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    Are there plans to add more features to the generic shop?

    Why not open it up to games such as the Battlefield series? Imagine if admins for Battlefield 3 and Bad Company 2 servers could automatically grant reserved slots to users who purchased it via the store.

    I wrote a PHP script which can add players to a BF3 server reserved slots list via a get request. The only problem is the generic shop doesn't support callback urls.

    It would be nice to see an option for custom callback urls upon tag application and expiration.
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    You can already do this, just keep the checkbox 'User must have all items listed purchased' to off.

    New Features Released for DonationCraft. Always 100% Free!

    1. Recurring Subscription Payments

    You can now create recurring subscription items that will automatically bill your users on predefined intervals. Paypal is the first payment gateway to be supported for this feature and more to follow. Check out the features:
    • Set Recurring Interval (per x days, per week, per month, per custom interval)
    • Set price for the recurring interval.
    • Run commands on initial subscription.
    • Run commands every time a subscription recurs.
    • Run commands on cancelled or failed subscriptions.
    • New Subscribers Tab (see all your active subscribers and details)
    • New Payment Details for each subscription state.
    Create Recurring Subscription Items!

    Manage and view your active subscribers

    How do I use it?
    In your DonationCraft Admin > Shop Manager, click [Create Item] then select 'Recurring Subscription Item'. To view active subscribers go to DonationCraft Admin > Subscribers.

    What Payment Gateways are supported for recurring subscriptions?
    At this time Paypal Recurring Subscription is supported and you do need a premier or business account to use it.
    You must also enable Paypal Recurring in your payment gateway settings.

    What else should I know about it?
    • Cumulative ranks are not yet supported for subscription items.
    • Coupons do not act on subscription items.
    • Free subscription items are not supported.
    • You cannot change a normal item to a subscription item. You must create a subscription item instead.
    • You cannot delete an item with active subscribers but you can hide it.
    • You cannot alter prices or intervals on existing active subscribers, but you can change recurring / cancelled commands on active subscribers.
    • You can view your active subscribers and details in the new Subscribers tab.

    2. Store Item Image Designer
    The new item designer can generate tens of thousands of unique item images via an easy to use item designer Interface. Generate images for all your shop ranks and items with just a couple of clicks.

    It's so easy to make awesome images for your store items.

    The item designer library will be updated with even more elements and the combination of unique items that can be created will grow to 100’s of Thousands! Here are some examples, we made in minutes:


    How do I use it?
    In your Add Item / Edit Item section, click [Launch Item Designer] under the preview image.

    3. Drag & Drop Command Order
    You can now drag and drop commands into a specific execution order.

    Just click and drag into desired order

    Stay tuned for even more free features releasing very soon!

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    Now we need google wallet recurring payments. Paypal is total shit...
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    I have A feature! If you can can you add a test feature and make it so you can run it as you or another name!
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    oh, ok. I think you should make this more clear because it doesn't really tell you that on there. Thanks for the reply though.
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    Anyway to be able to add to the 'Add Item' option a Coupon Item option? On our server we get LOTS of people who purchase ranks for OTHER players, and I love giving them coupon codes to do so, but I have to do this manually. Is there a way if I input tons of random coupon codes (or if buycraft can generate them) and have an item in the shop that sells JUST the code for a discount?

    Thanks so far for all the awesome updates!
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    hey this is just such a great system i've loved watching it progress but what i would love to see is the option to vault into the signed in users in game economy for certain items. Things like entering competitions, makes people who don't even consider donating visit the shop and then the system can process the rest of the purchase the way it does already.

    another thought, its great how the cumulative purchases look with the slashed old price and such, its a real selling point. can you make it so that theres an on sale price variable so that we can have promotions on certain products that replicates the same look ie was 25 on sale 10! however the fanciness off it

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    [Feature Request]
    Please add the option to modify the expiry date of cmds already executed.
    There are cases when I want to add extra days to the packages by any reason and it's not possible.
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    Even though I don't run via Enjin, the website layouts are overused and not OG..​
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    [Feature Request]
    I am just wondering
    for the icons thing that they see for the
    donationcraft shop can you add medium sized images Large ones seem to big
    but the smaller ones you can barley see some of them
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    Could you possible make it possible to clone Categories, Subcategories and coupons?

    What happened with this? :)

    I agree.
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    If you guys can add items, for the main graphic, like a diamond sword etc. that would help a lot.
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    Give subscribers rewards after a certain time. Let's say I have a VIP rank for 5$ a month, reward the user after 2 months of successful payments with a certain rewards.

    Pre-purchase subscriptions for a certain amount of time?
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    Since I haven't seen a reply, you would need some kind of plugin for this. Maybe use a plugin to let them use a kit once?
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    [Feature Request]

    Have a an "UpgradeFrom" options for the server commands section.

    Example: I have a $10 Package where the player receives 10k for that package, and a $30 package comes with 30k but the player can upgrade from private to Gold for $20. I want the player to only receive 20k money if they upgrade, but 30k if bought alone.

    So I could use the "UpgradeFrom" option on the $10 package and set the command /money give {name} -10000 to execute when the player upgrades away from that package.

    Let me know what ya think!
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    Bug: The item designer is missing the pig spawn egg. I am offended!
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    I want to see downloadable payment receipts to use in chargeback situations.
  18. When will PaySafeCard be implemented???
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    I agree, that would be great! :)

    I agree, that would also be nice. :)

    I'm suprised this haven't been added already.

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    you should add in an "Upgrade" thing you can use if you are buying ranks then you can just Upgrade from the rank you already are!
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    That's called "Cumulative" ranks and already exists. :)
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    You can use this via the Paymentwall gateway.

    Yes, a sale system will be released soon.

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    Indeed, there should be a way to add more days for a package that's been executed already. Example buying 30 days of vip and buying another 30 days just sums to the expiry date instead of executing the same commands over and over, which is pointless.
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    [Feature Request]

    For the item designer you can add an upload button where we can upload our own images to use as a background or item in the middle. Maybe a place where we can share background or item pictures and like we click ADD and it will add it to our background/item list and we can go on a tab where we can edit all our backgrounds/items where we can delete some and keep some.
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    They already have that dont they? xD
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    Also, can you use cumulative purchases for recurring payments? I have three monthly payed ranks and I would like if a user could pass to another without having to cancel the first one first and directly jump to the other one.
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    Hello @Tux2 and @enjin, I have a few questions and things I would like clarified.

    I need some assistance with setting up a shop. I am trying to make it so when a person buys “Package one” It costs them $5 and they get 20 mcmmo levels, 5k exp, and 5k money. At some point if a user wishes to upgrade to the next package they would buy “Package two” said package costs $10 and they get 20 more mcmmo levels, 5k more exp, and 5k more money. Adding up to 20 mcmmo levels, 10k exp, and 10k money. Although since said user has already bought “package one” for $5 I want them to only have to pay $5 more to get “package two” and not the full $10 that a user would have to pay if they were to bypass “package one” How would I do so?

    For my second question I do not know how to explain it easily so I will give a example
    “User bob” buys the rank “Package one” for $5 giving “user bob” 5 mcmmo levels
    “User bob” buys the next rank “Package two” a $10 for only $5 giving “user bob” 5 more mcmmo levels giving him a total of 10 mcmmo levels.
    “User bob” only had to pay $5 for “package two” because he had already bought “package one” for $5 and that $5 counted towards the purchase of “package two”
    “User john” doesn’t want to have to buy two ranks to get to “package two” so “user john” buys “package two” for $10 but he only receives 5 of his 10 mcmmo levels since he did not buy “package one” first.

    I want to make it so that “user john” gets gets his 10 mcmmo levels but “user bob” only gets 10 mcmmo levels and not 15 instead.

    I was also wondering if you guys plan to add the coal block for the item designer.
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    Please, I asked for it around 30 times.
    Can you guys please add Brazilian Real (R$/BRL) support for paypal purchases?
    And Force Language Portuguese option?
    Thanks you and I hope this time it works!!
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    For your first question just go to the category for the shop or subcategory and click on settings then tick the box where it says apply Cumulative thingy and it will work.

    For the second question I dont think it is possible.
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    Have you tried using Paymentwall? We'll check into Brazilian Support for Paypal.

    New Features Released

    DonationCraft In-Game Purchase History


    Users can view purchase history in-game with these commands
    • /buy history - Will display your purchase history and any expiries.
    • /buy history <playername> - If you are an op, you can view other users purchase history.
    • Note: Plugin must be updated to Version 2.4.5 for this feature to work.

    This is a great feature for users to view how many days they have left on a expiring item, or just to see what they purchased recently from your DonationCraft Store.

    Minecraft Character Manager
    The Minecraft Admin Tab, has been upgraded with a new Minecraft Character page.


    What does it show?
    • Minecraft characters that have joined your website.
    • Minecraft characters that have voted for your server.
    • Minecraft characters that donated on your website.

    • Filter characters by Joined / Voted / Donated / Purchased
    • View Character name and associated Enjin username (when applicable).
    • View the number of votes cast from each character including last vote date.
    • View the total sum of donations from each character including last purchase date.
    • Quick link to payment store details for donating characters.
    • Search characters instantly.
    • All Data columns are sortable.

    How Do I use It?
    Go to your site admin > Minecraft Tab > Minecraft Characters

    In-Game Vote Reminder
    Remind users in-game to vote for your server!


    • Set Reminder interval
    • Set Reminder text that will appear in-game


    How Do I use It?
    Go to your site admin > Vote for Rewards Module > Reminder Tab

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