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Discussion in 'Bukkit Tools' started by Khan Jal, Dec 8, 2013.

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    Khan Jal

    RaptorPanel is a minecraft server control panel that has been in development since April 2013. It’s goal is to provide detailed information about your server and comprehensive management. Utilizing currently established plugin and website API’s, RaptorPanel acts as a base for all the connections.

    For now it primarily uses the popular and well developed plugin JSONAPI to do most of the work. There is a demo on the site with a server address you can join to explore some of the features.

    RaptorPanel is in open beta. Major development has slowed down while I work on an API that can be use by RaptorPanel and other sites.

    You can watch me work when I stream on Twitch.

    Supported APIs
    Planned API Support
    • Console Terminal
      • Send Commands
    • Chat Terminal
      • Send Messages as [Server]
    • Server Details
      • System Details
        • Disk Usage
        • Memory Usage
        • TPS
      • Online/Offline Players List
      • Plugins List
      • Groups List(Vault)
      • Server Type & Version
    • Player Details
      • Avatar Preview
      • Ban Info(Fishbans)
      • Economy Balance
      • First/Last Joined
      • Groups List(Vault)
      • Inventory
      • Ender Chest Inventory
      • Location: Coords/Chunk/Region File
      • UUID
    • Player Management
      • Ban/OP/Whitelist
      • Heal/Feed
      • GameMode
      • Teleport to Coordinates
    • Plugin Details
      • Authors
      • Name
      • Current Version
      • Latest Version
      • Website
    • World Details
      • Current Weather
      • Difficulty
      • Environment
      • Forecast
      • PVP
      • Time
      • Seed
      • World Age/Lifetime
    • World Management
      • Time: Day/Night
    Future Features
    • Create Connections to Existing Wrapper APIs
    • Inventory Management
    • Player Trade
    • Shop System
    • Warp System
    Social Links
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    When this is going to be out? And is it free (maybe opensourced?) or we have to pay for it!? :D Thanks, keep it up !
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    Khan Jal

    Greetings! A non beta release is a while away but for the rest of this weekend registration is open and once registered you are able to login anytime. It is not open sourced but it will be free. I usually do weekday streams of development so you are able to see the work and ask any questions you may have.

    Right now we are in the refactor and improve current features phase. Once that is done we'll be working on the list of features we have archived.
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    Khan Jal Great! I will test it ofcourse. Just one tip, when you want to respond to someone, use "Tahg" or "Reply" option from right down corner of his post, that way he will get an Alert ^^ Keep it up!
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    Khan Jal

    Brixishuge Gotcha! I'm more of a lurker then a poster :) Thanks for the encouragement! We'll keep developing!
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    love the looks of this!
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    Khan Jal

    Thank you! Trying for a clean design while still providing all possible data from a server.
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    What programming languages are used?
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    Khan Jal

    We use C# and Javascript.
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