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Discussion in 'Bukkit Tools' started by cky2250, Feb 19, 2012.

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    If you give me a demo MySQL.
  2. 1.9 download leads you to a 404
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    ok I am uploading the new source.

    To all

    I am not going to be updating this project for some time now. I am board of this, I don't even play minecraft. And I have spent more money in making this then I get in total downloads. If you would like to start where I have left off, you will need to contact me. Licences are still in place.
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    Hmm it seems the only thing essentials uploads to a mysql is essentials protect, so I seems there is now eco sent there. Thanks anyway
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    Ok this plugin is active sort of. I am back to being the only person, I have added dynamic header photo with ping to the website(for most people it is also where the server is hosted so that is why it is done like so.) Has a status bar to the ping to show how good of a connection it is. MOTD of the server. Players online and max players. Custome font that is like minecraft.
  6. well reverted back to the old one after testing 1.9.5 There is still a lot of work to be done. The source is made so that everything must be enabled else half doesn't show. Also standard google ads and things like that...

    Sorry cky2250 but there is still a lot of work to be done here, until then I'll just modify my own code.
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    you need money? ;)
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    @HakkaH What are you sayig everything must be enabled? as in jobs mcmmo... or in the installer. If it is just the plugins. I can create code to delete the files not needed when you select the plugins wanted in the installer.

    Well I am in college so all the grades that I have been getting are due to me being addicted to coding.
    lol. So in effect I have been spending cash.

    ok i fixed the menu items not being removed when the plugin folder is deleted. I also added code so people do not need to delete it but in the config it will check to see if you have the plugin turned on. Sorry for the old release, that was due to me not finishing the code hence "source". But this still does not answer your question or mine, I just fixed code that had an error.

    What is this "The source is made so that everything must be enabled else half doesn't show"

    What do you mean by " Also standard google ads and things like that..."

    Just uploaded the new dynamic photo version, to use just set as text banner not image banner.

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    Could you pull player onlinetime from logblock? its the most accurate data I have of all players total onlinetime since I started server.
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    You are very lucky I still have a database for this plugin. I can see what I can do, I am still thinking on how to go about adding several of the same types of plugins, so that they do not get confused with each other. So far the best way is to just add stuff into the installer page.

    If you have any MySQL plugins that you still would like see in this project. Please report them in this forum. Thank you.

    ok just an update, I am re-doing the layout of the installer. I have added Jail plugin into the installer for latter, may be in next update. I have also added code to update the config file.

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    This is aimed at the owner/person who works on it:

    Hi There, I'm Myles from MCForums. I have some questions about this post:
    - You say you have 'lawyers'? Lets be technical you can't sue me really as the code is not 100% yours.
    - Please tidy up the main post as a viewer and coder it looks rather horrible and needs a fluent design (Make it not cluttered)
    - You have a target as "Raise enough money so I will have a server, to update all servers using this WS so that most of it will not have to be download again. LIVE UPDATES!", You don't even really need a server for live updates ;) Just have jQuery open update.php every 10 seconds which does file_get_contents on a version file!
    - Footer link? Yeah i understand you want credit but it doesn't make people want to get it if it has ads in the footer of your server really, Just as a tip!
    - The Design of the Plugin? Okay so i haven't downloaded the plugin as i have no use for it at this point in time, But after looking at the demo the design doesn't have much depth, Its very plain and the curved corners don't look very good(Try a digital effect? Using MC Font(CSS Custom Font ;))).
    - Are you looking for Web Programmers? I'm mainly a web programmer, Java isn't really my thing i've made a few mods but i'm a professional PHP, CSS and HTML programmer. Its fine if you aren't looking for anybody as i have other projects i can spend my time on. But if i was to be hired i'd be considered to recode the whole core to use classes, Add an updating system, Add Footer Protection, Add an Admin Area? and Interchangeable designs! Also the Language System looks inefficient and what you could do is use the lang files from the mc.jar and make a PHP interpreter for it(A Reader), So then blocks are already multi-language. Just an idea!

    Thanks for taking the time to read this, Even if you think its just rubbish lies, You know ;)

    Most of this is opinion, I understand i'm critical but that's how i improve.
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    Well really I can sue anyone braking the terms of use-- even if it is not my code(which it is now since the original owner had no License, Copyright, or terms of use. Other code I had permission given to me by the owner or has been stated publicly that it is open code). Anyone agrees to the terms upon downloading the project. It affects no-one unless they do not follow the terms. Which really is not a lot to ask, (no removing any documents linking to the project in the footer or COMERCIAL USE. Along with any changes available to me.) If the user does not like it they should not download this.

    And I am not hiring anyone. If people want to work for free any profit made will be given fairly.
    Do note that private messages should be sent to the user and not in a public forum.

    It has come to my attention there have been problems with the users and do not want the project for anyone. This project will now only be released privately, thanks to the few that have created problems. All old downloads have been whipped.

    Someone reported this as copyright material, and was investigated... guess what it returned as a no:). My guess this was MylesIsCool who if was forced me to have the downloads restricted, I will be viewing IP's that download the project for now on. Sorry, but not my fault.

    On the other hand I have added a new plugin support Jail. This will be in the next update. Many fixes to code that was overlooked. :)

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    would you guys like an API so everyone using stats can see each others. Allowing for a small sync so that new people may view your server.
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    hmm I wouldnt use it because I dont want to send my players to other servers x) but maybe Im alone with that oppinion..
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    ok before I add all these different versions of stats plugins out there. I will make a poll to see what one is used the most. Also I will work on non-stats first since they can be used by more people. Like the jail I have added.


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    1. What Plugin Would You Like To See?
    • Statistician
    • Hawkeye

    (Also used your link)
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    I have not finished the 2.0 updates. I am taking lots of hard classes right now, so I am just going to upload what is done. I was going to change the CSS. This may be 3 months untill a next update, if I have no life of work to do.
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    ok I have worked out some bugs when using xampp. So many errors will be gone. So I will rename this version to webstats 2.0 when I upload.
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    Download Link?
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    you click the download photo which takes you to my website to download.
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    Is there a user and pass I missed? Its asking for a User and pass
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    ok fixed that error
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    Once I get 1000 downloads far from. I will start to come back. Right now it is at 10.

    there were some errors in the pic creator still, I have fixed them. I will look for others then upload the fixes.

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    I have just thought of the best plugin to add...... PermisionsEx. :). When I get the time I will be adding this. Should be a fast add. This will allow people to view commands they can use and what rank they are.
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    If you are adding this sort of feature can you add permissionbukkit?

    also what is the best version to use from your download site?
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    If you have phperrors off in the php.ini just use v2.0. If you have it on. I will be uploading a new version soonish.

    ok the permissionsEx Demo Is on my website under any username. Tell me what to add or change.

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    Permissionbukkit does not have MySQL support. So I will be unable to add it. If you would request someone to build a java plugin for my project to hook into any plugin that would be appreciated. Or by requesting the Author PermissionsBukkit to support MySQL. And tell him it would allow for permissions data to be sent from server to server. versus on just one server.
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    I told him many times to add mysql support, but he is just working on permissionsbukkit if it totally breaks (i guess). I installed ur new version. Where can I configurate the database specific for modules? Because I am using different db's for different plugins :)
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    just copy and past the mysql info into the config of each folder you have a differnt database on. I am going to be making an admin page soon. But I am not wanting to code it. But will contain all the information needed. So if you know anyone or you that would help...:)
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