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Discussion in 'Bukkit Tools' started by onbuk, Feb 6, 2012.

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    onbuk - You gonna have permission exporting manager?
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    Maybe, but any programmer using the framework can easily create this plugin....I cant guarantee that it will be a built-in plugin for this.

    but I'll put on the "maybe" list ;)
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    Any sneak peaks yet? :p
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    Not yet, wait 3 more days =)
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    Website unavailable :confused:
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    Im updating the server
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    Please do tell when its all updated.
    I really want to see something with this. Sounds good.
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    Awesome... i need to see that... good work.... i have problem on spacebukkit install not work right on iis... is a pain to configure all .htaccess... this will happens here ??? the install is easy ??? will suport iis server ???... i will be happy to donate or buy or anything if this web admin is really good and professional !
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    we want to make installation easy as much as possible (three steps installation is our goal)....even if we have to create different versions for different systems. =)
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    What is currently happening in here?
    even though i am making my own panel, i do like the design here :D
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    If you need a spanish translation,send me the default language file and ill translate it in one day.
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    ...sorry to bump this post, but is this project still active?
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    Don't think so.
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    Can you say a reales Date.
    I Would have this plugin for my Server because its so Ausoum.
    Please contact me when you have a beta or a release date.

    Thanks Tim90
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    Nathan C

    Yep, guessing this is dead.

    From what I hear, this is the second control panel that he bailed out on.
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    is the other one that craftpanel thing?
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    SO much talk and no work, pffff. Lock time!

    I think so yes.
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    So, what's the difference between this and Spacebukkit? Why would people want to use this instead of Spacebukkit?
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    it's dead, forget onbukkit... (at least it looks like it)
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    Oh, mkay.
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    I agree, How about people actually developed whats already on the market to be better, instead of making a bazzilllian gagillion half good products. These tools are becoming like plugins, a billion of half good but not fully good inefficiently written plugins that never stay maintained.

    Developers need to unify more and stop working against each other. Makes me frustrate.

    Jamy do not worry, i hate changing panels. so much that it is not worth it to switch to another one in development.

    When spacebukkit is close to having 2.0.
    Why would i downgrade my panel when its just getting better than it already is?

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    I like the style really much, Are you going to make it open-source or paid ? Im still learning java and interested in Codes how everything in it works :)
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    This project is no longer active.
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    Why do I feel this whole project was just to troll yours Antariano?
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    Locked. If a release ever comes out, the dev can request it to be unlocked.
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