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    Plugin catagory: website administration

    Suggested name: WebsiteAdministrationPlus

    What I want: A plugin that will be a HTML code and in game. I want it so on my website there will be "Sign up" box you enter your user name and age, age is an option to put in. Then when they sign up on the server it will run the command /say " [player name that was entered] Has signed up! Aged [age or NA] it will also add them to whitelist. Also there will be another bit on the signup bit say referal and this is where you can get stuff for free :D What will happen is they will enter the players name that they refered and also how they. Refered the player and what there ign is. Then it will pop up on that players minecraft saying -players name- says he has refered you to this server, is this true? Type /wap true or /wap false if they type false nothing happens but if they try true the server runs /kit -playername- referal and that is changable in the essentials config. There will also be a config which lets you change what happens ect.

    Ideas for commands: explained above and /wap reload

    Ideas for permissions: wap.admin wap.referal.true wap.referal.false I think they are easy enough to explain.

    When I would like it for: As soon as possible
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    Super User

    You can't do that with HTML, you'll need PHP. Luckily I'm a PHP dev. If a Java developer is ready to do this. Then I am.
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    You could just use websend or JSONAPI instead of waiting for another developer.
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    Ok thanks! Cant wait for an ig dev to see this

    Is there a DEV out there somewhere wanting to do this??

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  5. Mitch_, use JSONAPI Plugin it's a realy good and complete plugin for your request.

    Super User can do a realy good PHP Administration for Minecraft with this librairie php, and the plugin bukkit of this librairie.

    For my all project server I was create a realy complete PHP Administration :) !
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    No they do not work for me. I would be over the moon if someone could code this along with Super User As he is willing to make the website part P.S I use weebly if that matters....I can change if needed.
  7. Do not work... ? explain your error ?
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    I dont get how it is supposed to work... Id rather someone just make this plugin
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    If no other plugin developers are doing this, I'd like to give it a go!
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    Super User

    I'm ready when you're all ready.
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    Skype or bukkit conver...?
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    Super User

    I'm actually in school right now. I live in America CST. I'm guessing you guys live on the other side of the world. Bukkit Conv it is.
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    Super User Thanks so much guys!!!!
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    I'd love to know when this project comes to completion. It is a fantastic idea. Thanks ahead of time for your work.

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