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    This was based on [WEB] Webstatistic for Minecraft v1.10b [1337]. However 95% of the code has been changed leaving basicly some of the CSS, and only the idea of the previous project. It has been developed with the mindset of being made into a WordPress or phpWiki or any good website project that has an installer, login, admin page, and many goodies.

    The previous thread is found here. I have updated the code substantially since v3.1. There are still bugs in the code but v4.0 should be ready by the end of May 2015. You can still download the code on github I am just not endorsing it as bug free.

    Webstatistic for Minecraft is shortened to WS in the following text:

    For issue, suggestion, source code, and other content go HERE



    Demo site may or may-not be up and running HERE

    For issue, suggestion, source code, and other content go HERE

    Vote For The Plugin. HERE

    I Want to see it!!!HERE

    Cool Links To Use
    Achievement Maker
    Database Converter

    What's "Webstatistic for Minecraft"?

    Every minecraft server admin, at some point would like to host some statistics for the users on their website. This will prompt players on the server to compete with each others scores, or just view the information about them (e.g. who destroyed the most cobblestone blocks). They can use it as a system to determine prices, or just to have an overview to compare stuff with each other. If there are plug-ins WS should support in future, the plug-in must be MySQL based, and if there are enough requests.

    What you mean with "modular system" ?

    These are plug-ins that anyone can create and throw into the modules folder to view any MySQL data or other forms of data that is provided. At this time there are some areas that require more then just creating ("functions.php, config.php, and api.php"), later down you will see information on how to create your own plug-in extension. WS supports any plug-in which collects data with MySQL. The following plug-ins are already supported:

    What are the requirements of WS?

    - A website.
    - PHP (tested with v5.2.5 and above) * not know now
    1. PHP GD - For linux users, 'sudo apt-get install php5-gd' then restart apache.
    2. PHP Curl - For linux users, 'sudo apt-get install php5-curl' then restart apache.
    3. Your INI file shows variables_order = "GPCS", however we would like it to be "EGPCS"
    - MySQL

    And for the noobs use xampp *as seen below

    - XAMPP ~ sets up everything for you.
    - EasyPHP ~ sets up everything for you.
    - Ping MOTD ~ Plugin that seems to never brake, try it out.
    - PHPMyAdmin ~ Allows for use of MySQL commands from the browser anywhere in the world.
    1~Extract the zip file in your webserver directory *most likely
    2~The fallowing directories need write permission of (chmod 777) !
    3~Open the location to website.com/{Webstats location} This will auto start a config installation. If you do not want or cannot create a admin login and password while using the "Lets's go!" button back at the main start page click "I'll pass and lose a lot of options button".
    4. If you use apache I have created a ".htaccess" file that blocks hot-linking. You will need to edit it with the name of your website

    1. RewriteCond %{HTTP_REFERER} !^http://(.+\.)?mrplows-server\.tk/ [NC]

    1. RewriteCond %{HTTP_REFERER} !^http://(.+\.)?google\.com/ [NC]
    *Suggest the use of PHPMyAdmin. If you cannot make an admin username and password from the website access your MySQL. Create a database named of something of your choice I seggest WebStats. Open on your backend file system \{location of the WebStats files}\include\sql.sql and use this code in whatever way you are able to add. Then you can add all the variables -- located in the sql.sql file -- you would like to a SQL string. Do note that the password has to be MD5 so you will need to suround the password in the SQL string with MD5('password'). And lastactive and lastlogin uses this format2013-07-04 10:22:47. Format for rank is going to be 1.

    To create your own plug-in extension you will need to have at lease the following:
    1: A folder with a relative name to your Minecraft plugin or some other type of project you would like to add. This will pe created in the modules folder located from the root of the folder.
    2: 3 folders name "api", "config", and "include" will required.
    3: Inside the api folder you will need to create a file named "api.php", then add in
    1. <?php include('modules/{name of the plugin}/include/functions.php');include('modules/{name of the plugin}/config/config.php');?>
    along with any other plugins you would like to tie into.
    4: Inside the config folder you will need to create a file named "config.php", then add in
    1. <?php define('WS_CONFIG_NoMySQL', false);?>
    and change to true if you are not using MySQL.
    5: Inside the include folder you will need to create a file named "functions.php", then add in any php code that you would like to use as functions to be called in the index.php file.
    6: Create a "index.php" and add functions and other data and any css you would like for this plugin.
    7: Do a pull request to WebStats, and I will add the rest.

    • Add a chat system connecting to the game, and linking that persons name to the ip tracker.
    • Option for Photo "banner reload" with server online stats.
    • Remove The Achievements Tab and Move It To The Players Page With It Grayed Out and Not Showing The Requirements Until The Player Unlocks The Achievement
      • Add Rest Of ID's
    • Add InventorySQL ~ GitHub
    • BeardAch ~ GitHub
    • BeardStat ~ GitHub
    • Add HawkEye ~ GitHub
    • Add Statistician v2.0 ~ GitHub
      • Add Smart Phone Support * iPhone, Android.
    • Added On/Off for Player Page Plug-ins, this is dynamic with your selection from the installer.
    • Add User login to make an about me page for their account, along with some other features. Will work on in version 4.1

    Current Pending Update

    Will Not Add:

    -Achievement, since it does not support craftbukkit build 2126
    -Logblock, since it does not support craftbukkit build 2126 * works now but will take time to review.
    Last output version:

    Latest beta:

    What Browser Does This Work With?
    *At least... Please Post otherwise. Thank You.
    This is using HTML5 in some areas, but the main areas are not so that everyone can view.
    - IE9+, Firefox 1.5+, Opera 8+, Safari 3+, Chrome 0.2+
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    I like your demo of this! I will have to try it out when I get the chance and see if I can get it working for me ;-)
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    Thanks! If you encounter any problems with it post an issue on GitHub so I can fix it. I'm in the process of adding support for Stats 3. If you have any plugin you would like for me to work on next or update the code for let me know. I don't have an idea of working plug-ins since I was inactive for over a year. The current code on github will only be fixing problems so the latest is the best. when you create the config file via the installer or the sample config make sure you add $theme='default'; to it if it's not there. I have yet to update the sample config and installer.
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    You said "If you have any plugin you would like for me to work on next or update the code for let me know." I am wondering, what do you mean exactly? Add support to Webstatistic for Minecraft for it? What exactly do you mean?
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    As in whatever server plugin you use that also uses MySQL. e.g McMMO, Stats3... I can add the support to the website making a new module. Or you could make it yourself and push an update to github if you like what i'm doing. I'm going to try and make this project allow for a lot of changes by users. without having to change the core file at all.
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    Hmm, first real competitor to my webapp! The default themes looks very unclean though. You also require an achievements plugin and an economy plugin. I would change this if I were you. Apart from that, it defiantly has a future!
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