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Discussion in 'Bukkit Tools' started by Adriani6, May 21, 2013.

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    To be honest, I am having a hard time installing this. Not aiming to have it integrated into XenForo, but rather have it displayed on my home page. The homepage is made with BootStrap, so would that effect this? Can someone make a tutorial as the ReadMe.txt is slighly confusing?
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    If you watch the xenforo tutorial, it's almost the same.
    Paste first part of the code in your <head> </head> tags, then the second part of the code in your <body> </bod> tags.
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    Um, not entirely sure, but I kept getting a error on line 47 or 97, went like "&$" and I asked a friend. He removed e "&" and then it seemed to work perfectly, think I may not have downloaded it fully, but thanks, this is really awesome! :D
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    I like the style of it in your original post, but the one I downloaded didn't have those styles, any way I can get that? Or am I just doing something wrong with the css code and all..?
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    I have changed the style a bit, the font should be Ubuntu if I'm correct, feel free to play with the css a bit. Post a link to your website so I can see how it works :)
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    Is there anyway you can tell meh how to have it span across the page? I have a box set out, and instead of it having 4 heads per row, I want it to have 20 heads over 2 rows, instead of 4 heads per 5 rows. Is this possible?
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    Adriani6 make sure you have plenty of IF statements or you'll get undefined errors.
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    Website does not work
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    Yeah, website doesn't work, someone please fix this :)
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    Michael Briggs

    I noticed your website doesn't work too. Also, I'm having the same issue as another individual. I'm getting only a white screen. I'm self hosting on a linux server, I've installed apache and php. I've configured the config.php, am I missing something?

    I managed to figure out through some google sleuthing that there is a deprecated reference error of some sort on line 47 of main.php. The portion where it has $retVal = socket_recv($socket, &$data, 1024, 0); Apparently, you are not supposed to use &$ in the version of PHP that I'm running. I removed the ampersand and it works fine. Now I have to figure out how to format this thing to fit into my div on my website. It keeps trying to put itself in the bottom right corner of my website.

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    It's the CSS code inside separate file as well as inside the html file. Regarding the website, it will be updated as I'm moving hosts.
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    Adriani6 Would you be able to make this support teams by having a subtitle for each team?
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    Sorry, I don't quite understand what you're asking
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    It's a plugin that is still in development, so I'll get back to you once its done.
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    Would love a full tutorial on this! For noobs like me :3
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    Don't you need a plugin or anything. When I upload the files with the edited config to my web server it doesn't work.
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    Adriani6 I'm getting a connection refused error and I have tried multiple servers and still no luck
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    WebStatus v.1.3
    New features:​
    - Added Support Cravatar​
    - Redesign of main.php​
    - Redesign of config.php​
    - Ability to chose size of displayed heads (in pixels) !​
    - The widget is now Expandable & Collapsible​
    - Displaying Server Version​
    - Updated Github​

    chargers2143 Charly_ZA
    I've updated the scripts. Please try with the newest version.

    Checkout Github or the video tutorial.

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    I'm getting this error

    Warning: implode(): Invalid arguments passed in /home/*removedname*/public_html/Server/main.php on line 74
    Any ideas? - Might be a 1.7.2 thing?
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    It's not 1.7.2 thing. Did you accidently change anything in the code, I suggest you re-download the whole file, and start from scratch. If it still doesn't work, PM me your IP and Port, and I'll try to replicate the problem on my end.
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    Fatal error: Uncaught exception 'MinecraftQueryException' with message 'Failed to write on socket.' in /w01/v/vinewoodcraft/webstatus/MinecraftQuery.class.php:51 Stack trace: #0 /w01/v/vinewoodcraft/webstatus/main.php(71): MinecraftQuery->Connect('', '25565', 1) #1 {main} thrown in /w01/v/vinewoodcraft/webstatus/MinecraftQuery.class.php on line 51
    An occurred this error, what this?
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    Looks like fsockopen() is closed on your server or at least to some ports.
    When I get home, I'll set it up on my host, and I'll PM you the link. You from there use the provided link within the iframe.
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    I'm confused on where to place the code on my .html document
    Every time I try to implement it ; I ether get code on my page or nothing.

    I'm also new to html , and php setups.
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    Where do I find that document that has the coding to add to XF? Didnt see it in the download.
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    Sorry. I might of removed it by accident. A copy of it will be on github in the main body of the description if I'm not mistaken.
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    Yea, found it, thanks! :D
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    not sure if your still working and/or helping with this but do you have any idea on how to set this up on like a sidebar on IPB 3.4.6
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