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    [Feature Request]

    For the item designer you can add an upload button where we can upload our own images to use as a background or item in the middle. Maybe a place where we can share background or item pictures and like we click ADD and it will add it to our background/item list and we can go on a tab where we can edit all our backgrounds/items where we can delete some and keep some.

    Please can you make it that when we launch item designer we can disable text and main graphic and those things and maybe that if you choose an image and the save changes and when you come back you can edit it from the last image that you saved instead of a new draft.
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    I'm not sure if this has been suggested, but in your Statistics, there are two Top Ten Pie Charts, neither of which include a "Top Ten Donators," or at least a feature to click on the "Details" button in your Payments chart and see exactly how much a person has donated, refunded, chargebacked, is pending, etc.

    Also, I've noticed when using your Item Designer, if you have already made a quick picture, or accidentally hit the "Enter" key when creating one, when you go back to "Launch Item Designer," it makes you start over again. That's kind of irritating when you're trying to get stuff done.

    One last thing, still on the note of the Item Designer, maybe when launching Item Designer, automatically input the item name where it says "Rank Name," just to allow us to get through it quicker. I sometimes forget the package I'm editing because I'm generally multitasking.

    Thank you

    I forgot about this.. When you purchase an item, you have the option (as the site owner) to send customized emails, private messages on the forum, but no where can I send them a custom message in-game letting them know they've received their items. I currently have gone to each package and typed "/msg Your donation items have been received, thank you for your support!" I didn't have a problem doing this, but when they purchase more than one package, they also get more than one of those messages.
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    Request: "After expiry add these tags to user" basically the same feature as "After purchase add these tags to user". Just to make it easier so you dont have to remove each tag.
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    Yes, I tried. But the error is in Paypal. Its says that if I have a brazilian account, I need to pay in BRL , but in Donation Craft, dont have my currency support, and the Paymentwall doesnt allow currency change to pay.
    Thanks for all your support and I hope you can do this fast '-'
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    Is there a way to add a feature that allows a user to input a number say if they want to buy the same item more than once? Players currently just have to keep buying the item over and over again. Would be nice when they select it if it gives an option to add more than the 1 to the cart of that item
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    [Feature Request]

    Implement callback URLs!

    For example, if a user bought an item in the shop, Enjin would go to a certain URL with a set of parameters via a GET Request. This URL should only be called when a certain tag is applied or expires.

    The callback url would be customizable like the Minecraft commands that can be issued.

    Also, it is very important that this feature would be available on the Generic Shop.
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    I would like to be able to change the layout for the shop better.
    Like the ability to split categories into rows etc..
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    Hey there what about the option to be able to by x2 of what ever pack a person buys, think it would be a nice idea intead of having to buy it once then go back to the store and buy it again :)
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    Any news on the translations for different languages? (spanish) :p
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    We've started development on it. If anyone would like a language other than Spanish supported, please let us know.
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    Hey maybe you could add a variable for a users name in the vote reminder, like {name} so that we can get a more personalized feel for the messages. Thanks for this update :)

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    Bug while adding payment:
    • SQLSTATE[42000]: Syntax error or access violation: 1064 You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near ') AND preset_id = '14406199'' at line 2
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    This is now supported. :)
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    Something I think should definitely be changed, is the payment activity graph.
    It currently doesn't take any day on which you have had 0 donations, it seems to just ignore those.
    I think on those days it should show the line going to the entire bottom of the hight instead of moving directly from last donation to the next day with donations.
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    Can you please add a custom donation amount feature.
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    I'd like you to add the option of putting a number in for how much they want. For example how many bonuses they want for towny and also the town name so then admins dont have to do that all the time.

    Also i'd like the recent donation's to be more layedout like buycraft, for example in this picture.

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    This is already possible by allowing users to pay any amount for items, (check your edit item section). You can setup an item called 'Donate' and price it at $1 or less and enable users to pay any amount on it.

    It does show days with 0 donations. Not sure why you feel otherwise, but this is not an issue. Please submit a support ticket if you feel this is still an issue http://www.enjin.com/support

    Can you let me know why you need this feature?

    We have this on our list. I assume you would want all the item's commands to run for every x quantity they select? Or do you want to select specific commands per quantity?

    We're upgrading our command system, does anyone need the ability to delay command execution times for certain commands when a user purchases an item, if so what would you use it for?

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    [Feature Request]
    - Coupon Code Generator
    - Option to send a randomly generated code to a buyer
    - Configurable coupon settings per purchase

    I setup a special sub-shop called 'Gift Codes' and have options to buy a $5, $10, $25, $50, and $100 gift (coupon) code to use or give to a friend as a gift. Once purchased, it would generate a 1 time use code and send it to them via message to use in the same shop.

    Currently we have the option to buy these 'gift codes' but we generate and manually send codes as players buy them. Having it automated would be great and a great addition as well :)
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    You can do this already via custom variables.
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    Totally understand Tux...didn't think of that part...just assumed that it could work like the in-game tags that you can choose for different worlds ....
    As to your question we use the MultiInv plugin as it works the best with the multiworld plugin and I know alot of multiworld plugin users also use MultiInv one
    Would love it ,if it could somehow be incorporated ... as we really want to be able to sell hungergames kits too in our game world and that is not our main world unfortunately
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    Can you provide more information on how you want it to look or a mock-up. We currently allow listing items in large thumb mode or list mode.
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    Feature Request: The ability to import past transaction history from a file (currently using Buycraft). We are very keen to migrate to DonationCraft but payment history is one of the only things holding us back. We use our purchase history regularly and to start from scratch would be a real pain.

    The exact format is not a problem as I'm happy to manipulate the file to make it work (although Buycraft export format would be perfect for us). I also understand this might be abused somehow but if that's a problem, maybe allow only importing once?
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    It would be great to be able to change where the packages were, like in the layout overview.
    In example, be able to choose that category A should be in the left middle row, and that subcategory B should be in the middle row, and that package C should be in the right middle row.
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    [Feature request]

    For the variables the numeric option can you add something where we can do like + 25 or x25 so like if the buyer put 10 as his answer and we have +25 then he has to pay 25 more or x25 then it will cost him 250$ so like the numeric amount multiplied by something.

    Here is an example:

    My variable is numeric and next to it is multiply and the number is 10

    If someone purchases the item and put 25 it would charge him 250$ instead of 25.
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    Both features will be available soon, thanks for the request.
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    For order tracking and VIP confirmation. It would even help with MySQL integration.

    I wrote a simple PHP script which whitelists and adds players to a Battlefield 3 and Bad Company 2 reserved slots list.

    If this callback feature is actually implemented my script will become fully automatic and I won't have to write down when to remove players from the reserved slots list based on their tag expiration.

    Imagine the possibilities if the generic shop could integrate with other games. The Battlefield series is a perfect example, as shown above.
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    I would love to have giftcards and such. Allow shop users to purchase giftcards and be able to credit giftcards to players.

    For example: Someone wins a contest on my server and I promise them $25 on whatever they want in my store. I credit $25 to the player's account and they get notified of it and see it when they want to purchase something. Then they can use $25 to purchase something.

    Second example: Someone on my server wants to buy their friend a giftcard. They use the shop to purchase say a $25 giftcard to their friend. Their friends' account will be credited so that when their friend verifies their character they will receive the credits and the server will receive the payment for the giftcard.

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