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Discussion in 'Bukkit Tools' started by SpaceCP, Feb 3, 2012.

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    Why is SQL more efficient than keeping it entirely in memory?
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    Flat files must be read from top to bottom every time data needs to be read or written. Flat files are NOT stored in memory. They have to access the file each and every time. You can test this by say downloading Uhome or world guard. When you make a region and or set a home it will save to the file instantly. Show me where the technical writing shows this that flat files are stored in memory.

    SQL does not need to read top to bottom. It accesses the data without looking at anything other than the line of data it needs. Also multiple connections can be made so that multiple lines of data can be pulled out simultaneously or even written to while reading.

    So add 5 plugins minimum on servers that require flat files with over 500-1000 peoples data saved after a few months of running, the tables get large (Keep in mind if they log in a record is almost always created for most main stream plugins) So if you have 25 active online, each action performed requiring the flat file goes in que waiting for a previous request to finish reading the enormous amounts of data from top to bottom. Take a home (Teleport plugin for example) if you have people using it to read (Teleport) and people saving new homes at the same time, this creates a lot of disk queuing, waiting for the previous request to read read top to bottom to find data read it and/or write it.
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    bPermissions reads the flatfile entirely to memory and manipulates data in memory - to convert it to sql would just mean it would read the entire sql database to memory onEnable... is that really more efficient?
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    Don't worry guys, the permissions system uses the API the permissions plugins give us, so it doesn't matter how the file is stored.
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    I will agree with permissions I did forget PEX permissions are read into memory, but when modified saves to file like bpermissions.

    SQL is still more efficient in memory. Flat files are still read top to bottom, when its in memory its still the same data in the same format, just on a different medium.

    Other plugins will no store the flatfiles in memory.

    When we had 35 players on at a time using Worldguard, Preciousstones, PEX, Uhome, McMMO, Foundboxx, Jobs, Simpleclans, Iconomy, Stats which all were using flat files. I just looked in some of the database alone through PHPMyadmin we have 1,000 job records, 900 precious stone records, 2,000 Iconomy Records, 302,000 FoundBox records, almost a million records for stats, 8,59 uhomes. This is from 3 months. Imagine all that in flat files, when each plugin needs to access a line of data it has to go through all the records tell it finds the line to read or write. Not to mention SQL can make concurrent read and writes. So if 10 people all save data at once to economy, because they are getting paid from jobs it pays them all at once, not one at a time in que.

    So we had all this in flatfiles, by 1.5 months it was so laggy when we had 20+ players on, we converted to SQL on all plugins that could which all the above were, wulla lag = gone. Was lag EVEN with it running in a ram drive/flatfiles. Since than we went to SSD for Server files and SQL and runs smoothly and safely.

    Flat files are just easier to work with. Simple I am gathering all the information from safari books right now. Lucky my job I get free access to all technical books. I am a network engineer/ (System/Network) administrator. I am trying to learn java now. Not so easy alone.
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    this looks soooooo much better than multicraft, any idea of when it will come out of beta?
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    You realise sql is just a file yeah?
    You could get the same effect (but better) by running a seperate SSD for each flatfile plugin...

    MySQL is only useful for datasets getting close to or above 10,000 or so - for permissions it's really a non-issue.
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    I am glad! Will be nice to edit permissions, so much easier than typing them out in-game. Right now i use Wipex, to access my SQL database through PHP, but he never finished it.

    Yes I know its a file, set of files per database. The manipulation is entirely different. It is useful with less than 10k. Most plugins do not even allow you to pick where the file is stored. Anyways you keep using flat files. I'll keep using SQL and SQL enabled plugins and we are set!

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    bPermissions has this...
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    I know i downloaded it an installed it. Than contemplated it, and decided to wait. I do like the ease of that. You make plugins, I might have a plugin that would be useful. Wish I would take the time to learn.
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    Hi, Im getting some werid error when starting the server and im not sure how to fix it, could someone help?

    Starting SpaceBukkit... [.................] 100%
    java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: me.neatmonster.spacertk.SpaceRTK

    Also attached a screenshot...

    Thanks For Any Help space.jpg
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    My error log keeps getting spammed with this:
    2012-05-16 23:51:26 Warning: Warning (512): _cake_model_ cache was unable to write 'default_servers' to File cache in [/var/www/html/lib/Cake/Cache/Cache.php, line 310]
    Cache::write() - CORE/Cake/Cache/Cache.php, line 310
    DataSource::_cacheDescription() - CORE/Cake/Model/Datasource/DataSource.php, line 306
    Mysql::describe() - CORE/Cake/Model/Datasource/Database/Mysql.php, line 334
    Model::schema() - CORE/Cake/Model/Model.php, line 1226
    DboSource::fields() - CORE/Cake/Model/Datasource/DboSource.php, line 2155
    DboSource::read() - CORE/Cake/Model/Datasource/DboSource.php, line 1010
    Model::find() - CORE/Cake/Model/Model.php, line 2483
    DboSource::query() - CORE/Cake/Model/Datasource/DboSource.php, line 575
    Model::__call() - CORE/Cake/Model/Model.php, line 720
    Server::findById() - APP/spacebukkitcall.php, line 24
    require - APP/spacebukkitcall.php, line 24
    DashController::get_chat_new() - APP/Controller/DashController.php, line 339
    ReflectionMethod::invokeArgs() - [internal], line ??
    Controller::invokeAction() - CORE/Cake/Controller/Controller.php, line 473
    Dispatcher::_invoke() - CORE/Cake/Routing/Dispatcher.php, line 104
    Dispatcher::dispatch() - CORE/Cake/Routing/Dispatcher.php, line 86
    [main] - APP/webroot/index.php, line 96
    Over and over. What's wrong?
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    I'm a Mac, and I think I either:
    a.) Did something wrong
    b.) Downloaded a corrupt file
    c.) Simply need a tutorial video

    I followed the Mac OS X instructions carefully. I downloaded "it," which is the mac_install.sh. I then typed:
    sudo sh /users/myname/Desktop/test/mac_install.sh 
    After about 5 min. of "Unzipping..." in Terminal, it finished. So, I tried to open the "test" folder, hoping to find the files. My computer said I didn't have permission. I opened Finder and clicked my documents folder, it said I didn't have permission, too. Thinking it was a bug, I restarted.
    This is when I was ready to commit suicide.
    My login screen looked normal. Everything looked normal, but as soon as I logged in, my computer was reset. It was if I bought it brand new! Everything was gone! I still didn't have permission to use the desktop, documents, ect. So I went to my user directory, and tried to restore my desktop from Time Machine, but something was different. I stopped the restore, and found out that the "Unzipping..." files were in my user directory! It had my desktop, documents, library, dropbox folder all with a locked sign, but then all the Spacebukkit folders were unlocked and in my user directory.
    What the ---- happend here?
    Sadly, and aggravatingly, I had to go to school. But, afterward I figured out how to restore my computer from Time Machine. I did so, but that took me about an 1 1/2 hr.

    My Macbook Pro was bought in late 2010, but was a Mid-2010 Model. It was bought with Mac OS X Snow Leopard, but I installed Mac OS X Lion sometime during fall of 2011. I do not (as I know of) download anything illegal or anything unknown. So, I shouldn't have any viruses (and my anti-virus software, iAntiVirus, says I don't).

    What do you guys think?
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    I put a thread on their forums, you should post there too.
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    I'd like to request some help of one of the creators of this fine masterpiece. I can see your HTML/CSS/PHP is very good, and I am having some trouble with. Can one of you maybe help me? PM me, and I'll be grateful :)
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    Pm me, I'll see what we can do ;)
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    This happened to me after running this as well. What it did was set EVERY SINGLE PERMISSION ON MY USER TO 000. I have no idea why it did this, but exactly the same thing as what happened to you happened to me. What happened was because it changed all the permissions, you a d I could not see any files (because the "read" permission was set to 0). Question: was your server running when you ran this? ;0
    NOTE TO ALL: DO NOT RUN THE AUTO MAC SETUP mac_install.sh! It will freak you out and change all your permissions!
    Jamy @Antariano I was going to use this, but since this happened, I'm not sure if I can...
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    Yes, my server was running. I was planning on having it on a different port just to test.
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    @nunber1_Master i wonder if this was the problem:0 I don't know. Have you fixed it by the way?
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    This is false. It is trivial to cache a flatfile in memory in some meaningful non-linear datastructure appropriate for the task. For instance, there are plenty of cases where a flatfile can be represented in memory as a balanced binary search tree, which gives an average worst case time complexity of Θ(log n) to perform a binary search for any arbitrary value.
    And in the simplest case, it is also trivial to use a hashing approach for most key-value mappings, which on average also has a very small time complexity for any lookup.

    On the flipside, SQL databases can easily be horribly unoptimized, which can actually make things a whole lot slower. As far as I have seen, this is actually the case with many current bukkit plugins, where the developer appears to have very little understanding of relational database concepts. My field is not in databases, so I do not pretend to be an expert with them, but I am fully aware of the caveats involved with using them.
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    Antariano ; When I try to run the install it says I need to enable rewrite engine. Though, when I set AllowOverride ALL in my httpd config, it give me "500 Internal Server Error".
    What's the fix? I've tried a fresh web server on two servers same problem, seems like a coding error to me.

    Nevermind, I found out that the automatic installer .sh file doesn't install SpaceBukkit correctly. You guys should remove that auto installer from your Wiki.

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    Edit: it was removed.
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    Can you explain in more detail please?
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    Jamy I did above. so did nunber1_Master. I dont know about the PC version, but on a mac, for some reason when I ran it it set the majority of my files permissions to 000. Not sure why, but thats definitely broken for macs

    This is exactly what happened to me, more detailed:
    What it did was change the permissions.
    BTW, if this happens to anyone, pm me and ill help you;p

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    I'm taking down the Mac_install.sh file...
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    I installed SpaceBukkit and everything was working fine but I need to remove it for a few weeks until I finish something on the side.
    I've removed the .jars in the /toolkit/modules/ and in the /plugins/ yet whenever my server restarts or shutdown it starts to install it again.
    I'm sure I haven't missed anything but maybe someone can help me with this.

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    what is the difference between spacebukkit and spaceCP
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    SpaceBukkit is this admin panel. SpaceCP is basically SpaceBukkit 2.0
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    good but needs 2 offer more than 20 players
    because SpaceBukkit limits it to 20 players and I would DEFINTILY use this plugin if this downside would be fixed or if its a bug because I am positive that my server can hold more people and even though i dedicate more ram it doesnt work

    hey can u make it so that the server can have more than 20 players thanks

    can u make it so the server can have more than 20 pple

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