[Web] DynSig - Allow you players to have dynamic signatures

Discussion in 'Bukkit Tools' started by fletch_to_99, Aug 29, 2012.

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    With dynsig your users are able to create dynamic signatures to use in forums and other message boards. These signatures will always be updated with their latest ingame information!

    What You Get
    This is an example of dynsig out of the box (not customized, ip changeable in config): Currently being reuploaded.

    1. Install php-gd As found above
    2. Download the files: Currently being reupoaded
    3. Upload the files found in dynsig-web-basic to your webserver
    4. Modify the config.php with your servers IP.
    5. Modify the sig.png image with any image you with to have as the background. (768 x 90 px)
    6. If you know PHP feel free to modify the code however you like to create your own customized version of the signature!
    Upcoming Features
    1. A nicer looking UI where the user puts in there name (currently plain looking)
    2. The ability for the user to select between a variety of backgrounds
    3. A bukkit plugin which will store all information from a variaty of configurable plugins to a centralized db in which can then be displayed on the signature.
    This is my customized version I use for my server: Currently not setup

    I would like to give GunfighterJ a HUGE thanks for all of the help he has given me. This was my first time working with php/html and he helped me through all my issues. This project wouldn't have been possible without him!

    Need some help? Hop on our IRC! Server:irc.esper.net Channel: #MonsterCode

    Like DynSig? Feel free to donate below
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    :0 apply to the tool index
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    I'm working on better looking templates now for the basic version and the ability to select from multiple templates. This is my first time working with php so I'm sure theres a better way to do it than the way I am :p

    And yeah it woul be cool if this was in the index :D

    Finished the ability to add more templates/select a template


    Edit: I just found out that this only works in Chrome! I'm trying to fix it for IE.

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    :O I saw that the website does not work, the files could be recovered?
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    Website doesn't work, sample doesn't either.
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    I'm working on getting a website up, currently using free hosting that is changing servers

    This should be fixed now!

    The files are now hosted on my dropbox and I switched to some other hosting.

    Everything is back up and running. Version 1.0 Has been fully released! Huge thanks to gunfighterj for helping me!

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    Is anyone using this :(
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  9. RiotShield the website you linked doesn't even exist anymore (last modified - should be around the date of removal: So 21 Okt 2012 23:15:04 CEST):
    Also the source of the website seems to be fine, but if I look at your report I see something with google:
    So may it be that this alert is triggered by google analytics?
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    I would think the process is Google Chrome.
    EDIT: Found this in the URL
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    Yeah there's no virus, I forgot about the website and deleted the domain... I'll get this fixed when I get home from school today. Sorry about that.
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    Sorry for not replying, I didn't get an alert :eek:, yea I was using Chrome
    Also when I try to connect I get this
  13. RiotShield The favicon doesn't even exist! And maybe this is the case this triggers: HTML code (404 not found error page of nginx) in a icon... Else they must be really good hiding the virus:
    <head><title>404 Not Found</title></head>
    <body bgcolor="white">
    <center><h1>404 Not Found</h1></center>
    Now please install a less paranoia antivir and/or stop that false alerts.
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    AVAST is the best Anti-Virus I have ever used, I have never had a "False Positive" until I visited that website, and I have been using AVAST for 2 years. Not sure why I am getting an alert.
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    McAfee is doing it too. I don't necessarily trust McAfee (It let 2 fake AV's slip by and take over my computer :mad:)
    It might be because it has links or ad's or something that leads to information.com, which appears to have excessive popups
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    Hosting is clean, so it is a False Positive. Also Avast is not throwing a warning here.
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