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    Enjin Website & Bukkit Donation Plugin
    Enjin Website Plugin which includes the DonationCraft - Donation Plugin & Store. Grow and fund your Minecraft server by creating a free Server Website and Donation Store. Over 80,000 servers are powered by Enjin's platform and 100% Free Donation System!

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    What does The Enjin Website Plugin Do?
    The Enjin Website plugin will sync your Enjin website access ranks with your in-game ranks and perms (syncs can go both ways). It also powers DonationCraft (Donation plugin, online web store and in-game store), Vote for Diamonds modules (rewards players who votes on server lists) and various statistics modules that you can display on your website.

    What is DonationCraft ?
    The Enjin Plugin includes DonationCraft. DonationCraft is a 100% Free Donation System, in-game store linked to an online webstore for servers.


    DonationCraft Feature List
    • Server In-Game Store with Online webstore
    • Execute Server Commands
    • Create Expiring Items and Ranks
    • Cumulative Ranks or Items
    • Online Cart System
    • Categories and Subcategories
    • Custom Variables & Questions
    • Detailed Payment Logs
    • Advanced Coupons and Sales
    • Purchase Statistics & Graphs
    • Set view access on items based on site access
    • Anti-Chargeback System
    • Create Multiple Stores
    • Easy Checkout System
    • Custom Email notifications on purchases
    • Multi-currency, stock and user limits.
    • Zero programming knowledge required to setup and use.
    • Every feature is 100% free (no restrictions or limits)
    Is DonationCraft 100% Free Forever?
    Yes, every single feature found in DonationCraft and any future features that will be added to DonationCraft will always be 100% free with zero restrictions or limits. You can even create multiple stores per website for free.

    Payment Gateways in DonationCraft
    Currently supported gateways are Paypal, Paymentwall, Paygol, 2Checkout, Onebip and coinbase (for Bitcoins). Even more Gateways will be added soon.

    Enjin Website Rank Sync features
    • Ability to select in-game rank to sync with and world selection.
    • Auto rank user in server when user get tagged on website.
    • Auto rank user on website when user gets ranked on server.
    • Remove rank on server when user loses tag on website.
    • Remove rank on website when user loses rank on server.
    • Supports access automation. Tag users based on conditions.
    Enjin Plugin also powers these modules
    • Vote for Diamonds (rewards) module.
    • Minecraft Server Status
    • Minecraft Server Players Online
    • Minecraft Server Top Players Online
    • Minecraft Server Players Graph
    • Minecraft Server Response Graph
    • User in server indicator on sites
    New Updates - June 6th 2013
    1. Recurring Subscription Payments

    You can now create recurring subscription items that will automatically bill your users on predefined intervals. Paypal is the first payment gateway to be supported for this feature and more to follow. Check out the features:
    • Set Recurring Interval (per x days, per week, per month, per custom interval)
    • Set price for the recurring interval.
    • Run commands on initial subscription.
    • Run commands every time a subscription recurs.
    • Run commands on cancelled or failed subscriptions.
    • New Subscribers Tab (see all your active subscribers and details)
    • New Payment Details for each subscription state.
    Create Recurring Subscription Items!

    Manage and view your active subscribers

    How do I use it?
    In your DonationCraft Admin > Shop Manager, click [Create Item] then select 'Recurring Subscription Item'. To view active subscribers go to DonationCraft Admin > Subscribers.

    What Payment Gateways are supported for recurring subscriptions?
    At this time Paypal Recurring Subscription is supported and you do need a premier or business account to use it.
    You must also enable Paypal Recurring in your payment gateway settings.

    What else should I know about it?
    • Cumulative ranks are not yet supported for subscription items.
    • Coupons do not act on subscription items.
    • Free subscription items are not supported.
    • You cannot change a normal item to a subscription item. You must create a subscription item instead.
    • You cannot delete an item with active subscribers but you can hide it.
    • You cannot alter prices or intervals on existing active subscribers, but you can change recurring / cancelled commands on active subscribers.
    • You can view your active subscribers and details in the new Subscribers tab.
    2. Store Item Image Designer
    The new item designer can generate tens of thousands of unique item images via an easy to use item designer Interface. Generate images for all your shop ranks and items with just a couple of clicks.

    It's so easy to make awesome images for your store items.

    The item designer library will be updated with even more elements and the combination of unique items that can be created will grow to 100’s of Thousands!

    How do I use it?
    In your Add Item / Edit Item section, click [Launch Item Designer] under the preview image.

    DonationCraft In-Game Purchase History


    Users can view purchase history in-game with these commands
    • /buy history - Will display your purchase history and any expiries.
    • /buy history <playername> - If you are an op, you can view other users purchase history.
    • Note: Plugin must be updated to Version 2.4.5 for this feature to work.
    This is a great feature for users to view how many days they have left on a expiring item, or just to see what they purchased recently from your DonationCraft Store.

    Minecraft Character Manager
    The Minecraft Admin Tab, has been upgraded with a new Minecraft Character page.

    What does it show?
    • Minecraft characters that have joined your website.
    • Minecraft characters that have voted for your server.
    • Minecraft characters that donated on your website.
    • Filter characters by Joined / Voted / Donated / Purchased
    • View Character name and associated Enjin username (when applicable).
    • View the number of votes cast from each character including last vote date.
    • View the total sum of donations from each character including last purchase date.
    • Quick link to payment store details for donating characters.
    • Search characters instantly.
    • All Data columns are sortable.
    How Do I use It?
    Go to your site admin > Minecraft Tab > Minecraft Characters

    In-Game Vote Reminder
    Remind users in-game to vote for your server!


    • Set Reminder interval
    • Set Reminder text that will appear in-game

    How Do I use It?
    Go to your site admin > Vote for Rewards Module > Reminder Tab

    New Updates - June 19th 2013
    New DonationCraft Sale System
    A new sale system is now available to all DonationCraft stores. Create sales to entice your users to purchase items.

    • Create Sales to entice users to purchase more items.
    • You can run dedicated sale commands on sale items.

    • Create Sales with Commands
    • Create multiple sales on specific items or categories
    • Run extra commands when users purchase sale items!
    • Set sales viewable to only specific set of users via user tags
    • Items on sale will be clearly indicated by colored sale graphics
    • Set sale descriptions that will appear above item details.
    • Select from discount / percentage off or just run commands.
    • Set start dates and expiry on sales.

    How do I use it?
    In your DonationCraft admin you will notice a new tab called ‘Sales’. Go to this section and click [Create Sale] to get started.

    Custom Variable Logs
    The payments detail log has been updated with any custom global or per item variables a user selects during purchase.


    New Updates - July 10th 2013
    Specific Item Commands per Server
    The command system now supports specific commands per server or All selected servers.
    Set different commands per server on the same item. Great for multi-server communities.


    DonationCraft Admin Access Manager
    Provide specific admin access to various parts of the store. You can set specific user tags to to access or manage the following areas:
    • Manage items and categories
    • View statistics only
    • View payments only
    • View and manage payments
    • Manage coupons and sales
    • Manage custom variables
    • Manage main store settings

    Multiple Languages Supported
    In your DonationCraft general settings, you can now select from the following languages:
    • French
    • Spanish
    • German
    • Portuguese
    • Italian
    • Russian

    Recurring Payments for 2Checkout - PaymentWall - Google Wallet
    We’ve added support for recurring payment for the following gateways:
    • 2Checkout
    • PaymentWall
    • Google Wallet
    • Paypal
    Misc Updates
    • Ability to Disable small images in list mode for items.
    • Various optimizations & bug fixes.

    New Updates - July 24th 2013


    1. In-Game Heads & Signs for Purchases / Voters / & More
    An epic in-game feature that will showcase the user’s head and sign with relevant details. You can place 10 signs per type above or below a head.

    How do I use it?
    Step 1. Make sure to upgrade to the latest Enjin Minecraft Plugin 2.4.6
    Step 2. Place a head and then place a sign either above or below it.
    Step 3. In the sign, type the specific sign code as defined below for each type of sign.

    Latest Store Purchases
    Display the latest purchases from your DonationCraft Stores! Ability to filter by packaged id included.
    Sign Code: [donation#]
    # can range from 1 to 10. 1 being the latest purchaser and so on.
    Subtypes: item id (Note: place on second line to only get donations for that package)

    Top Voters of the Day/Month/Week
    Displays the top voter for the day, month or week. Defaults to months.
    Sign Code: [topvoter#]
    # can range from 1 to 10. 1 being the user with the most votes.
    Subtype: day or week or month (Note: place on second line)

    Latest Voters
    Displays the latest voters who votes for your server.
    Sign Code: [voter#]
    # can range from 1 to 10. 1 being the user with the latest vote.

    Top Forum Poster
    Displays the top forum posters on your website.
    Sign Code: [topposter#]
    # can range from 1 to 10. 1 being the user with the highest post count.

    Top Player (Play Time)
    Displays the top players with the longest play time on the server. The data feeds from the website module.
    Sign Code: [topplayer#]
    # can range from 1 to 10. 1 being the user with the highest play time.

    Top Forum Likes
    Displays users with the highest forum likes or votes.
    Sign Code: [toplikes#]
    # can range from 1 to 10. 1 being the user with the highest like count.

    Latest Website Members
    Displays the latest users who have joined your website.
    Sign Code: [newmember#]
    # can range from 1 to 10. 1 being the user that most recently joined your website.

    2. Set Custom Time Delays Between Commands
    In your item editor screen, you can now create and add custom time delays between commands. Setting custom delays in seconds between commands can be useful for things like:
    • Temporary Perks that last less than a day.
    • Provide Boosts that last a few minutes or more.
    • If you need a certain command to wait x seconds before another one is executed.
    • Series of effects to execute on a delay.


    How do I use it?
    In your DonationCraft Admin > Item Admin, click [Create Delay] and type in the number of seconds you wish to delay. You can now place the delay item between commands. You can also create multiple delay items and order them between commands.

    New Updates - July 30th 2013
    We have a mega release today! An epic Credit Point System, Credit Point Module and Full Point support for DonationCraft, In-Game Store and Voting Module. We will also be updating the Enjin API soon with the ability to retrieve and update points on users.

    1.Point System For Sites Connected with DonationCraft
    So what are points? How are they used and how can it help my community grow?
    • Users can earn points by doing various actions on your website.
    • Points can be assigned to users via Automations and Conditions automatically.
    • Points can be assigned, removed or edited in the points manager.
    • Users can purchase points (with real money) from your DonationCraft store.
    • Users can spend points or purchase items in your DonationCraft or In-Game Store.
    • Admins can set points to decay over a period of time.
    • Points totals can be shown in the point module, forums, user profiles or user list module.
    How do users earn points? User Automations
    You can setup various automations and conditions for users to earn points. Visit your Admin > Automation & Points section and create an automation.

    • Every automation supports the ability to add or remove points.
    • Automations can also detect points and apply tags to users.
    • Automations can be run manually on existing users.
    • Automations can be set to trigger once per user account now.
    New Automation Conditions Added
    Several new conditions has been added to automations. Here are the new conditions:
    • User has equal or greater than [x] points in total value
    • User has equal or less than [x] points in total value
    • Every [x] forum posts
    • Every [x] forum threads
    • Every [x] forum votes
    2.DonationCraft Point Support
    Points are the perfect way to have your users purchase items or even points for real money. DonationCraft has full support for credit points.


    Packages & Items Point Update
    You can now set the following for each item:
    • Item can only be purchased with money.
    • Item can be purchased with points OR money.
    • Item can only be purchased with points.
    You can also sell points for real money.
    Sell points to users, have them convert money to points.
    Points can be used anytime later or awarded via other methods.

    Points Supported in Custom Variables / Sales / Coupons
    Points have fully support in DonationCraft and generic stores. Custom variables, sales and coupon can affect and accept points.

    Credit Point Gateway
    A new gateway has been added called ‘Credit Point Gateway’ that enable users to spend points on items. Enable this gateway to utilize points with your stores.

    Minecraft In-Game Store Points Support
    Yes, the in-game store supports points. Items priced in points will display point value. NOTE: Ability to purchase items directly in the in-game store without visiting a webpage with points is coming in days! This will open up huge possibilities for Minecraft servers. Stay Tuned!

    3.Minecraft Voting Module Points Rewards
    That’s right, users can earn points for voting for your server! This is a great way to entice users to vote and accumulate enough points to purchase items from your store! Rewards can be set to give points when a voting condition is met.


    4.Credit Point Module and Points Display
    Now that you have users earning points, how are they going to see it?

    New Credit Points Module
    The module displays the point total, points earned today, last week and last month for each user. It can also show buttons ‘Use Points’ and ‘Buy Points’ which link directly to your store.


    Displaying Points in forums and profiles
    • Total Points can be display under user avatar in forums
    • Total Points can be displayed in user profiles.
    5.User Point Manager

    • Displays a list of users with points.
    • Ability to search users
    • Displays Forum, Purchase, Other, Used, Adjusted, and Total Points
    • Ability to add / remove / set point value for each user.
    6.Point Decay & Settings
    Get users active on your website by enabling points decay. Users will lose points as defined in the decay parameters in your Admin > Users > Automation & Points > Point Settings.

    • Set a decay value and choose decays per timeframe.
    • Support multiple decay conditions.
    • Ability to stop decay once a user reaches 0 points.
    7.Points API
    A point API system has been released! This will enable some amazing in-game integration, economy systems, new MMO games, xp systems and anything else you can imagine with your Minecraft servers.

    With the API you can:
    • get-points
    • set-points
    • add-points
    • remove-points

    Previously Released Features for DonationCraft
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    mhm, looks interesting ;)
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    h31ix could I get this approved really quick? It's already been approved on bukkit dev.
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    I'm not a forum moderator.
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    Does anyone ever approve these submissions? I've been keeping the topic up to date for over a month now!
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    md_5 does
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    I'm still waiting for an approval on this post.
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    DonationCraft Updates
    • Bitcoin payment gateways support via Coinbase.
    • Paygol payment gateway added.
    • Featured showcase item (showcase an item from your in-game store)
    • Set item requirements (supports all / any requirements)
    • Force minimum cart value.
    • Order custom variables in the order you want them asked.
    • Force Paypal language on checkout.
    • Categories and subcategories now support URL linking.
    • New Setting: Always ask for Minecraft username input (no auto-detect)
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    Request: Ability to run seperate commands on different servers for each package. You can already run commands on multiple servers for one package, but the commands that are run are all the same. Ex:

    Player buys package 1
    server 1 runs pay player 100
    server 2 runs pay player 300

    And I would like to see google wallet added.
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    I'd like to be able to give someone X amount of in-store credit.
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    i would be up for this to. Would be a awsome feature if you could give account donation credits for a contest or something like that
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    Loving the new Donationcraft. Much better than the original shop. I have 2 feature requests, geared towards subscriptions:
    • Allow for recurring payments, I use Paypal and making it so that it gives tags when the subscription is bought and removed when it's not paid would make it much less hassle for player to refresh their VIP.
    • Give options to upgrade between items, for example I buy product A for £5, then I buy B for £8. The price of B is then the difference in cost between B and A = £3.
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    So I think a pretty cool feature to be implemented would be to add promotional offers. For example server operators could choose to have a promotion so that for example 2 weeks, people who purchase a specific package would be rewarded with say a stack of diamonds (Or other commands that an operator would choose)
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    i have done something like this with the use of the coupon codes rather easy when you think of it
    make a package add what you want it to have exp commands if needed then use a coupon to give it out great way to promote your donation shop aswell ;) hope this helps
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    That's a good idea. We'll get this added.

    Do you mean a point based system, or the ability to give actual money credits?

    We plan to add Google Wallet, in terms of running commands on different packages, I'll add it to our development list.

    If we included the ability to select a specific user or set of users that can use a specific coupon, and you would set the coupon to value off for (entire cart/item), would that accomplish the same thing for you?

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    Loving the DonationCraft, moved from buycraft to this xD
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    This plugin is amazing, but theres something i dont understand. We want to have stackable ranks. Example:
    1. Farmer 10$
    2. Fancy Farmer 20$
    3. Superfancy Farmer 30$

    Then if you bought the Farmer and want to buy Superfancy Farmer it only costs 20$ instead of 30$. I think it has something to do with the cumulative option, but i just don't understand. I am relatively smart (not trying to be arrogant, but to show its not just because im not so smart) and tried, but it isnt clear enough. It might be that this feature is not included though. Thanks!

    Yes, i believe that is what he/she ment. Would also be awesome from my point of view. I moved to enjin because of this plugin :D

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    You guys have the Multiple Choice feature when creating new Variables, how about a feature that allows more than one selection?
    For example:

    GOD Gear:
    [Select Your Items]
    [GOD Sword] - $5 [Checked]
    [GOD Bow] - $5 [Checked]
    [GOD Pickaxe] - $5 [Unchecked]
    [GOD Shovel] - $5 [Unchecked]

    You get the idea.
    Thank you,
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    Hey, I would love to be able to access the DonationCraft module faster. I have to go to my modules page, scroll down, find it, click edit. Maybe add a tab to the top if you are using DonationCraft.
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    There is a quicker way to access it, just go on the front-end store page on your website and on the bottom right corner it will show 'Store Admin'. Click that and you can instantly edit it. If you want to edit a particular item quickly, click the item and in the popup on the left you will see 'Edit', that will take you directly to the edit screen for the item.

    This feature is available. You need to edit the category with the items you want stackable ranks applied on. Make sure to turn on [ ] Cumulate items purchases in this category. You can also set what account it will apply too, just keep it on 'Minecraft Account'

    So when a user purchases 'Farmer' for $10' the Minecraft username they used will be associated with that purchase. So when they come back to the store 'Fancy Farmer' will now show up as $10 and 'SuperFancy Famer' will show up as $20. The original prices will be slashed and the discount price will appear.

    Do note, that the user must enter their Minecraft username before it can detect what discounts to apply.

    Ok, we can show checkboxes for each option. They can check one or more items. We'll get this added to our development list.

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    Is there, or can you add, a per world setup? As of right now, if someone donates in our pvp world, they get the items in that world only, and we have separate world inventories. So this can cause a lot of problems for our players.
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    For the timed ranks can I limit how many I sell per month? So I know I have enough slots for how many vips I sell...
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    You can set a stock limit on an item/rank in the edit item screen, but the stock limit will not reset per month, you would need to do it manually every month. We could potentially add an automatic stock reset option if required.
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    Another feature I would love is cleaner donation and payment emails. If you have ever used Buycraft, their email notifications are a lot better, stating amount paid, item purchased, all that. With DonationCraft in the emails I seem to just get something like:
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    We do allow full configuration of notification emails in the Notifier tab, and you can use predefined variables for item name, amount paid etc.. We'll clean up the default template and make it more clear.
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    That sounds nice :)
    eelviny eelviny
    Subscriptions Yes. I want a option to pay the VIP all off at once or pay it off at a lower price, monthly.
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    Basically, for a contest etc, the winner could be given $70 to only be spent in my store.
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    Please fix value coupons ^.^

    When you give somebody a $20 coupon, They must spend exactly $20 to buy stuff.. They can't checkout with anything less which is rather annoying.

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