We should TRY to make a NEW Bukkit!!!

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by bortman9, Sep 19, 2014.


Will you help create and code a new sort of Bukkit program?

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    I've been thinking, and considering everything that's happened recently, I think we should at least TRY to make a NEW Bukkit! Yes, I KNOW it would be one of the hardest things one could do, but why not try? I'm sure people from Spigot would agree with me. It may take about a year, but wouldn't it be AWESOME if we made a new (and MAYBE improved) Bukkit? I have been looking for a project like Bukkit to contribute to, or any games like MC that me and a group of people could start. But guess what? Nothing! I wasn't able to find one, if anyone could point me in the right direction that would be GREAT, but anyways I'm looking forward to learning Java, and I REALLY want to design and code a NEW project LIKE Bukkit! I will post a poll to count how many people want to create a new project. You don't need to be a developer, and I don't care how old you are, unless you're incapable of handling a project like this responsibly. I also will most likely NOT be the leader, I want to find a leader for it after we get everything sorted out. If you can help! Again, I am not looking solely for people who already know Java, I don't even know much Java yet, but I want people who are willing to learn Java and contribute to the project. Also, I want licenses and legal stuff to be figured out BEFORE the code is added to the project, to keep something like what is happening to Bukkit right now does not happen to us. Please consider this new project, thank you for reading this post! :D
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    bortman9 this is already being done. The creator of worldedit is heading the SpongePowered project.
    This will literally make modding and plugins THE SAME THING. It's being built off of a half modding/ half plugin system, where mods are basically running side by side with plugins. No more plugin.yml, no more issues with reloading, it's going to be awesome.
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    Tecno_Wizard THANK YOU for telling me about SpongePowered, that sounds like the most amazing thing EVER! I'm going to learn Java ASAP and go contribute, I might talk to them about testing the system for now.
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    DoingItWell, SpongePowered seems like it is going to be the new Bukkit once it's out. It has a lot more capabilities than rainbow. Modded servers running along with plugins. Think about it.

    bortman9, Slow down there. I've been Java programming for more than a year now and I AM STILL NOT QUALIFIED to help them with the project. This is not something for a beginner programmer.

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    Tecno_Wizard I thought about that, and realized that it'd be better to try to go down the testing route, looking for bugs and making sure everything works properly. Anyways, what kind of things can I program as a beginner?
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    My advice is to start with mods. It is a fun way to learn Java. You can do cool things with a mod in under 100 lines of Java code. As you get more experience, you can turn those simple mods into complex ones.
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    Wait... You want to try to make a new Bukkit, and you don't even know Java yet?
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    I really don't see how this is going to work in the next 3 years then. Java is pretty easy, but there are many levels of understanding, and using packets and advanced server stuff require the highest level. You're going to have to do more than just look at some YouTube tutorials then open Eclipse and build a new Bukkit, and you should really not let this idea become inactive and abandoned so long before you are capable of making it happen.
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    Trust me, I spend quite a bit of time every week increasing my Java skills. I do spend time making web applet games and have begun to learn networking jFrames. I do not plan on assisting with sudo Bukkit programs for a long time.
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    Not sure if sarcasm, or honesty...
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    Good. Everybody starts out somewhere.

    I read somewhere that it takes 10,000 hours to become great at something. A lot of great programmers I know began on their 10,000 hours when they were teens.

    Does anyone know how long Notch worked on the first version of Minecraft? I'd love to find out how big that Java codebase was and how it was designed.
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    rcade, I'm not sure, but the first Minecraft was CRAZY BASIC. There was dirt, and cobblestone. That's it.
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    It wasn't sarcasm. My sarcasm is usually extremely obvious. =D
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    1. @NyanCat
    2. //This code, whatever it does, gets extremely awesome with
    3. // that annotation
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    and your point .. atleast im running a 1.8 with alot of commands also plugins are already being made for rainbow
    11 in total with alot of built in perms..
    better then anything out there right now.
    one reason I can play..also a built in votifier..
    The updates for Project-Rainbow are coming out fast..

    and me make an argument that ive changed lol im a dick..
    always will be..I also know that players want to play 1.8 and thats what rainbow does..
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    There is no point in making yet another alternative to Bukkit. Several have already sprung up. My favorite being Glowstone.
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    i like glowstone but it will be months before its complete.

    minecraft is already planning a 1.9
    1.9 is an upcoming update to Minecraft with no set release date, currently only listed in the bug tracker as "Far Future Version - 1.9+"[1], as well as mentioned by the Minecraft Developers

    so maybe we should wait to play 1.8 after 1.9 comes out lol
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    Sweet baby cheesewiz folks! Are you all kidding me? The dust hasn't even settled on the GINORMIC debacle that is Microsoft buying up Mojang/Minecraft and the lawsuits circling Bukkit/Mojang and you are all looking for new Bukkit?? How bout we figure out if creating a new API/custom server is even necessary. Prior to the purchase, it was already announced they were going to be releasing an official API, which all on it's own might've put bukkit and forge and all the like out of "business" (in terms of necessity). Now we don't know what's up. We don't need 1000 Bukkit clones. What we need is all the talented folk (from here, perhaps?) to gather together and work together and get something out there in case MS has different plans with the future of the API. From what I've read, that is already being done at SpongePowered, as mentioned above.

    In my eyes, with the ENTIRE dev team gone from bukkit, this project is dead. Forums are here for support, the plugins are here for all of us running 1.7.9 (maybe 1.7.10 though some popular plugins still aren't working), and that's about it. Here's to hoping for all us "legacy" servers that curse or whoever doesn't pull the plug on file support, cuz tons of popular plugins could be gone forever (anyone able to 'archive' this site??) THAT's what you should focus on, not whose going to step up and make the 'next bukkit'. Don't get me wrong, I'm a die-hard fan of Bukkit and can't even begin to tell you how I wish this crap never happened. But it did, and now we all get to live with the actions of what the few have done.
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    Exit151 The thing is, people are impatient. Nobody wants to wait for a lawsuit that some dickbag issued to be sorted out. In my opinion, Bukkit should have done something about the code being Open Source before this happened. Either way, it would be nice to have different server platforms. Bukkit and Spigot are the only two platforms that are widely used, and this needs to change. Bukkit and Spigot are one in the same, in a way. Spigot basically took bukkit, optimized it, and used Protocal hacks to allow users to play with a newer version, even if the server is actually running an older version. My point is, there don't need to be 5 million platforms, BUT 3 or 4 different platforms would be nice so when something like this happens to one or two of them, the others are still out there ready for use.
  29. Since Spigot depnds on Bukkit, you would only have one major player, which usually is bad. I wonder what the actual numbers are, are people over-confident about how much playing time how many people spend on what kind of server/mode?
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    That's exactly what I'm thinking. There needs to be variety. Things like Sponge, Glowstone, Project Rainbow, etc. need to be there as a back up. I'm surprised nobody has thought of the fact that if something happened to Bukkit, we would have no one to turn to.
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