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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by FullSendMC, Nov 4, 2023.

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    Hi, I am wanting a plugin built called Weapon Master (might be changed later). I am in no rush to get it done.

    Commands can only be ran by people with the weaponmaster.admin permission. Here are the commands.
    Game Restart (restarts the game)
    Game Start (starts the game)
    Game Stop (stops the game)

    This plugin would be for a mini game. There is no time limit for each game. Each time you kill someone you get a new weapon. As you get more kills you get a weapon that does less damage. Once you reach the top level and get a kill without a weapon you win. I want the level you are on to be a placeholder that I can put in a scoreboard etc. I want the leader level like this as well. I want there to be a level system for the points. I want all wins, kills, and levels to be tracked using a sql. In the lobby, I want to be able to put them the stats so I can put them in a scoreboard. I would like the game to start automatically once enough players have joined after a countdown set in the config. I want the countdown to be in a boss bar.

    I want there to be a config file so I can change the weapon for each level, the number of levels in each game and the number of players required to start.

    When you die to another player, I want you to get randomly teleported to one of the preset locations that can be set in the config file. Also, when you get killed with an empty hand, I want you to go back a level and I want that to be sent in chat. Also, I want the win to be broadcasted in chat.

    Any stable Minecraft version will work. 1.19 would probably be best. I will be adding a 1.8 combat plugin or it can be built in.
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    Well, you just explained one of the most famous game in the world called Gun Game :) I bet there are tons of plugins out there
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    I have looked into all of those plugins but all of them never have an end to the game or really a start. My game is much simpler. It starts. You get kills to level up. You get a worse weapon to make it harder with each level (opposite from every other plugin) And once you reach the final level the game ends and the next one can start.
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    We can do this for you!

    This may take a while, do you have a desired time to have this done?
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    I do not have a timeline. The owner of the server has been too busy IRL to really do much and has left making mini game servers up to me. I have been working on a few different games and this one was one that we thought would be really fun if we could get it to work as desired.
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    How do you want levels stored? I mean if the level of a player is only the level in the game instance, then why do we need to store it in SQL? Like what level they were when the game ended?
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    I would like the players stats to be stored such as wins and kills. The current level is only in the instance. Once the game ends and server restarts the players level and stuff should be gone and ready for the next game.
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