[WEB/ADMIN] McMyAdmin 2 Beta 1: The most popular panel just went epic. Unzip, run, done. Get it now!

Discussion in 'Bukkit Tools' started by PhonicUK, Feb 3, 2012.

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    Thanks from a paid user for your excellent MC admin tool. I manage a small private server for my kids and their school friends and bought a Pro license from you after using the free version for all of a day or two. My only suggestion would be to beef up the docs on some of the functionality. For me specifically, I have been completely baffled by the Users & Groups tab, what it's for and how to use it, and I didn't find the wiki entry that helpful so I just avoid that tab altogether. Otherwise, keep up the great work and I look forward to v2 whenever it is ready for primetime.
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    PhonicUK - Just a heads up, but the chat formatting error still happens in your beta 2.
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    Where'd you get beta 2? O_O Do you mean MCMA 2 beta 1 or MCMA 2 Beta 2?
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    Alternate Theme:


    You can turn the 'Alternate' theme on/off with a simple setting in the preferences tab :)
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    PhonicUK, could you please make it so instead of having "Manage Users & Groups" you can have "Manage Users" and "Manage Groups".

    I want my moderators to be allowed to edit what groups users are in, but not the permissions that those groups have.
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    The permissions are going to be very broad to start off with, and new ones will be added over time. They are feature frozen for the time being so they won't be changing before the next release.

    The reason for that at the time being is that all requests to add remove either users or commands in a group use the same API method (regardless of what you are adding or removing), and the permissions only go down to the API method level at the moment (because it was quicker to do it that way)
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    Okay, thanks anyway.
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    For the "say a message" feature in the scheduling section will it ever be possible to use different colors?
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    PhonicUK Will there be BukGet in with plugin management or something comparable. I would use the File browser for most stuff but that would be nice for easy quick downloads.
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    One question, do you plan to support SpoutServer on the long term ?
    Excited by this new version !
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    Looking forward to more updates and 1.1 update soon. Not leaving for anything else!
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    McMyAdmin was already pretty easy to install, now - it's a cake walk:

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    Boon Pek


    May I suggest the option to host the web fronted using an external webserver such as apache or nginx? It would be very helpful for us experienced users - plus, it reduces memory usage ;)
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    MCMA will always require its own internal web server. You can already use an external webserver, but you only gain anything when you have lots of servers on the same machine (and even then its roughly a max 50MB saving across 16 instances) and that's only because the MCMA webserver isn't doing as much of the caching. (MCMAs webserver still runs, but it only answers API requests instead of serving the frontend)

    MCMAs webserver isn't a webserver in the traditional sense. It's a dedicated application server. No scripting languages are used server-side at all.
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    Boon Pek

    Any ETA on its release? I don't want to rush you, but I won't be setting up my server until the full version 2 is released. Having to install a plethora of dependencies just to run McMyAdmin 1 (I have a 'Pro' license) has deterred me from deploying it on my Ubuntu system - though running it in Windows is fine.

    The cause for this is that I have moved from my high-end home-hosted server to a VPS server for bandwidth and uptime issues. The VPS, of course, is much lower in specs and I'm trying to minimise the RAM usage by management panels such as this. How much RAM does the webserver use when hosting the files for the interface when compared to, lets say, nginx?

    Thank you, and I look forward to an easier-to-install version of McMyAdmin.

    Oh, and also - would there be an option to edit the plugin configuration on-the-fly? That'd be greatly appreciated :)
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    This looks really good, can't wait until we get a stable and released version!

    Keep up the good work PhonicUK this is the best control panel out there! :)
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    I wish I could give a half-way accurate ETA, but I can't. Or rather, I won't because every time I try I'm 3 months off.

    The MCMA webserver typically uses between 4-6MB RAM at any given time, and that's almost entirely comprised of its cache (it caches the compressed version of the entire web interface in RAM). Compared to a fully-fledged webserver it uses very little memory. MCMA2s webserver is slightly richer (much better at handling multiple connections and simultaneous users, has some PHP support but that won't be in the first release) with the same memory consumption.

    As I mentioned, you can already use an external webserver with MCMA via something called the Datasource API, but MCMAs webserver still runs to answer the API requests.

    As a side note, you can actually use the new McMyAdmin 2 installer now with the existing beta:

    http://mcmyadmin.com/Downloads/MCMA2_Installer.exe (Windows only! Linux version is coming later)
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    The beta says to update from 2.0.0 to and when I try it downloads, says installing, and then restarts. Only once restarted I am still on 2.0.0

    Also miss the button the update bukkit :( aside from that everything is working great so far, just need that multiworld support ;)
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    @PhonicUK, can you please helpme. I have a vps server from redstonehost which i use filezilla for which is a ftp client. I went to my McMyAdmin console and went to about then update McMyAdmin but it said i had to do it manually. So i was wondering how i could do that on a windows computer.
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    Ask Redstonehost to do it for you.
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    phonic i have a problem and a question how do i transfer my bukkit sever to mc admin and
    i tried to do that and it coundnt connect please help
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