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    BananaMaze - An infinite dungeon maze to explore!
    Version: v0.2
    Contributors: (In order of first appearance) PassivePicasso, codename_B, Nightgunner5, SpaceManiac

    Exploring caves in Minecraft is fun and all, but it's an untouched world - only you have ever been there (at least in pre-1.8) and there are no awesome ruins. Sure, the nether is awesome, but you might be looking for somewhere a little cooler.

    BananaMaze creates an infinite dungeon of ruins that you can explore as much as you want. There are even some torches left over from the previous explorers. Just be careful of the ceiling - it's a bit leaky.

    Also, if you want the texture pack used in the screenshots, it's free, courtesy of the Painterly pack.

    If you just want a dungeon world and you already have a way to teleport into it, just install the plugin normally. There is no configuration.
    If you want to make your default world a dungeon world or you want multiple dungeons, add the following to your bukkit.yml:
        world: # This is for the default world
             generator: BananaMaze
        dungeon_2: # Add an extra dungeon
             generator: BananaMaze

    • Infinite
    • Plug-and-play
    • GLaDOS emergency shutdown and cake dispensary
    • Torches come standard
    • Explosives used in generation process
    • Pools of water, lava, or root beer
    • Unpatched ceiling (slightly worn)
    • Crumbling walls
    • Pumpkins, Jack-O-Lanterns, and spider webs give a Halloween feel
    • Chests full of goodies
    Download - Contribute - Source

    Version 0.2
    • Added chests
    • Added pumpkins and Jack-O-Lanterns
    • Added moss generator
    • Added spider webs
    Version 0.1.1 (69 downloads)
    • Bugfix from SpaceManiac
    Version 0.1 (5 downloads)
    • Initial release
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    Update category to [WGEN]
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    I have a bug. any tools from the dungeon break after its first use.
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    This is also true for my server we're using this on. Although I have everything else running great so far. Love this plugin and can't wait to see what else you add. Hoping for configs for stuff like chest frequency/contents.
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    looks fun:) going to have to try it!

    "GLaDOS emergency shutdown and cake dispensary" lol! [cake]
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    can anyone confirm or has my map generated wrong the dungeon in the dungeon world is only like 400x400 then its just a normal world for the rest, is this right?
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    You should make chest contents configurable. I want slimeballs to be seeded
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    Getting the same, also the food spawned from it is infinite food, you eat it, it restores health, but doesn't get used up. Comparing this to normal crafted food, the data values are different, but I can't really explain that. Looking in "ChestRestock" since I set all of the chests I could find as restocking, the data values are 0, but for food I manually put in, the data values are 1... I can't really leave this open on my server as it is. This might also be the number of them. I can't be sure on that one. I don't exactly know what all is in that plugin. But if the amount of them was set to 0, it would make sense.

    I am also getting this one. I think it might be my world warp plugin, but I am not sure. What multiworld plugin are you using to get there? I may have to restore the map and take it out of the world warp settings.

    Lastly, yes. I think that if bananamaze had native chest configuration and the ability to auto restock chests (with different loot preferably) then it would be pretty much perfect. I want to be able to just set my players free in the dungeon, but right now I am having some issue with that.
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    Does the world it generates use all of the 128 height? or is there a surface like the regular maps?
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    I use Multiverse + stargates
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    Yeah, WorldWarp + Stargates myself. It might be that our plugins are trying to render the world because well, they are set to "normal" and all. Who knows... but I'll figure it out eventually. The only problem is, you need -some- way of getting there to start with.
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    I'm also having the trouble with normal world being generated beyond a certain point. WXW+wormholeXtreme

    I noticed also that the dungeon seems to take up the bottom 30 or so of the world. Could it be made multilevel? That would be great to use with custom difficulty or another plugin that lets you increase spawn rates/health with depth.
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    Some official word on this and the chests spawning invalid items would be nice.
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    Sounds like an interesting plugin. I'll give it a try and get back on how well xCraftGate plays with this.

    Charredit: Works fine with xcg (after I spent a good few minutes figuring out how to get xcg to reference a new imported world. Derp). I'll see if it starts generating a normal world beyond a certain point a bit later.
    All in all, I'm highly impressed by this plugin. Has a lot of potential to be great.
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    WAY too easy. You need to add spawners >.<
  16. Great plugin. I'll echo the calls for configuration options/spawners/multilevels. It's annoying cause most mobs seem to spawn on top of the dungeon and not inside it. I covered the top with bedrock on my server but it's not an ideal solution.
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    is there any way to stop jack o lanterns/pumpkins from being generated? Maybe an option to change what blocks are used in generation?
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    hmm my server wont detect the plugin
    any other have the same problem
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    First off, for the people who are having this plugin generate normal land after a certain radius, you cannot add this dungeon with /mvimport or anything like that. It will force the normal land generator on it. Instead, just let the plugin manage this world, you will have no such problems.

    Nightgunner, awesome plugin! One important bug is every item that is found in a chest in the dungeon world seems to be an infinite stack. Worldguard does not seem to detect and remove them either.

    Perhaps you can give us a cfg for the generator, and let us select a certain % of chests will be turned in to mob spawners?

    Also, a few different chunk types like lava pool step stone maze, lava pool, large gaping chasm, etc would be cool. I don't know how specific you can be, or if you're more just stylizing noise.

    Can you just make the ceilings up to the world height? I have a magic plugin and people are teleporting up there. Or if not, make a second layer of features on the roof for those who think they are sneaky. Perhaps a smattering of ghasts and such?
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    i noticed that with the roof too (using /blink). if the roof was like 8 blocks thick i think that would stop it from working for the most part (though blink is configurable so i bet you could set it to teleport you through that too if you set it up right) might also be cool if the roof was at the height limit and there were more layers of dungeon underneath it for compulsive diggers. hmm i wonder if i could set up an inception link to this world so if you dug deep enough from a normal map you could inception into this infinite dungeon...that would be awesome.

    i would also like to see a cfg with options like torch amount and chest contents/frequency. on my tests there were too many torches and barely any monsters. in the screenshots its nice and dark but i didnt encounter any areas like that.
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    Emiya Shirou

    And i I want to make my existing world located in world folder alone and make a dungeon out of this then what I'm suppose to do? Assuming this created an entire new map, how will ill be able to go there? (or my players, btw. we don't use any permission system)
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    I added the plugin to the plugin folder, and when I ran the server it created the "dungeon" world. It imports it into Multiverse too. However when I try to /mvtp dungeon, it says "An internal error occurred while attempting to perform this command." How exactly does one get to the dungeon world? It always throws errors.
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    It isnt in multiverse until you do /mvimport BUT DONT DO THAT because the world generator will stop the dungeon generator from working. Do /dungeon I think it is. There's some command to warp to the dungeon.
  24. @Nightgunner5

    Any chance to turn off the auto-creating of a 'dungeon' world (or at least make it a command like /gendungeon)? There are now a bunch of plugins that support custom generators.

    Fantastic plugin otherwise, spent a good portion of time tonight slacking off exploring it.
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    I imported the world, after it was generated using /mvimport dungeon normal

    I then used /mvtp to teleport there and I used the /setwarp (from essentials) to set a warp location inside the world.
    I did /mvremove dungeon, deleted all the files in the dungeon directory, reloaded the server and after it finished booting up, used /warp to teleport inside and it worked.

    Hopefully we can get a command like a previous poster suggested suchas /dungeon to teleport into the dungeon world!

    Also, having a day/night cycle is bad if every room inside the dungeon is going to have holes in the ceiling. Is there a way to possibly bedrock the ceiling that way it will not be affected by the time?

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    How exactly does this work? Does it generate random Ruins underground? or just replace the cave system?

    How would you find them in a new world?

    How would you find them in an already existing world?
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    its a whole new world/map. you need a way to get from one map to another (like multiverse or similar, though those seem to come with the problems mentioned above).
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    So if I made a compleatly new world folder, and loaded this, I would still need multiverse to get to it?
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    making this your default world is covered in the top post :)
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    For anyone interested, this should fix the issue with infinite stacks and breaking items. All loot will be stacks of 1, sorry. I'm a complete java newb, only knew enough to fix it this way.

    I don't know the rules/etiquette of this stuff, hope it's cool that I post this.
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    @Zalastri If it works, good enough for me.

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