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    Request: Could we have a user input before purchase?
    A player buys a rank that they can customize and they "check boxes" for things like color and permissions that are predefined when you setup a new item in the donation store or input words.
    Also u can limit how many boxes they check depending on how much the rank will cost so more boxes checked = more money they will pay.
    Finally it will run different commands and add different words to commands depending on what boxes are cheacked.
    Player Inputs word: Monkey
    Then Player Checks box 1: /prefix {name} blue+Monkey
    or if the player Checks box 2: /prefix {name} Green+Monkey
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    Request: Could we have custom discounts/sales for certain ranks? (RANK UPGRADE)
    Example: Like there is a rank that costs $5 and a rank that costs $10, if a player buys $5 rank then wants to buy $10 rank, he will see the price of the $10 rank to be $5 because he already bought $5 rank so its like a rank upgrade. I can do it with the sales but it says i can only make 1 sale of each item at a time so:
    If i had a sale that gets $5 off of every other higher rank and that sale is only available to the people who bought $5 rank then I cannot make another sale $10 off when the player has $10 rank and wants a higher rank upgrade because the previous ranks has a sale of $5 to the $5 rank players.
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    Would like a feature that hides any items that have no current quantity (aka "sold out") items from the store listing. That is, right now, when there are no available items, the item still shows up but has no Add option. I would like a way to make it hide the entire item instead. Having it there is confusing to people who thing there's a bug, since there's also no indication of quantity available either.
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    The ability to import a csv file into a shop's purchase history.

    We have the ability to export, but it would be really useful to be able to import data instead of adding purchases one-at-a-time when multiple purchases need to be added.

    The ability to export and import modules.

    This would help a lot when dealing with multiple Enjin websites that use the same modules with the same settings/data.
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    I'd like to see the option to only get a certain item when using a redeem code. i.e having a easter egg hunt and rewarding players egss.
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    I would like to make a request!

    Since my server has seperate inventories for different worlds, I'd like to have a feature, where the player chooses the world he wants to receive the items in.
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    listing of top donor
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    The ability to create mass item input.
    Say a simple way of just entering: name, price, picture (upload/create), stock, and detail.
    but at like 10-25 at a time on one page.

    they have this its a module called "Top Donator / Buyer"

    I would just suggest making a first command in the purchase like "/tp <player> <World>" {not that actual command since that wouldn't work} then for what you want the player to have in that world put in what they get.
    if you have more then one world at a time then just repeat and make sure the user must be online tab is selected.
    also make sure the user knows this is going to happen. atleast until they make this.

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    Suggested feature: Automatic user limit reset.
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    Since when is still allowed?
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    Is it possible to add support for more than one payment account?

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