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Discussion in 'Bukkit Tools' started by Vincent1468, Mar 18, 2013.

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    This is a donation system, when an user donates to the server they fill in their name, email and the package that they brought. then you(the server owner) can check that with the desktop application and then promote the user with one click on a button!

    - Promote users with the click of a button
    - Give players money
    - Give players items
    - Broadcast on promotion
    - generates PHP files
    - multithreaded

    - Web server with PHP
    - MySQL database
    - SwiftApi plugin



    Youtube video:

    How to setup:
    1. Download and run the application
    2. Create an database and table in your mysql server
    3. Click on the PHP button and generate the PHP files
    4. Add userinput.php to your website
    5. Download, install and configure the SwiftApi plugin
    6. Go back to the application and click the configuration button
    7. Enter your SwiftApi settings, PHP settings and, optinally, commands.
    8(Optinal). Click the Edit groups button and add permission groups
    9. Done

    Download: here
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    This look nice, but I really think you should format the "Recent Donations" Area to something like this:

    Also, your program should inject itself and make the table/default data - easier setup :)
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    Thanks for the feedback.
    I do not have any experience with connection directly to a MySQL database, but I'm going to look in to it!
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    You also spelt idle ilde (1st screenshot bottom left).
    Also: Capitalize in Title form would be nice (ie SwiftApi Port, SQL Server, SQL Port, etc)
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    Thanks, I updated the program.
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    Is it open source? :eek:
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    At the moment not, but I might make it open source.
  8. What you could add:
    The user can choose out of different 'packs', then gets send to paypal, and when paypal accepts the payment, the user directly get's his 'pack'.
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