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Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by CoolV1994, Mar 12, 2014.

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    To everyone who wants a well-balanced economy using Essentials Econ, I have decided to share my worth.yml.
    I used MEM (Minecraft Economy Manager) to calculate to prices.
    Items are listed in numerical order buy item ID. Above each item is a comment with it's Bukkit Enum Name.
    Items with Metadata are listed, priced, and named accordingly.
    This makes a pretty good Item ID List as well :)

    Price Format
    Without Metadata
    # Item Name​
    ID: Price​
    With Metadata
    #Item Name​
    # Metadata Name​
    Meta: Price​


    Prices and IDs only / No Comments

    Hope someone found this useful.
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    Thanks a lot CoolV1994 this helps a lot.
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    Your welcome, just so you know I re uploaded the price list.
    It now includes all of the potions and limits the ability to sell tools with over 1 damage.
    Example: Before you could sell an iron sword that is about to break for the price of a brand new one.
    Just use metadata accordingly.
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