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    I have one very serious problem with the way the store is set up with the "recent purchases" module... No one needs to know how much my players spent on their items. That needs to be either taken away or made into an option to display the amount they spent.
  2. Is there a feature to give certain tags on Enjin a discount on items
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    This feature will come soon.

    We'll add a check box to hide this info soon.

    Bug confirmed. We'll get this fixed soon.

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    Enjin in a nutshell

    > talks about adding stuff
    > doesn't add stuff until its been long overdue
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    Seems to work for Apple.
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  6. I'd like to thank you guys so much for making this. :D
    Having a good free forum host for minecraft & other games is great. Especially with a donation thing and everything setup :D!
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    We're adding a ton of new things very soon, don't worry.
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    I have the same issue as g00tch we have loads of different worlds and different inventories....our worlds do not share
    inventories and therefore the shop module is only beneficial to one world only. Not much of a help at all for our server.
    Would be handy if we could select for which worlds...... as there are many other servers in the same boat
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    Can you add a read all button, I am tired of marking every single message as read. Especially sucks for users that get a ton of shop purchase messages.
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    If you click Select 'all' then click 'mark read' it will mark all the messages selected to 'read' status. Or are you requesting a universal mark read button, that will mark all messages regardless of selection?

    Thanks for letting us know, we'll look into this.

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    Ah the select all thing should do it, thanks.
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    As these are server commands (/give, etc.), we cannot control this at the moment. A solution would be to add support for the multi-inventory plugins out there. Which one are you using? MultiInv, World Inventories, or Multiverse-Inventories?
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    I would like to have the ability to change that to various time formats, such as (but not limited to), hours/mins? Days/Weeks/months?

    This would make it easier for to make really different packages.

    Could you also make a subscribe feature for packages?
    Where we (website owners) or the player who's buying the package can set the length of the subscription, how long they will be subscribed, with months as the format, and the interval between the payments?

    That would be really great! :)
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    Adding the possibility for translating the webstore so users from different countries can understand. I suggested this in an email but didn't get any confirmation as if the feature was being added or not, i'll copy paste what I suggested:

    "I would like to translate some messages in DonationCraft since the server I run is in spanish. I know Spanish servers that use enjin and would be benefited from this such as, iminecrafting.com, survivaldub.com, specialminecraft.com,davicraft.com just to mention a few. Most of these servers use buycraft but i'm sure they'll begin to use donation craft if translations were made possible"
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    Oh also, there is a bug in my store upgrades section. For example someone buys VIP2 then they choose to pay the extra to buy VIP3, it works fine, but then everything else on the webstore shows up as 'Free!' to them. So they can pretty much help themselves to VIP4, 5, 6 etc free of charge.
    It's very annoying because we have to keep telling players not to exploit the bug, and warning them not to do it again. Every day I've got to manually demote people, then clear all their logs from the store payments.
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    This was my idea of 'upgrades' but would work much nicer. I find that the Cumulative price feature would be very useful, but since all VIP ranks expire every month on my server it would have allowed players to get one rank forever for free.
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    That sounds like a VERY serious bug. I'll let them know. Also, please submit a support ticket here: http://enjin.com/support to make sure we don't forget!

    Nifty feature request. I'll propose it and see what happens.
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    Like to request a feature for the Web side of things.. be able to duplicate/copy Variables as well as move the multiple choice items under variables around
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    Could you make a better system to rank up packages like the cumulative but not to where they can repurchase there items again or any items below for free?

    It would help out my package system a lot to where they can upgrade their package for the amount they have cumulated in the category but not re-buy the same package or any packages below the cumulated again for free.
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    this can be achieved by using your tags to mark down who has the ability to purchase what
  21. Can you add a limit as to how many times a minecraft username can buy a package? E.g. a user can only donate for an unban package 5 times before they are unable to anymore.
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    there already exists a per-player limit
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    Yes, subscription based items will be added very soon.

    Yes, this is on our to do list.

    Added to development list.

    You can do this in various ways. By limiting how many packages a user can purchase (set as a user limit), you can also restrict it via tags (who can view this item), or set items to hide if cumulative discount reaches zero on those.

    Can you link me to your website please. We've had no reports of this bug. What are the prices for VIP2, VIP3, VIP4, VIP5, VIP6? The only way to get 4,5,6 free is for the user to have paid the equivalent value for the cost of those items.

    Also, are all your items in the same category with cumulative mode on? I believe what is happening is that the user purchases a rank for say $10. Then you have other items priced under $10 and are not (set to hide if cumulative reaches free or min price after cumulative mode). Therefore the user can gain those items for free since they are below the original purchase.

    If that is the case, either set a min price for those items (which equals the price of the item), or move them to a subcategory or another category.

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    Great :D If there's anything i can do to make the works on this feature easier please tell me. I'd be more than glad to help out translating stuff since i'm a native spanish speaker :p
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    There's already an option to restrict a user's times they can purchase the item.
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    If you could help us translate some words or check our translation list when it's ready that would be great. I'll pm you when we have the list.

  27. Ah yes found it. Is this against the enjin account or minecraft account username?
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    Both, whichever account hits the limit first.
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    Perfect, i'll translate everything if you want. Will be waiting for the list of phrases/words :)
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    Can you make it so for the feature "Required items to purchase this item" they only need to have bought one of the listed items to be able to buy the item instead of having to have bought all of them to buy the item.

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