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Discussion in 'Community News and Announcements' started by EvilSeph, Dec 19, 2012.

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    Bukkit takes great pride in providing the community with plugins that are free from malicious code through our plugin hosting site, BukkitDev. This commitment to the community means we need to have many talented and dedicated individuals available to help us with file and project approvals around the clock and around the world.

    Due to amount of hard work, time, and dedication it takes to provide this service to the community, we are looking for more talented, trustworthy individuals to help us keep approval times low. Developers want to see their plugins approved regularly and within a reasonable amount of time, while server admins want to be able to download the latest version of the plugins they use as quickly as possible.

    Applicants must:
    • Have Java experience
    • Have submitted at least one plugin to BukkitDev that is not a basic generic plugin
    • Be a good community member
    • Be able to connect to and be readily available on IRC (Esper)
    If you think you would be a good fit in our BukkitDev Approval Team and would like to help us keep the queue moving at a reasonable pace, we invite you to submit an application to join our team of dedicated individuals who tirelessly go through hundreds of projects and files each week. Please apply at bukkitdev -dash- applications -at- bukkit -dot- org with the details below:

    The subject of your email should be:
    BukkitDev Application: [Username]
    The body of your email should be:
    Location and Timezone:
    Bukkit Forums Username:
    BukkitDev Username:
    IRC Username:
    Why do you feel you would make a good BukkitDev Staff member?
    When are you available to dedicate time to BukkitDev?
    Have you used BukkitDev before to host your projects? If so, provide links!
    (Hint: Ctrl+Shift+V pastes without formatting...)

    As we're fully aware of how much delays within the Approval Queue affect plugin developers and server admins alike, we've decided to promote someone intimately familiar with the approval process to the role of BukkitDev Team Lead. Effective immediately, Gravity's sole responsibility is to ensure your experience with BukkitDev is a fantastic one. As part of his new role, he'll be actively handling BukkitDev Approval Team applications and managing the BukkitDev Approval Team.

    Please join me in congratulating Gravity on his new role and responsibilities!
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    i think he means either or.
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    I mean a response from one of you, but TnT already told me that you only get a reply if you're accepted :)
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    Sounds fishy..
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    Ultimate_n00b I hope you aren't being serious, but just in case you are, it is completely normal for a staff member to edit another post, even one from another staff member. Since Gravity is the leader of the BukkitDev Team, I don't find it even remotely inconceivable that he would edit the main post in a thread discussing BukkitDev staff applications. And in case you are trying to suggest that Gravity is trying to commit fraud by editing his name into the post, I can assure you he would have been caught — not to mention the fact that he even has the title BukkitDev Team Lead.

    If you weren't being serious, please excuse the fact that I don't understand your sense of humour.
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    What? Obviously he is the head, who ever doubted that? I was joking that he was congratulating himself.

    Congrats Ultimate_n00b on writing a post!
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    Didn't seem funny to me. EvilSeph wrote that post. Gravity used to be named H31ix and he was probably fixing that.
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    It says the email above is unknown
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    Are you replacing the -dash- with a "-" and the -at- with the "@" symbol and the -dot- with a "."?
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    ahh the dash is what i did wrong i did this / lol sorry

    How long is the average response time. I am not in a hurry just wondering

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  13. You didn't understand what lol768 meant. That link he posted links to a comment saying:

    This means that there is no "time". BukkitDev staff are probably working on reading the applications, but they can't really give a time. Just wait max a few days and if they don't reply, it means you weren't accepted.
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    Not correct. We simply can only reply to people who have been accepted, and keep the applications for those who didn't meet the criteria this time around in case we start looking for more staff at a later date. Since we are always on the lookout for more qualified staff, this reviewing of old applications happens fairly often.
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  15. Okay, sorry, it sounded like that.
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    The management of the application system is my job, so my editing that post was just minor details that needed updating. I'm fortunately not congratulating myself.
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    I find people are too uptight, they didn't reply in a day they must hate me, it does not mean that. They will review old applications when in need on staff, in the meantime show them you are ready by helping people who need it! I submitted my application on march break, so if you don't get a email back within 10-15 minutes it's not a big deal.
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    Are applications reviewed (Including new ones) all year around? as looking through this board, they seem to post every 8-12 months asking for more people... Is that sort of time the only time they are reviewed, or if i sent in a application would it be reviewed as if it were send months ago?
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    All though I am not staff I believe they are. Obviously they have stuff to go do other then view applications, but if they need staff they would most defiantly look over old or new applications. If you don't get accepted just wait a while and be active on the forums, show a positive attitude and next time they look over those applications it could be yours.
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    The old post is a different push for more staff. If you send your email to the email address in this thread, we'll get it. Anytime you send in an application we'll be looking at them (which does not mean you'll get a yes/no response, simply that we'll have it on our list, and whenever we feel the need for new staff all the applications are considered for that position). This is pretty much a perpetual process.
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    Gravity I sent mine to the old one, is it on the list or do I have to submit another application?
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    Okay, just wanted to check that i hadn't sent in my email for nothing! Thanks for the reply!
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    We look at both but the email on this thread is definitely considered with more priority, as it's more relevant to our current needs. I would strongly advise you to apply using the email in this thread's OP.
  24. I've sended an application some days ago, how long does it takes before i have an answer?

    Thanks by advance.
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    See this post:

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    TnT How old should we be to apply?
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    Awesomeman2 read what TnT said earlier when someone asked about an age requirement.
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    Ok, I did just that. Thanks for the tip Gravity!
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    20 years old
    I would like to
    I'd definitely be up for it during the time I'm not working
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    Read the first post again please. You're missing some very important instructions.
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    Yeah, the plugins..
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