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Discussion in 'Staff Goodbyes' started by mrCookieSlime, Aug 14, 2016.

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    Ha, so I have been shirking from doing this for a while now.
    This is basically me saying that I am leaving the Bukkit Forums Staff Team.
    I stopped playing Minecraft, I even stopped developing Bukkit Plugins two months ago as well and I haven't really been very active on these forums for the past few months either.

    I don't really have all this passion for Minecraft, it's community and the Bukkit community anymore.
    I guess in some way you could say... I got older, in a metaphorical way of course, as you can never be too old to play Minecraft or to enjoy such a lovely community. But as time passes, we start to change and so do our interests.

    And I have changed a lot, some may still know me as this passionate coder who always replies and takes every suggestion into account as fast as he can. But well, most of you will probably remember me as that constantly annoyed guy who always has to state that he is not in the mood of talking to you or just not replying at all and avoiding any form of communication regarding his plugins, some of you may even not remember me at all, because I haven't been that active for a while.

    Well, I really lost the passion for it, questions about my plugins, especially pretty obvious ones, started to annoy me, I was slightly getting more and more annoyed and unfriendly, I didn't really liked answering the same questions over and over again. I didn't have the time to reply to every single comment either, so I was basically hiding from you, pretending I wasn't there. And I want to apologise for this.

    So yeah, although I have changed, my interests are still deeply anchored in the gaming community, I am currently working on two Games, one for Android, one for Windows, which I make videos about on my youtube channel.
    This is my new passion, I was always passionate about creating worlds, as a kid I was playing with LEGO, at the pc I was playing with Minecraft, then I started programming and created my own mods, later I made plugins and now I am making entire games out of thin air. I love working on these projects and love replying to messages about those as well, but sadly 99% of all my youtube comments are still "When will you release plugin xyz?"... Even though I made a youtube video about me retiring from plugin development...

    But yeah, game development is where it's leading me now, at the beginning of the year I also worked at a game studio (which I wont name here) as an intern and learned a lot of things, especially about databases and xml documents, because well, Im the intern, you know... and noone else wants to do those things xD

    Besides my new passion and the lost passion about Minecraft and Bukkit there is also always this little part of a gamer's life called "real life". I am currently very busy in real life and don't have much time to spend online anyway. And I hope you will understand that I want to spend this few time on things I love and am passionate about.

    But just because I don't enjoy this forum moderation anymore and don't have the time for it either, it doesn't mean that it has been a bad time. it has been a great one, all the other staff was very nice, we had a fun time and my overall experience was unforgettable. So before leaving, I would like to thank

    and @bwfcwalshy of course.

    And before I leave, I want to let you know one thing:
    Not every day is saturday.
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  2. Despite knowing this was going to happen it still makes me sad seeing another member leaving. Good luck Cookie, you have been making a lot of progress on City Growth and I know you will continue to make it better and better. There isn't much that can be said that hasnt on all the other threads in this section, so yeah, live long and prosper!
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    Well goodbye cookie! You'll be missed.

    Don't interpret that in the wrong way..
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    See ya @mrCookieSlime, trying to make a Slimefun addon was the reason I started learning to code, so basically you are the reason I'm on Bukkit. Thanks.
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    Aww... that's sad! Sorry to see you go. have a nice life ;3;
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    You'll be missed! You've made some really amazing stuff, and I often use it as learning material because it's just really good!

    Good luck!
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    So... it was great to see you begin that active on Bukkit and now you leave. S.A.D.
    Will you release ChestTerminals :)
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    Are you telling me that you don't get older? What kinda sorcery is this?
  9. German sorcery.
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    My name's Captain Jack Harkness.
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    Moved you to Retired Staff - sorry that took so long. I'd say it was because we just didn't want to see you go... but more like just too busy. :]

    Even though I got here afterwards, still want to say thanks for holding down the fort :D
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