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    I need a plugin that when a user preforms the /warp command it pulls up a GUI menu. Which i will then add specific warps into it by assigned items.

    I have looked around and came upon the plugin: SimpleGUI Creator but i dont know how to make it so where when a user uses the command /warp it pulls up a GUI.

    Maybe a plugin doesn't need to be made, but any help is appreciated !
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    Or ChestCommands which is way more advanced.
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    Actually you can get a plugin called CompassNavigation.
    You can set a GUI with a command /warp with commands linking to it.It may be more complicated but more features!
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    Easy, I have a working warps plugin already I can easily add a config option to allow it to be either a GUI or not give me a few to get awake and have my coffee and I will do it

    if you want to see the plugin it's based off of you can look here:

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