decided against using the world, its not as exciting as i thought. also its not actually infinite, i flew around it in singleplayer and it ended :/ and with all that, its not even a maze really, a lot of the rooms are cut off from the rest of the maze, so doesn't really make it a maze. so yea, im not using this.
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    please please update for 1.8 :)

    And also is it dark enough that mobs still spawn?

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  18. Chest full of goodies, like full of diamonds and shit i saw in 1 maze plugin? :D
    also is the area protected so no1 can steal it?
    also should i make new world with dimension door for it?
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    this plugin just screwed up my main world, half of the map is the dungeon when i didn't even do anything to it with this plugin, just generated the world and thats it. Don't even use it anymore, but out of nowhere, the whole half of the map just turns into a dungeon. Anyway i can turn it back, or is it screwed?
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    Installed this plugin, started a new world with it -- worked like a charm. Well done. The only hitch was that I spawned on TOP of the maze, but that's a known bug in minecraft, not in bukkit nor in your code.

    Feature request that will probably NEVER come true: multiple levels of dungeon, with stairs/ladders between them. Easiest to use fixed heights for the layers, and you don't need to insure the layers will interact, you just need a random 1/X00 chance of there being a ladder in any given room, and that will be plenty.

    Feature request that I hope will come true: tuneable settings for the dimensions & contents of rooms. Right now the rooms are pretty empty, with the odd pile of cobble, chest and scattered torches/cobwebs. Would love to be able to turn the knobs on the random number generators to get smaller & more convoluted rooms, or larger galleries, or darker rooms.

    Feature request that this mod probably needs: players who venture in this world will not see any food nor wood. Going to need a "farm" or "forest" room every X iterations just so players can find wheat and/or livestock.

    And just to show I'm not being an entitled whiner, here is a picture you can add to the screenshots for the plugin description. BananaMaze.example.png
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    Is the plugin still alive? New features? Update to 1.8? Very nice plugin :)
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    You removed my Cake dispenser?! AND the rootbeer?!?! The nerve of some people!

    Anyways its pretty epic, I saw it on another person's server (the prick claimed he made the plugin) BUUUUUUUT-It didn't work for me :( (I WAS running 1.0 though lol). Also a config would be nice. I don't want a: ceiling, chests, torches, pumpkins, or lava. If you could make a config with true/false for that stuff and a spot asking for item id's for the walls and floor, that'd be great.
    i didn't read the ealier posts, I see someone made a version with a config. I'll try it out.
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    if i may ask this I want to have a world where its just this maze how would i do that would i just add the little thing you said to my bukkit.yml but for that certain world?
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    my server is now using this plugin and its awesome [diamond][diamond][diamond][diamond][diamond] from me to u!
    wanna see < server ip.

    Good work and i keep and update this when there come updates this is a must have for every server!
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    Hey, I love the banana plugins and I was wondering if you could add support for this plugin that's become inactive.
    It's a world generator plugin that generates a maze which contains triggered mob spawns and treasure chests.
    There were 3 different levels of difficulty and whenever everyone left the "Dungeon" the chests rooms would reset and such. I was hoping for another plugin developer to take it over, but no one has. And I thought, what better developers to ask than TeamBanana? (Or whatever you group call yourselves :p)

    Point is, the plugins with "Banana" in the beginning of them are really good, and it be great if you could make the plugin above even better :D

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    hey, is there any chance that someone here could adapt this into a custom generator for Multiverse?
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    Errr not to sound like a dumbass but how do you jump to this world?

    Using multiverse and no matter what world type i make it its too light and doesn't look to good because of it.
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    I doubt im the first to suggest this (i couldnt see any other comments about it) but the entire thing does look amazing, and BIG (duh, its infinit) but the rooms seem a bit empty, which i do understand since you dont want the player to get SO confused he wont even leave the room, but maybe you could add somthing like hidden passageways, levers that could open to a chest or drop lava on you, ect. i know youve probably taken everything ive said into consideration when you first made it, but it sorta just feels like going through empty monster infested rooms. maybe add different floors? like levels... idk. i dont mean to sound complainy or anything like that, i really think this is a favorite plugin of mine :)
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    Is there a update for 1.2.4
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    I'm using it on a 1.2.5 server right now.
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