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    Vote for Diamonds Module - Multi Server Support released

    The Server Voting module (Vote for Diamonds) now supports multiple servers with specific commands per server.


    Setup Votifier on your main server and select it in your Main Vote Settings, then per Reward you can issue commands on any other servers you have added to your website.
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    Ok so i love all the new stuff but is there a way for the server admins and owner to be able to keep track of the items amounts and history of every transaction and maybe even a page that says how much each person or account has accumulated? so that way if some 1 donates over a specific amount they can be moved up in the next donation rank?
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    You can already do that, in your Admin > Minecraft Tab > Characters and also some additional details in your DonationCraft Payments section.
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    Is it possible that within managing payments you can make it so we can edit the username of who the payment is going to? Users have manually entered usernames incorrectly before..
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    Can you add Bulgarian Leva(BGN) to the currency system ?
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    Please make notifications use something more reliable than bbcode. It completely ruins emails when the item description variable is used and the description is completely unreadable.

    If that is not possible, please create a feature to clear code sent via email.
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    Wow! Regardless of whether I had any part in it, I'm really impressed to see on of the features I asked for implemented so quickly. :)
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    Okay enjin Think I Got A Good One Here!

    I Use The Enjin Plugin Across Multiple Servers, Is There Any Way That There Could Be Cross Server Heads?

    Whether That Be A Combined Tacking Or Even Kept Seperate?
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    Feature Request:
    Allow embedding, preferably configurable, of shop items into other web pages. I run a website outside of Enjin and I would like to be able to showcase a specific shop item individually on my website with a link to buy that item.

    Feature Request:
    Either Automatically add the kits needed for an item to the cart or add an option to add the required kits to the cart.

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    Feature Request:
    - Being able to make the amount on a 'latest purchases' list overall instead of annually as maximum. (I'd like it to show all donations)

    - Also, ability to add the list of donations earned with donations from the old "paypal donations" module to the list and stats from the new "DonationCraft" module.

    Both features seem really important to me, the first one because I want it to show all donations, not just those of the past year. And the second one because I want people who donated before we had the "DonationCraft" module to be shown in the list as well.
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    We'll check into this.
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    Feature Request
    Make it possible to make payments through Stripe! This feature is available on BuyCraft also I believe. stripe.com/gb

    Also another suggestion is to add money off payments if they use a different method of payment.

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    This will be added soon.
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    Tux2 I would like to request an addition to this plugin..
    for example, just say a user has the rank Gold,
    and they buy iron, they will then be demoted to iron, so what i am suggesting is, If <User> has purchased <list of items> then the user cannot buy this item..
    just a suggestion
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    Feature Request

    Ability to edit payment items to transfer shop items.
    Example: User purchases Rank 1 for X server. User then decides that was a poor choice and request a transfer. Go to payments>Details>Edit Purchased Item>Select new rank>Remove old tags>Add new tags.

    All you are doing is editing the purchased item id and the cumulative discount will then be able to be transferred to that different shop that contains the new item id. You could take it a step further to even allow an automation for this to happen or even allow the ability to create a shop purchase that can facilitate this. I'm sure that there is probably an easier way to implement what I am requesting but at least you get the idea.
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    Anyway you can make it so you can choose either way the command is run as console or as a player? Some of the commands I want to use only accept "run" as player.
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    Be able to reset all commands. When my server resets i don't want to get ANOTHER custom plugin to re-send there packages. So how about you add a "Reset Package Commands" or something.

    This will send a mass reset to all payments, BUT the option to disable certain packages from being resent; eg, unbans ect.
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    Feature request:

    Hi, I have a feature request in regards to the purchase notifications. My server store has items that can be purchased via paypal, etc and items that can be purchased with points. I would like to be able to turn off purchase notifications for point based purchases but leave notifications on for money purchases (paypal etc).


    LieAngels, I already accomplish this using tags. In your example, people who have the Gold rank, would have the Gold tag on the website. The "Iron rank" item would only be visible by the people who have no donation tag or have a rank that is lower than Iron. You can set who or what tag group has visibility of an item. Does that make sense?

    Alternatively, you could use the cumulative purchases feature, which will pretty much hide the lower items to a user if a higher item is already purchased by them.

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    Could you add an upgrade feature?
    For example: you have 2 packages, iron($5) and gold($15).
    I buy an iron package and later I want to upgrade it to gold.
    When I upgrade I pay $10 instead of $15 because I already had iron.
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    This is already possible. Turn on cumulative mode in your category settings.
    Check here for more info: http://wiki.enjin.com/wiki/Shopping_System#Using_Cumulative_Discounts
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    Could there be a math variable type, for adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing other variables?
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    Yes something like that.
    I set up a server with the plotme plugin: http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/plotme/

    I want to enable players to donate and get reward with 1 more plot. So if they currently have 1 then they buy the package and get 2, if they have 3 and buy they now have 4, etc....
    But I do not know how to do this with the way plotme permissions are set up. Any suggestions?

    "Replace X by a number to limit the number of plots a user can claim/auto or buy. plotme.limit.* for unlimited plots. If the user doesn't have permission, the default is 1 plot. If the user has multiple permissions due to inheritance, highest number is kept"

    Can you add a feature that would help me achieve this? Thank you so much for your time!
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    2 Suggestions:

    [1] For credits, could you make it so you can purchase a 'mystery item' of sorts that had a list of items it would choose once you purchased it. Here's what I mean:

    Mystery Package cost 10 Credits:
    When you buy it, it will randomly pick a command(s) to run (it would be cool if you add a percentage chance to each item) So for example,

    1 Apple - 20%
    1 Diamond - 5%
    10 Dirt - 50%
    3 Diamond - 1%
    5 Iron - 4%
    1 Cake - 20%

    So basically, you would buy the 'Mystery Package' and it would pick one of those string of commands to run (based on the percentages assigned with each) and would reward the player in game with whatever they got.

    [2] Add a "Fortune Wheel Module" (for maybe like advanced websites?) that has a picture of a pretty wheel etc with certain rewards on each (configurable)

    Every 'x' amount of (hours/days), the user could be given 'x' amount of free spins to win credits (maybe even a rank?) from the wheel. Also, you should be able to make it so users could spend credits to spin (with the hope of getting more)
    This could get tricky though, if people kept making accounts to keep getting free spins, so maybe add a limit per IP? Not sure, just think it could be a fun addition to a website.

    Hope you consider these ideas!
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    My suggestion for DonationCraft is to have a social system. The owner of a site can specify a twitter/facebook/youtube/twitch/ect. and users can follow/like/subscribe to these things giving a configurable award such as Credits or an item from a shop.

    Thanks guys for the awesome plugin and site. you guys rock!
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  26. I have a request on the shop.

    I kinda like to see that the item that you purchased see in an inventory on the Enjin website on the player self.
    So that the admins or rest of the players of the game see from there too what they have bought or have.

    Also because i am using this shop on the website for my RP Game what i am creating, so that feature would be very helpful :D
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    I would like to be able to do some advanced customizing with the variables. For example: {weapon} variable will be replaced with a default variable if the user does not select a weapon.

    In response to this, I would like to be able to get super crazy with some of this stuff. For example, if user is X rank in-game, then it will run said command with the variable. For example:

    Variable: Number of extra plots
    7 Extra plots: $1
    If user is Builder, /manuaddp {name} plotme.limit.10
    If user is default, /manuaddp {name} plotme.limit.7

    Even crazier: If user has already purchased the rank, allow them to go back through and change variables for the price difference. For example: User gets 7 extra plots, but wants 15 in the future. Instead of buying the rank again, they can click add/modify and they can select 15, then it will charge the $1 more.

    You may be wondering why the heck I need all this. I have come up with a super idea for my server that I am going to use. Players get to create their own rank.

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    Enjin will be at booth number 19 @ Minecon. Drop by and say hello!


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    A feature I would like to see added is an In-Store Credit. Say you go to a tab between coupons and sales, and you can give a specific say, a USD cash value of $30 that can only be redeemed in certain or all shops (customizable). And it covers up tp $30. (Maybe be able to partially pay with in store credit and the rest with points and/or real cash).
    This would work similar to a point system but instead of points, it is in store credit that can say be rewarded through automations or manually for winning a contest.
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    This is a feature request.
    I have recently been having some issues with DonationCraft were if I am creating a shop and have multiple items for sale, there is no way I could block an upgraded ranked user form viewing an item that I do not want players to purchase again from the shop subcategory.

    For example, if a use has a rank called VIP that he'd already purchased from the shop and he gets tagged to VIP on the site. Having a subcategory in the same shop that has to offer a perk called abc for $10 that will be allowed to the tag VIP to view and once they purchase that perk, they will get tagged with abc tag as well.
    Lets say that same user visits the shop again and he is willing to purchase an upgrade from abc to abc+, we will have an upgrading option for him but at the same time he can still see that perk abc because that abc perk is allowed to the tag VIP to view. So as of that, it will be really helpful if a feature that will deny certain tags from viewing an item in the shop could be added.

    As of now we only have access to add what tag can view this item and if there was an option that allows us to set certain tags that will not be able to view this item with higher priority will be awesome and will address this issue.

    Here is an example diagram:


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